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2020.11.22 12:59 Compubili What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5

What you are looking for is..... (Link in the Desc.)5
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2020.10.27 11:59 TheIngloriousBIG Media Merger/Acquisition Predictions for 2021 and beyond

Media MergeAcquisition Predictions for 2021 and beyond
Let’s face it: 2020 has not been the best of years. We‘ve been having to learn how to live in the midst of a devastating global pandemic; one which has caused severe disruption to economies all over the place. This, for a known fact, may explain why we haven’t been hearing the word “mass media merger“ as much as we used to.
In the past year alone, the media landscape underwent significant drastic changes when Disney completed its mammoth acquisition of 21st Century Fox, CBS Corp. and Viacom were reunited to form ViacomCBS, and Hasbro expanded its media footprint with its purchase of Entertainment One. With a lot of smaller companies struggling to keep pace, I've decided to make my first post about a list of predictions regarding acquisitions and mergers that could occur over the next couple of years. So without further ado, here's my picks for the media mergeacquisition predictions for 2021 and beyond!
Note: My picks will range from small-scale film studios to video game companies to publishing houses and so on. The possibilities here are straight-up endless!

Hasbro acquires MGM
Hasbro is undoubtedly the world's leading toy manufacturer, with such popular IPs including Transformers, G.I. Joe, My Little Pony, Power Rangers, Monopoly, Nerf, Twister, and so much more, and coming off its purchase of Entertainment One, the leading international film/TV distributor home to notable family-fare brands include Peppa Pig and PJ Masks, as well as the libraries of record labels such as Death Row Records, the prolific toy giant has truly diversified further into the realm of content production, but what if the time came to take a step further?
Well, that's where Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) comes in. Sure, the lion's been having some discussions with several parties, including Apple and Netflix about a possible takeover, but I reckon one of those suitors could be Hasbro itself. If a Hasbro-MGM merger went through, Hasbro would own several iconic film series including the James Bond, Rocky, RoboCop, Bill & Ted franchises, among others, critically-acclaimed TV series including the Stargate franchise, Fargo, The Handmaid's Tale, etc., and popular unscripted formats including Survivor, The Voice USA and The Apprentice.
Above all, I think Hasbro's content production arm could benefit dramatically with labels such as the main MGM banner and the Orion Pictures sister studio, combined with eOne's global film production/distribution/sales divisions, so yeah, could a Hasbro deal finally be the moment where MGM regains its status as a major film studio? Only time will tell.

Comcast acquires Electronic Arts (EA)
EA is one of the leading video game companies in the industry, and perhaps in recent years, the most reviled, with many gaming buffs citing its desire to shut down development studios and its overabundance on micro-transactions, all in the name of greed. Comcast, a fellow previous "Worst Company in America" recipient, is defined by the properties owned through its media subsidiary NBCUniversal, which includes the Universal Pictures film studio, the NBC TV network, Universal theme parks, and most recently, the Peacock streaming service.
Corporate negativity aside, I personally think that in acquiring EA, Comcast could establish a third pillar in its media holdings alongside NBCUniversal and Sky (which it bought back in 2018), with several major video game franchises including Need for Speed, The Sims, Battlefield, Medal of Honor, Mass Effect, Plants vs. Zombies, and the EA Sports family of games (FIFA and so on) under its umbrella. These gaming IPs would fit pretty well with NBCUniversal's existing IP which includes film franchises such as Jurassic Park, Fast & Furious, Despicable Me, Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon, and much more.
Comcast certainly wouldn't be the only mass media conglomerate with video game holdings, though. WarnerMedia, owned by AT&T of course, stands as the only leading mass media conglomerate that owns a leading video game publishedeveloper (in Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment). Under the Comcast umbrella, I'd expect some serious changes in management, so EA can earn newfound respect, after years of brutal flack from gaming fans.

Microsoft acquires Netflix
For years, Netflix has been the world’s leading direct-to-consumer entertainment platform, with critically acclaimed original series under its roof including House of Cards, Orange is the New Black, Stranger Things, and many more, as well as three Best Picture-Oscar nominees in Roma (2018), Marriage Story and The Irishman (both 2019). With all of that success in mind, one question has clouded it for a predominantly long time: Is Netflix an acquisition target? Many analysts have suggested countless times that either Disney or Apple should buy the streaming giant, but since then, both companies have launched streamers of their own (Disney+ and Apple TV+, respectively) to prove which streamer’s the best. Which raises the question on who else could swoop in and take it.
Well, as this section suggests, the honor of buying Netflix goes to another tech giant, Microsoft. The prolific corporation is best known for its Windows computer operating systems, its Office suite of programs, and its Xbox line of video game consoles. The acquisition of Netflix, of course, would be a historic moment in Microsoft’s 45-year history, as it would give the company significant media holdings, as well as a new flagship brand in its ranks. If that were the case, anyone who buys a new Microsoft hardware product (Windows, Surface or Xbox) could get a year’s subscription for free. Now that’s watching with power!

Amazon acquires Ubisoft
Amazon, without question, is the world's leading online marketplace, second-largest streaming player (through Prime Video). But did you know it has some gaming assets under its belt, too? That's where Luna, its upcoming cloud gaming service, comes in. It also has a gave development/publishing arm - Amazon Game Studios, which publishes first-party titles; but here's the problem: it's not big enough in scale - or IP - yet.
What game company is it probably most likely to purchase, though? That honor goes to Ubisoft. With Ubisoft's franchises including the Rayman, Raving Rabbids, the Tom Clancy's games (Splinter Cell, Ghost Recon, The Division), Assassin's Creed, Far Cry, Just Dance and more, Amazon's profile in the gaming market could truly skyrocket, and benefit Luna even more, seeing as they have a gaming channel with Ubisoft. Could Amazon use Ubisoft to break the code to compete with Sony and Microsoft in the gaming market? Well, if an acquisition like this goes through, I'd say it would.

ITV plc acquires Lionsgate
Remember back in 2016 when eOne, prior to its acquisition by Hasbro, rejected a bid to be acquired by British television broadcaster ITV? That's a unique example of ITV trying to diversify, with very little luck. In the age of streaming, ITV is currently trying to expand its horizon's a bit. So, what better way to do that than buying out a little mini-major film studio? This is where Lionsgate comes in. Lionsgate's future has been in deep question since January 2018. At that point, Amazon, Verizon, Comcast, and even the future ViacomCBS were being looked at as potential suitors. As speculation continues to mount about who could possibly buy it, I imagined recently what would happen if ITV decided to buy Lionsgate in an effort to diversify into film production.
Now I know this prediction sounds odd, seeing as ITV is a British company, but ITV Studios - the company's content production/distribution arm, does operate internationally (most notably in the United States, where it's the like the largest unscripted producer in the country) could do with some well-established IP, namely a couple on the cinematic front. I believe that Lionsgate's films and franchises, most notably the Saw, The Hunger Games, and John Wick franchises, as well as Lionsgate's sister studios (like Roadside Attractions, for example) could benefit under the ITVS fold. If that were to happen though, Lionsgate's TV arm would be folded into ITVS's US division, inheriting the existing TV programs currently produced by Lionsgate.
Of course, Lionsgate also owns a handful of TV channels, including the U.S. premium network Starz, which brings us to a crossroads of sorts. Starz (as well as Lionsgate's stake in Celestial Tiger Entertainment) may continue to be owned by ITV, but the most likely option is this: both networks may need to be divested due to rules on foreign companies owning U.S. TV channels. This is where suitors like Disney, NBCUniversal, Sony Pictures and Discovery may come in. Regardless though, Acquiring Lionsgate's studios, combined with it's large film library, would prove a truly significant boost to ITV's content production efforts!

Verizon acquires Hearst('s media assets)
Verizon is a pretty underrated company in comparison to larger conglomerates, with key assets including its bespoke Wireless and FiOS services, and internet brands like AOL and Yahoo!. Hearst, on the other hand, is home to a number of magazines and newspapers (with a couple of web properties in between), along with a 50% stake in A+E Networks, which it owns with Disney. (Fun fact: Hearst and Verizon already have a partnership in Verizon Hearst Media Partners, but now may be the time to go further)
Verizon CEO Hans Vestberg already stated that the company has no ambition in joining the media-merger race any time soon, but now may be the time to reconsider. With Hearst's publishing and entertainment under its disposal, Verizon Media can benefit significantly. Which brings us to its broadcasting assets. Hearst also owns affiliates to major U.S. broadcasting networks like ABC, CBS, NBC and so on. Hearst may scale down and focus on those stations (similar to the likes of Nexstar and Sinclair Broadcasting), but keep some companies like Litton Entertainment (which owns some early-morning blocks on ABC and CBS).
I do have a feeling that Verizon may acquire Disney's share in A+E, which would lead to Disney acquiring Hearst's 20% stake in ESPN to take full ownership. This alone could increase Verizon's international holdings dramatically - and for good reason!

Liberty Global acquires ErosSTX
Well, as it turns out, some miracles can happen in a year of economic uncertainty! In that case, the surprise merger between STX Entertainment, the newest mini-major studio in Hollywood, and Eros International, a leading Indian film studio. The result? ErosSTX. A relative newcomer to the public stock exchange, its film unit (STX Films) has released a modest slate of mid-budgeted films - most recently Hustlers, 21 Bridges and The Gentlemen, with a few flops (eg. Uglydolls) in between. Ripe for immediate takeover? maybe.
The suitor most likely? Liberty Global - the largest cable/broadband provider outside the U.S., with its brands containing the likes of UPC, Virgin Media (in the UK and Ireland) and Telenet (in Belgium). While it does own small stakes in ITV and Lionsgate, The John C. Malone-controlled firm's footprint in content production is relatively small, but with film operations in both the U.S. and India, Liberty, if it bought ErosSTX, could have an unrivalled global outreach in terms of other mini-major studios. By extension, this might be the time for Liberty to buy Discovery's half of All3Media, which could give them an even larger content library of sorts...

??? acquires AMC Networks
Now, here's an acquisition target with multiple scenarios. This means that anyone - even an unexpected suitor, could swipe in and add its assets to its portfolio. This is the case of AMC Networks, the cable networks group behind The Walking Dead franchise, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, etc. Here are a couple of buyers that may come into mind:
  • Discovery: Let's start out with the most draconian scenario, shall we? Of course, if Discovery bought out AMC, this would result in the dominant independent owner of cable television networks, given the amount of networks Discovery owns globally, even before its 2018 merger with Scripps Networks Interactive. An AMC-Discovery merger would also open the doors for Discovery to boost scripted programming, as most of Discovery's channels (like the namesake Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, TLC and more) are mostly factual-oriented.
  • Hasbro: Hasbro (via eOne) and AMC already have a lot of common, as the former distributes The Walking Dead internationally. Question is: could Hasbro expand into broadcasting to fit better in line with larger conglomerates? This deal could be a potential scenario, one in which Hasbro may buy Discovery's 60% stake in Discovery Family, if lucky.
  • RTL Group: Bertelsmann-owned RTL is an established digital broadcaster across Europe, with key operations in Germany, the Netherlands, and France, not to mention its content arm Fremantle - whose notable programming includes The X Factor, [insert here]'s Got Talent, The Price is Right, among others. But what if it expanded to the Americas? Maybe AMC would be its answer - and Fremantle would gain distribution rights to almost all of its programming.
  • ProSiebenSat.1 Media: PSS1 is perhaps regarded as a leading broadcaster in German-speaking territories, though its namesake Sat.1 and ProSieben networks in Germany. Internationally, its content arm, Red Arrow Studios (which was itself up for sale until COVID got in the way), has a number of programming at its disposal including Love is Blind, Bosch and A League of Their Own to name a few. Maybe buying an established cable company like AMC Networks could boost their international recognition a bit...
  • Sony Pictures: Sony has a predominantly low key presence when it comes to owning notable TV channels. Fortunately though, Sony Pictures Television does have some ties with AMC, as a producer on Breaking Bad and its spin-off Better Call Saul. Now might be a pretty good time to tie that knot. Question is: what could happen to the likes of Sony's existing international channels? (eg. Sony Channel in various countries)

??? acquires A24
A24 is perhaps, to this day, considered the most revered independent/art-house film studio in Hollywood, having released a barrage of critically-acclaimed prestige pics like Ex Machina, Room, Moonlight, Lady Bird, Hereditary, Midsommar, The Lighthouse, Uncut Gems, and many more. But ever since Apple announced a multi-year partnership with the indie titan, there has been some mild speculation that the tech giant should buy them outright. In addition to Apple, I think a couple of other suitors would be interested:
  • Apple: Apple is obviously the first name that comes into A24's mind when it comes to prospective future buyers. Granted, they have a multi-year partnership with Apple, which involves them supplying the Apple TV+ streaming service with content, but it would come as no surprise to me if Apple were to ramp up production by buying into this indie powerhouse.
  • Banijay: Having bought out both Zodiak Media and Endemol Shine Group and amassing a gargantuan library of television programming and unscripted formats, France's Banijay has become the world's largest independent television studio, with notable shows under its roof including Big Brother, Deal or No Deal, Black Mirror, MasterChef, Peaky Blinders, and so much more. So with that in mind, buying an equally renowned indie film studio would make a strong case for Banijay to expand into film, right?
  • Disney: Now this one may sound a bit unworkable, given that Disney also owns an art-house studio in Searchlight Pictures. How may they sort that one out, you ask? Merging the two indie studios into a larger one - presumably under the name of "A24-Searchlight" or something.

??? acquires Activision Blizzard
Now here's another publicly-traded gaming studio that just happens to be a takeover target! Activision Blizzard is to this day, the largest game company in the Americas and Europe in terms of revenue and market capitalization. With several franchises under its roof like Call of Duty, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro/Skylanders, World of Warcraft, Overwatch, Candy Crush Saga and too many to count, it certainly should be no surprise that a mass media company's in pursuit for their gaming goods. Here are a couple of companies that may be interested:
  • Apple: The number #1 tech giant strikes again! If Apple does buy Activision, this could lead to the tech giant making a bigger splash in the gaming market, after distinguishing itself with its Apple Arcade subscription service. Could this lead to Apple launching a cloud gaming offering or even a video game console to put PlayStation and Xbox to shame? We shall see.
  • Amazon: Since Amazon is, of course about to make its mark on cloud gaming with its Luna platform, it could also make sense for them to pick up some well-established IP - alternatively - in Activision's. If that were to happen, expect some Activision and Blizzard titles available to play on Luna for the long run!
  • Alphabet Inc.: Now here’s another internet company (through its Google subsidiary) making waves in cloud gaming circles! By that I mean Stadia, which was had a fairly decent run going against PlayStation Now. But where are the original, in-house games? Well, that’s where Activision comes in. Similar to a potential Amazon deal, Stadia would make Activision's vast library of games available to play on its service. At least the wider Alphabet conglomerate could branch out beyond the Google subsidiary at some point in time, though!
  • Hasbro: Gee, it turns out this toy giant is getting a lot of love! If Hasbro wanted to diversify further, they'd probably just buy a run-of the-mill video game company like this. Historically, Hasbro did have a video game division at one point, until it got sold to Infogrames (now the current incarnation of Atari), but could they give it another spin? Maybe; it makes good sense as Hasbro currently has a deal with Activision when it comes to licensing Overwatch merchandise.
  • Sony Interactive Entertainment: Microsoft's recent acquisition of Bethesda has certainly given them a further step ahead of Sony in the next phase of the console wars. All things considered, I'm pretty sure Sony's planning some sort of counter-attack in the number of development studios to shame, so what better way to do that than buy Activision? Now that's how you add more game franchises to your roster.
  • Take-Two Interactive: Now here's a predominantly draconian scenario! A leading force in third-party gaming, Take-Two's most iconic game franchises include BioShock, Borderlands, Grand Theft Auto, NBA 2K, Red Dead, and so many more. But with Activision and Blizzard's assets under its roof? Then Take-Two would basically be unstoppable; An Activision/Take-Two merger could probably give the latter the largest amount of gaming franchises out of any gaming company in the business.
  • WarnerMedia: WarnerMedia's gaming unit, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, owns a modest number of video game franchises, including the LEGO video games, Batman: Arkham, Mortal Kombat, and Scribblenauts, as well as games based upon Warner Bros. films and animations (eg. DC Comics' works). Acquiring Activision could certainly give WBIE a leading position in the major game company race, and more game franchises they can adapt in the future, especially when HBO Max is concerned!
So yeah, to wrap up, 2021, if lucky, will build a long, long road to recovery for many, especially for the media industry, which is why I wrote this list. Anyway, your opinions are welcome!
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2020.09.08 23:02 500scnds [Table] My name is Paolo Cattaneo. 5 years ago I quit my job, sold everything I had and embarked in a trip around the world on a motorcycle. Rode for almost 185000 km. Still going! Here to answer question about self sustained living on the road and long distance solo travelling. AmA! (pt 3 FINAL)

Source Previous part
Questions Answers
What a wonderful story! I was wondering how much km you travel a day/ hours you are on your way? You really should start a YT channel with your adventures man, a guy on a motor driving through the world, and the lessons you learned, are definitely worth it! Hello! I don't ride everyday. I did estimated an average of 200km per day though. More or less.
I will see what I can do with this yt thing. Thanks for the advice! 😊👍
Do you have plans on when this will end and if you intend on returning to work do you worry about the perception on this time by employers? I guess, I also want to ask if you have concerns about whether you think you could adapt to fulltime work again or you'd struggle mentally now? Not sure if i can go back to a 9-5 life but I really don't care right now about future employment opportunities. I believe that the world is filled with lots of people with certificates and degrees and professional expertise...but there are not so many with unique life experiences. I hope employers will look at the individual more than the hours i spent behind a desk, when the time will come.
So are you going to end up in an even crappier job after abandoning all of your responsibilities like this? Haha who knows! What I know is that whatever job you is still a job. More money means more responsibilities but at the end of the day, a job is a job. It's the meaning that changes your life. It's the why you do what you do, that drives you. Not necessarily the job you perform. We all end up in the same I will do whatever job makes me happy when the time comes.
Hey op... If you're still answering questions I'm curious as to...What do you do to entertain yourself when you're tenting every night? I can imagine there's much internet connection in the middle of nowhere in Canada. Read a lot of books or something? Not answering questions anymore, but this is an excellent one, that deserves a reply. Well, if you are camping in the wild, definitely there would probably be no internet access. I usually write my thoughts and daily events on a notepad. It s hard to find time to do that, so when you are alone in your little tent waiting for the night to come, getting your thoughts out on a paper usually helps the catharsis. I am not much of a reader...but sometimes a good movie (i may have some stuff saved previously on hard drives or netflix offline) could kill the extra hour you get before falling asleep. I mean, usually it's just such a pity to ruin the silence with music and most of the times i fall asleep as soon as I lay horizontally. Other times, the writing thing helps soothe the adrenaline of the day and calm you enough to fall asleep too. Sometimes organizing takes a bit of time or taking care of the bike can take some time as well.
This was one of my favorite AMAs. Thank you for doing this. Where did you stay in Greece and while in quarantine did you At least get to leave at all or were you confined to your apartment? Spent 3 months in Crete! Amazing island! Government started to ease up the lockdown only after the first month. We did only had 7 cases in the whole island so i got a great deal with my choice of location! I managed to explore the whole island by the end of it.
the below is a reply to the above
That place is amazing. It’s one of my favorite islands in Greece. If you ever have a chance check out Milos and Naxos. Yes! I almost went to Milos! And Naxos looked like a true paradise. You guys are blessed with natural beauty!
Wow I’m really impressed and inspired! I am currently planning a solo trail trip across the US, (and hopefully further) it’s been my dream for forever! Can you just break down for me a couple things? Ok, like what are some absolutely essential items you carry that most people wouldn’t think of? Besides the basics like fire starter, tent/tarp, thermal clothing etc. Next, how would you respond to a crisis or threat on the road that normally wouldn’t occur in a conventional lifestyle? Like authorities fuccin with you or wild animals attacking or something? One concern I have is that people may look down upon me for my lifestyle choice and use that as an excuse to treat me badly. I mean, some people already kinda do and I haven’t even left yet. (Even if everybody did I would still go cause HAHAHA fucc it) Anyway, another question-What is the best part of your travel lifestyle so far? I imagine it’s a lot of fun, (although still intensely difficult) and that tramps have found a lot of interesting ways to spend their free time. EDIT: AHH sorry one more I forgot! What are your favorite spots around the world but especially the US that you think are worth seeing? (any other tips/pointers/things to remember that you can think of are welcome too) THANKS Ok, lots of good questions! There is no essential item to be carried that is the "magic stuff" that nobody has. Maybe Common Sense...yes. carry that with you and you ll be fine always. ;) In terms of tools, cable ties and duct tape...and I would say super glue. Everything else mate, you ll adapt or find your way around it. About crisis, like protests, riots, police messing with you...well sometimes you gotta just leave! Haha. I rode through some riots in Bolivia and I kind of snuck smoothly as possible. I always use my helmet cam, as a deterrent for police. If they are trying to get some money out of you, the "I am recording you" effect sometimes could make them change their mind. Also, I would make plastified copies of your driver license and bike docs, just in case you find some dodgy road blocks on your way. In case they withheld your stuff, you can just leave without having them keeping you hostage with your papers.
Most of the times you'll be fine though. Those are rare occasions anyway. And so wild animal encounters. When I went to Alaska, a friend gave me a bear spray. Never use it. Just keep your food away from your tent. Again, common sense works better than any weapons.
My favourite spot in the US was Sequoia NP. But I really loved the high deserts of Nevada and also New Mexico. So much good stuff to see in the US!
The best part of this lifestyle is the fact that you are free to do whatever you want everyday... And this is also a huge advantage that comes only travelling alone. All those "haters" will disappear as soon as you are gone from their sight. Your life is yours and you can do whatever you want with it. Only people that have some personal issue will try to diminish what you are trying to achieve. Others will just project their fears to you. In any case, you gotta go your own way and be focused on what you are trying to achieve.
Was it expensive shipping your bike? Also any trouble getting into other countries crossing the border? The shipping from Australia to South america was quite dear. I remember paying $2400 AUD. Not sure if it's expensive or not...but they did take care of almost everything. From Canada to Ireland instead i flew with Air Canada Cargo which had a special $1500 USD for the bike and myself. A bargain!! No troubles at the borders
How does it feel living life just visiting countries. No 9-5 whatsoever, no bills, no worries at all, just you and your motorcycle? People say that Sex or food is the best feeling in the world. I think that Riding your motorcycle freely around the world, tops it all.
I cannot imagine myself traveling without internet access. Do you have worldwide roaming? Do you get a SIM in every country? It's unthinkable nowadays to NOT have internet access. With local and cheap Sim card you can get data everywhere really and most countries in SA have sometimes free wifi around town and in gas stations. You'll be just fine.
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Thanks for your reply! So I assume that with limited/spotty data, you were relying mostly on offline maps and navigation. Any tip on what's best for this kind of traveling and exploration? there are some useful travel app like, gmaps and iOverlander. have a look at it. lots of good info.
I also have a 2013 KTM 1190 Adventure, but the R version. I also love my bike and stoked to hear how reliable it’s been for you! What repairs have you had to do along the way? What repairs!! Haha bike has been exceptional. I only had to repair seals and moving parts (chain, sprokets, etc). Water pump seals have to be replaced around 85k km and i had a oil temp sensor failure at 140k km. Most people don't get that far with their miles...but if you do, make sure to check your water pump seals. Most parts are available in capital cities in any country. Others, you just have to have those shipped to you or plan in advance (for tyres for instance). Pretty doable overall.
What does a legitimate Italian pizza look and taste like compared to western pizza? Italian pizza is better because of mozzarella and tomato sauce that they use when making it. Top quality stuff. Aside from that, pizza is good wherever. It depends also on how you like your pizza.
I hope to have the courage to also do something like this. What are some valuable things you’ve learned about solo travel? Things you wished you knew starting off. We tend to overthink a lot of stuff that eventually never happen. We always have fears that stop us...but in reality, all those bad thought are simply possibilities that may actually never really happen. So, more and worry less is certainly something I learned the hard way
Do you ever have any regrets? Lately I have been good in that sense. But maybe one day I ll wake up and have some...for not chosing the standard path of the average guy with wife and kids.
Maybe a bit of a selfish question but do people in N. America have trouble pronouncing your name? My Italian-American husband and I named our 5 month old Paolo. We live in Brooklyn so most people around us don't have an issue but I am not sure what it will be like if we ever move somewhere else or when he starts school. Also it's a beautiful name and I'm going to make sure to show our son your photos when he is old enough to understand travel and places and different people. :-D BEST QUESTION EVER! ahha
your son is going to have a tough time in an english speaking country! haha Jokes aside, the sound "Pao" doesn't really exists in english speaking people's most of the time I get called Paulo...or Pablo. Which is fine to me. But the correct pronunciation is Pà-olo with emphasis on the first syllable. I switched to Paul many times...
But aside from USA, Canada, UK, Australia and South Africa, your son will be just fine!
Also make sure he knows the the origins of the meaning of his name. Paolo was one of the closest friends of Jesus. His real name was Sauro, which means "the greatest", but then, after befriending Jesus, he changed his name in Paolo, which comes from the latin word Paulus, that means "small, tiny". I am not religious, but Indeed this story tells a bit of the significance of being humble.
U/paolo_0 what about sex and romantic relationships- friendships too. Do you maintain any relationships? If so, how do you maintain them? The romantic factor is almost inevitable when travelling so extensively. Eventually every traveller has a romantic affair with somebody that he/she met on the way. Weather is a local or another traveller, it is our natural tendency to mate, so...yeah. Kind of a tricky one! I personally tend to avoid to get into serious situations because my lifestyle is simply not compatible with conventional standards of monogamous relationships. The curse of the traveller is that you always have to it is counterproductive to get close to somebody and then drag that feeling for months, with you on the road. In my opinion it shifts the paradigm of travelling towards a specific and more visceral feeling of reuniting with a person that most likely is not going to be on your planned route.
Anyway, said this, i did have a long distance relationship before starting this trip and it sucked! Haha Hence I tend to avoid to make the same mistakes twice. But can never plan when to fall in love. Sometimes it just happens and you gotta roll with it. It hurts and it may even change your plans. Eventually one has to choose between the new person and the continuity of your solo trip.
what country did surprise you the most (good or bad) with their roads? did you come to Portugal? what did you dislike the most I loved Scotland! I had a great deal of luck with the that may have played a role. I did come to Portugal and it actually surprised me a lot!! Absolutely loved it! No wonder all retirees from europe want to move there! Algarve was spectacular. Loved Porto too.
Hello! First off, this is incredible, and a dream of mine. Unfortunately i'm an american with a crap load of college debt! I read your other answers and I just had a couple questions! 1. You mentioned your first night camping in a campground, and how it wasn't the best setting. As time went on did you just start setting up on the side of the road? or were there any other challenges finding camping spots when there wasn't a campsite hostile friends couch etc? 2. How safe did you feel when you were mostly alone camping in between citys/towns? Thank you so much for doing this AMA, hopefully one day I can do this! Hey! I am aware of how the US system sucks you in a world of debts but... I hope you will one day break free from it.
After my first night camping, I switched to couchsurfing and hostels right away. I was terrified of camping! ahha Then, one day I found a spot that was too beautiful to leave. I was by myself and It was quite remote. The balmy temperatures, the starry night and the beautiful sunrise over the ocean made me reconsider camping. After few more attempts I found out that camping in the wild was waaay better than sleeping in a crappy hostel or at some stranger's home. More privacy, quieter and cheaper too! Luckily for me, I had lost my camping virginity in Australia, one of the best and safest countries for camping in the world in my opinion. You are by yourself most of the times. Half of my trip around Australia I slept on the side of the road or in the bushes. I became an expert in starting small fires and cooking with no utensils. I realized that the "danger" in terms of safety for me and my motorcycle was directly related to the amount of people around me. So, the more desolated the area, the safest. Cities are clearly the opposite. Thanks for your questions.
I've been following your IG for about a year now I think, and I'm totally jealous. You've answered a few questions of mine on there, but I've got one for this AMA. Has KTM reached out to you for any kind of buyback type of deal for the bike, or any "free" stuff? Are they even aware? Do they care? I mean you're doing great advertising for them. I think I read something not too long ago where a man had a million-mile Honda Goldwing that Hinda wanted to buy back from him for research or something. Nope. KTM hasn't got in touch with me about bike endorsement. Saying this, tbe guys at KTM canada helped me a lot in servicing the bike while I was in Montreal.
KTM and Honda, or BMW have thousands of loyal customers that used their machines for long time. But they are not really obliged to reach out and saying "Thanks, here s a new bike". It would be a loss for them to give you free stuff.
What would you say is the key to happiness? I believe that to realise that we are insignificant and that nothing is meant to come our way, is the paradigm that we need to have to improve our sense of happiness. I found out that our constant sense of being unaccomplished comes from the high expectations that society places in our mind. We need to get always bigger, better, more stuff...but in reality it's an ephemeral race against ourselves. When you realise that we are just a little grain of dust, floating in the universe and that we matter little or nothing at all in this universe, everything coming your way becomes a gift. I found out that having less makes me happier and less worried.
I am not sure if this is the KEY to happiness for everybody, but I believe that keeping your feet on the ground, helps a great deal.
Sorry if this is a stupid question, but what kind of bank account do you have? Is it one that can be used internationally? And have you had any problems with converting your money to the currency of whatever country you’re in? Also what kind of a drone and phone do you have? Do you use your phone for most of your IG pics or your drone? I have citybank account and debit card that can be used internationally. I mostly withdraw money from ATMs and use paypal for online transactions.
Never had problems in converting into local currency.
I have a DJI Mavic Air and a Samsung Galaxy S9. I mostly use my phone for my photography, but these days, it is plenty in terms of resolution and image quality, if you share your content on social media. Occasionally I had some photos taken with a DSLR.
I have been following you on Instagram before. We have had very short conversations few times. Remember the dog which was chained all the times for more than a decade in the island in Greece? Any news from it? Do you plan on starting a patreon account so you can earn money on the way? And how hard is it now in the pandemic? Hey there!! Unfortunately that dog is still chained there. I spoke with several dog rescue centers and they couldn't do much about it. Ignorance is not curable Unfortunately.
I am not sure. Should i start a patreon account?? Asking people for money? Mmm Not quite there yet.
In planning for the trip, do you think about and have a backup plan for medical emergency or if you are jailed in some remote location? For example, money to bribe you out of a situation at a border or caught speeding. Accident and hospital stay. Also, was language a major barrier during the trip? Wow. Nope. Did not think about those things...haha but maybe I should have had! I do have a travel insurance that cover accidental hospitalization. Language wasn't a major deal breaker for me since i speak spanish and portuguese. Otherwise english is pretty common nowadays
Do you get lonely? Sometimes. When I do, I use reddit. ;) Jokes aside, I actually appreciate the time when I am truly alone. Finding those moments is a rarity, these days.
I also quit my job and sold everything. For me, it was to leave Canada and move to Tahiti. Isn't it liberating and freeing to give everything up to start over? Its not easy to give up everything for a calculated risk. For some it turns out poorly, but for others, its the best decision they have ever made. I've never seen anybody giving it a shot and turning out with something less. You always learn something about yourself...and it's always a great thing to clean up and start fresh!
Kudos to you, mate! You got sick waves there! ;)
Care to share your favorite recipe? Thai papaya salad. Shred green papaya, 1 carrot, 6 green beans. Prepare dressing with fish sauce, teaspoon of sugar, garlic (a lot), chili (a lot), and maybe 3-4 lime juices. Add few dried small shrimps and few sliced cherry tomatoes if you want, to garnish. Add a handful of peanuts.
How do you carry/retrieve money? I know in the US and such you can just go to an ATM or a bank, but in South America was it easy to withdraw your money? Did you have to pay much in fees? And I don't know if it is appropriate to ask if you carry a lot of cash with you haha It is the same everywhere in the world. there are bank circuits like MAESTRO or CIRRUS or VISA or MASTERCARD which are available worldwide. You can get money out of ATMs sometimes without fees if banks are affiliated.
Do you battle with a sense of purposlessness or dislocation? I clearly felt a sense of lack of purpose when I was living my normal life. A job sometimes absorbs you but doesn't really give you a reason to live. After my travels I can say that I found a new meaning to my life. I don't think I have to procreate...of find a partner. I think solitude and this kind of life suits me and gives me purpose, better than the one I had before to be honest.
Hey man I REALLY love what you do and I'm thinking of doing the same. I live in Greece and the idea of travelling around the world like this gives me goosebumps. Can you share some hot tips that you wish you knew before you started? Hey mate!! I love Greece! You guys have it good over there for riding! I wish I knew how little you really need to travel around. The secret is exactly to carry as little as possible. The lighter the better.
I've always wanted to do something like this, however it would be on foot. Do you think it would be significantly harder to do so, should I think about taking a car or bike with me? One of my inspiration is this japanese guy that I almost met in Ushuaia. Incredible story. He walked...from alaska to ushuaia. 6 years. Unbelievable adventure and definitely made mine look like too easy! Haha Look him up on facebook! Masahito Yoshida
By your own experience, do you think it would be safe enough to do this as a solo young woman? As I met several other solo travellers, including women, which share with me their personal experiences, I can say that it is indeed safe to travel alone as a woman.
What of your original motorcycle is left? Considering you would have undoubtedly had to have replaced bits Bike is still in original shape and form. Replaced the windshield and some inner plastics. But most of it is still the same. Never touched the engine
How much did you pay for your motorcycle? I bought it in December 2014. It was second hand. Had only 700 km on it though. Paid $19k Australian. You do the math in your currency. I saved for 8 months and sold my old bike to be able to buy it.
What about love? Do you sometimes feel like you would like to have someone with you on your trip? Nah. I am good. I thought about rescuing a stray dog or cat a couple of times...
Did you ever read Jupiter's Travels, or meet Ted Simon? Nope. But I heard it's a great book. He's one of the first guys that went around the world in modern times...
Why such a high performance motorcycle? I just bought my dream bike. the trip came afterwards...and I just used the bike I had.
What do you want written on your tombstone? I want to be cremated and thrown into the ocean. No engraving required. ;)
I plan to go on a motorcycle adventure in South America in the near future and I have to ask: were you afraid at any point? I live in Brazil, which is a very dangerous country, I ride mostly in my own city but sometimes I find myself very afraid, and there are places that I don't dare to go. I often wonder how would I deal with these problems being thousands of miles away from home. Yes mate. Brazil was probably the spookiest country I rode through in latin america. But danger is mostly concentrated in big cities, as you know... South america is pretty safe and generally speaking people will be more willing to help you than harm you. Do not worry too much. I was concerned about my safety too before my departure but then i realized that tv and news just gave me the wrong idea.
Haven’t seen this asked.... Do you carry a weapon? Have you ever been in a dangerous situation with thugs? I do not carry weapons. I am against weapons in general, but being from Europe this is kind of the way we grow up here. I assume you are from the USA... But no, there is no need to protect yourself till the point you have to risk your life to do it. If somebody wants to take my stuff and has a gun, I will happily give my stuff to him/her. It's just stuff. I wouldn't shoot anybody anyway.
the below is a reply to the above
I am from the USA! We clearly have a stereotype if me simply asking about a weapon gives it away lol 😅 Im happy you haven’t been put in a situation with the wrong people. Thanks for taking the time to do this AMA. Your life is quite fascinating and I admire your ability to break from the norm and take such an adventure that this beautiful world has to offer :) I hope you didn't take my comment in a negative way. I love USA and I've travelled throughout the country, other than living in it for few years. I met incredibly inspiring people and i ve also learned so much from your way of living. I do understand the reason behind carrying a weapon. It makes sense there. USA is a massive country and there is a sense of need of protecting yourself in many ways. In most of USA people grow up with weapons because...of hunting! It's part of the culture and I respect it. Considering also that you are allowed to carry a weapon and shoot for self defense in many states... But around the world we just assume nobody has a yeah, it works either way.
PuggerHugger123: Are you still using your Australian license plate? Im assuming you might get issues at borders or weird looks from people in different countries. I live in europe and our license plates have a letter representing our country (as you have probably seen). I have also seen some non-EU license plates from eastern europe, but thats it... mccannisms: I was wondering this too - I was told to not bring my bike from Canada to Aus permanently as part of the roadworthy involves checking the frame by drilling into it and would possibly completely damage said frame. How does insuring a bike for international travel work? Ok, I still have my NSW license plate on. People don't care. At the border they just check if the name on your bike papers is the same on your driver license/passport. If so, you are good to go. You can import ANY vehicle in Australia I believe as far as you owned the vehicle at least for one year. Then there is the inspection and everything, but if there is a similar vehicle already in the country, it doesn't need to be tested for "roadworthiness". As per insurance, you have to get one for every country you enter. Except EU where you get the "Green card" which is valid for all Eu countries.
A guy I used to work with Peter Corboy did this back in the 2000's. You know him? Sorry, I do not know him.
Hey mate, really nice to read your story and the comments! I’ll be doing a similar thing in a few years, I was worried about going out on a brand new bike (Yamaha Tenere 700) absolutely love this bike but after hearing your story about going on a big ass brand new KTM you give me hope! I was worried about it possibly being stolen somewhere.. apart from parking it inside wherever possible do you have any other tips? Do you use disk lock/use a bike cover? And also.. do you not think your bike is a bit too big? Are you able to pick it up ok and does it ever limit some of the off road routes you may want to take? Really inspirational story mate.. it’s all I dream about, I’ve backpacked to like 65 countries and within the past few years realised overland motorcycle adventure is where the fun really is.. the freedom! Hey mate, congrats on your bike selection. I've heard great stuff about the T7. About the "bike getting stolen"'s not really a thing. Just be careful in big cities and if if you leave it parked with your belongings on it for too long. I mean...seriously just common sense. the 1190 is big and heavy but I managed. When fully loaded it floats around 300kg so yeah...not a walk in the park... but most of the times I was fine. Just sand riding gets hard. In case, make sure you always park inside the property where you stay at night and remove all your belongings from it, even if you decide to go for hard panniers (which I don't recommend). Unfortunately, if somebody wants to steal your bike there's very little/nothing you can do about it. But again, most of the times you'll be fine.
I guess this is more of a question in general rather than specifically related to your journey on the motorcycle. But how did you manage leaving behind family and friends to pursue your own lifestyle? Im a bit envious of the whole experience, but I also can't imagine living more than 100 miles away let alone living in multiple different countries and traveling the world. Was it difficult to do? Or did your family and friends support or need you in any way that wouldn't be doable with you travelling, or was it simply "this is what I want" and you go do it without much of a care? It is hard to leave your family and lifelong friends behind to pursue a dream...but it is the price to pay for these kind of experiences.
Sometimes it s hard to be by yourself and to realize that you are alone, far away from people who love you and support you no matter what...but it is also a forging experience to be so exposed. It builds character and it allows you to become more independent, which is a key point for any kind of relationship in your life.
It is difficult and scary and all of the above. But it is a necessary process for personal growth and development.
Your family and friends will understand you...and support your choices if they truly love you.
Hey Paolo, great story and a wonderful thing to do! I also love riding trough different countries, and my big dream is it, to ride from Monaco di Baviera to SEA. So here‘s my question: how do you get all the permits for entering countries? Visa etc? Ever had any passport/visa issues? Especially with corona lockdowns? Ever entered somewhere over the green border? Do you have any kind of bike/health insurance? Have a good ride. Stay save! If you happen to be in Monaco, let me know for dinner and a bed:) Cheers mate!! If you plan on riding to SEA from here, you will need a Carnet de Passage for your vehicle. Get in touch with the automobile club of your country for more info...but it is not cheap. Visawise, as german, you won't have any issues entering countries. Simply google "visa allowances german citizens" and wikipedia will tell you what to do and how to prepare for your trip. Never had any issues at the border so far. Only in USA maybe. Haha They didn't like the fact that I wanted to tour their country for more than 3 months. I have a worldwide travel insurance with worldnomads which covers me in case of hospitalization. Bike insurance have to be issue in every country you ride in. But i think in germany there may be a worldwide insurance for motorcycles too. You need to check there. Now with covid all travels are restricted. May have to wait a bit for your adventure.
How does your family feel about feeding and housing you with the money they work for while you go ride your bike? Did you think about them when you threw your financial stability away? Would you go back to work if they threw you out on the street? Did you know that in the eyes of an employer you lose your degree when you dont use it for 4 years? And, they also won't hire you for lesser positions because you are over qualified. Thanks for your lovely question. I support myself for my travels and my family can take care of itself. I tried to send money back, but they seem to be fine without me. I do not need to be financially stable to be happy. I believe my family is ok to simply let me sleep in my backyard with my tent, in case they don't want me in their house anymore. Otherwise yeah. I may look for a job to pay rent...or a workaway experience. I do not want to work for an employer that diminishes my expertise because i decided to live my life instead of sitting in front of a computer for 4 years. I also do not have to go back to the same industry I was working before. Do i need a computer engineering degree to be a brick layer? I wont be so sure about the overqualified thing. I got hired as truck washer with my degree in engineering.
Hey man, what you are doing is cool. One small question, how about your life insurance? Since you are travelling to different countries, how do you manage it? Also, if you get a chance, go to India mate, it's one of the best things ever You can get travel insurance with worldwide coverage. Worldnomads is one of the companies that provide this kind of service.
Not knowing your lifestyle b4 this adventure, What specifically did you notice you had to adjust immediately? Protein and water obviously but what did you find you were going to really need to keep going? I actually noticed that i didn't need so much food to keep going. Water yes...but food intake could be minimized. When you don't have your 9-5 routine anymore, you can simply eat whenever you want...without fixed hours. In the long run you ll simply adapt to new food intake quantities which are usually less than a regular working man.
How do you go about servicing your bike? I change the oil in my bike every 6 months regardless of kms, sometimes its only does about 2000kms in between those services. I service my bike every 7000km. sometimes even 10000km. but my bike holds 4kg of oil in the engine so it is quite a lot. like a small size car.
Ciao Paulo; Do you think there are too many people in the world, especially with this Coronavirus breakout and all these riots taking place? Thanks, Richard There are a lot of people on this planet. Yes. Maybe it s not a matter of overpopulation but a matter of changing the way we create resources to sustain people and our world. We certainly need to "step our game up".
Which countries in the world have you visited thus far, at least a general idea, and which are you planning to visit? Good luck on your journey! A map of my travels is visible on my profile here or on my insta.
"No mechanical or electrical issues in the whole trip." Seriously? That's amazing! Not a single mechanical issue? Zero mechanical issues. I fried my engine oil temp gauge around 140k km...but that was an easy fix. Found it used online for 40 bucks and that was about it.
How safe do you feel on your adventure? Would love to do something similar but sounds difficult as a solo woman... Please look on the internet. There are so many inspiring women out there travelling solo! Don't let misinformation deter you for chasing such a beautiful dream!
What were some of your favorite places? I'm currently on the panamerican highway with a van. Well done, mate! Cheers mate!! Well well.. baja california is a dream! Ecuador and peru are also fantastic to be done in a van. Just make sure you get to go to Chiloe and Carretera Austral in Chile. Have fun !!
Hello Paolo did you plan to write a book about your experience? I would be first in line to buy it... Reddit would probably be the first place I would advertise it to! Haha Not in my plans at the moment. Thanks for the encouragement though!
Have you ever been really scared that you've driven into a place where you could get robbed or worse? Rode through a couple of favelas in mistake. And yes, eventually the thought of getting stopped and "questioned" crossed my mind. But fortunately nothing happened.
What is your favorite food you ate while traveling and what's the best place you have been? I am a sucker for a good Chevice (raw seafood). Although it seems that the best chevice is Peruvian, I loved mexican one. I mean, I probably had the best one in Baja. Absolutely mind blowing.
Meat based stuff instead I have to say that Hornado in Ecuador can't be beat. Mouth watering stuff. And I am not a big fan of meat.
Have you had any negative experiences through your journey? (Violence, theft, etc) Negative experiences were maybe 1% of the whole thing. Just lessons to be learned and move on, really. Nothing really too bad.
Did you get your tools back? The one's that were stolen a while back in Vancouver? Nope. Had to buy new ones. Ouch
Did you record places you went? Photos, videos, journals, anything like that? Yes. It's all on instagram. And youtube. check it out!
Wich Latin american countries did you visit? And wich was your favorite one? Wich Latin american countries did you visit? And wich was your favorite one?
How did you manage to travel that far on a motorcycle without crashing? I did crash! Mostly while riding offroad or on sand. Got footage of that too! Haha
Australian resident? Then you'll know what "pretentious wanker" means? Fair dinkum!
do you wear “riding gear” with pads, etc. when on the motorcycle? Yes I do. But it's not absolutely necessary to do so. I rode around Australia with jeans and tshirt. Not safe, but yeah... The problem with not wearing protection is the "trip stopper" factor. Let's say you get into an accident. If nothing happens it's all good. But if you are wearing sneakers and not boots, you are most likely to hurt yourself. And that could stop your trip for a month or more. So, yeah. Not necessary, but definitely recommended
You put 180,000km on that KTM and had no mechanical issues?!?!? I know right?!?! Incredible!
Have you ever been to Estonia, are you planning on it, if not? I have few friends there actually. But now my biggest enemy is covid to be honest. I would love to visit!
Were you in Newfoundland, Canada June 2019 u/paolo_0 ? Nope! I wish though!
What do you miss the most about “normal” life? having a workout routine. I always relied on my physical condition to endure stress and fatigue...but with constant travelling I kind of lacked of physical exercise. I missed that for sure.
How painfull is your ass after a day driving? I believe I have calluses now... Ouch
How do you deal with being lonely sometimes? I chat with people. :) Sounds like a silly answer but...
You weren't around Zion in 2016 by chance? Nope.
Do you have any children? I do not. Never married
Are you on instagram?
How is your back? I am looking for a new one on ebay... ;)
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2020.08.25 17:50 MansA24Augl We-t Pus-sy S-ex =w Ga-mes

We-t Pus-sy S-ex =w Ga-mes
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2020.08.25 17:48 MansA24Augl Fr-ee Ad-ult Se-x Ga-mes

Fr-ee Ad-ult Se-x Ga-mes
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2020.08.16 11:35 LovelyNeurotica Not sure if I belong here.

Hi, I am 30F and have been gaming since I was 12 or younger.
Ever since I saw the first Playstation and DOS PC at my cousin's house back in the 90's I knew this was something extraordinary for me. Dunno, maybe it's my brain that is somehow sensitive to gaming? I've never been able to find myself any other hobby, save for reading [made more difficult by the fact that my family was a) pathologically overproctecive b) finacially struggling c) even if i started something I was so bad at it and there was no progress for such a long time I finally gave up every time [sports, drawing, coding, playing musical instruments, any DIY projects].
Growing up as a sheltered and shy kid, games were a wonderful dimension for me where I could escape from abusive family and loneliness. It served as a natural extension to my childhood fantasies. Having a very low quality PC [I've never had any console on my own as my parents saw gaming as a dumbing activity] I played whatever games it could handle, mostly Sims 1&2 [still playing 2 occasionaly], first Tomb Raiders, some lame strategies etc. However, the more control I could have over a character and their life, the better, so even back then I heavily gravitated towards RPG games.
Just to let you know - I have a stable job, I am not living with my parents and I am paying my own bills. Never struggled in school or college, just never knew the direction I should go in. I've been in a relationship for 7 years now, and we're planning to get married, buy and apartment etc. He's a software dev and also a casual gamer.
However I am severly depressed and have no "real" goals in live. I seem to miss tenacity in everything I don't have to do to thrive. I struggle a lot with my insecurities and with who I am. When gaming, I choose titles with captivating story and lore, either linear or open world - I tend to crush over side characters and their backstories and love to play with a custom made character whom I move over to different games, write stories for, think up a lot of details [either in my head or on paper]. Basically, they are an avatar of a more successfull and significant me or my ideal partner or a part of a bigger story I constantly think up in my head :D Think Dark Souls, Elder Scrolls, japanese RPGs, isometric RPGS. I also LOVE micromanagement, and this is something I am also good at professionally, so I am constalty seeking a perfect town/farm management game! At the same time, playing online or real live DnD with friends is unbearable for me, due to my social anxiety. I don't play a lot of games but I play them extremly extensive.
I also enjoy playing casual, low effort games with friends as a social party activity, my closest friends are also interested in the gaming industry, news from the developers and they overall see video gaming as a valid way of expressing your hobby and spending your time.
Overall, I seem to be an escapist - cause I can be also heavily engrossed in, say, a good fiction book or anime series and obsess over it for months. Therefore I am not sure whether this is just games related issue or just my brain has been trying to escape from reality as much as possible. There was a time when I went almost cold turkey with gaming and daydreaming around it and it was the worst period of my life. My female office colleagues do not understand my gaming hobby which made me even more insecure about it [got over it]. But at that time nothing got better, I still had no energy for real life and self-progress and was miserable, could not find pleasure in anything exept for food [you can imagine it did not go well].
To sum up - I cannot really asses whether my gaming habits are detrimental or not. They seem to have a lot in common with my identity issues and the way my brain fights with depression rather than full on addiction. At the same time, without material for daydreaming and fantasies I would be terribly miserable and sad. Been there.
Any advice?
submitted by LovelyNeurotica to StopGaming [link] [comments]

2020.07.28 18:06 throwaway-0410 A Comprehensive Timeline of EvaX

I've been seeing a lot of posts asking for this. To the best of my ability I'll list what I've found with evidence. I'm addressing Alex Mahan as "EvaX" instead of "YanDev" because I don't think it's very accurate to call him a developer.
Important note: I don't condone the harassment of Alex Mahan. While it is fine to be outraged over his behavior, harassment of any kind is not encouraged. The purpose of this post is to bring to light the morally inept behaviors that have been expressed throughout the years, not to create reasons to harass Mahan.
About CannotGoogleMe: There is now proof beyond reasonable doubt (99%) that confirms CannotGoogleMe is EvaX. Subject is under 2015.
Lastly, if I'm missing any information or if someone would like to make a better timeline, feel free to take from this post or build off of it- you can copy-paste! The goal is to make a comprehensive list to get the facts straight so that everyone is better informed.
The notes about his age is to prevent any arguments about his age ("he was only a teen when he wrote that!"), and to give a better example of... is this a good reflection of how an ___ aged man should behave? Also provided as a DEFENSE for EvaX himself (as seen in "ideation of killing his parents) as he is speculated to only be 16.
(Please comment any info/evidence I'm missing instead of messaging me)
Under Construction /Ambiguous dates / Misc.
Ideation of killing his parents (2000's- unknown date)
EvaX has been known to be a frequenter of sites like Gaia and 4chan. He posted about wanting to kill his parents; someone advised him to move out but he didn't want to as he was a dependent. While this is worrisome behavior, the speculated time of the post places EvaX to be in his late teens (most likely 16?), so it's not quite relevant to his behavior now besides building a background of repeated behavior and an unstable/ dangerous mindset.
Abusing Stream Watchers
Called a person an a*tistic little b*tch in a stream. Unfortunately it was deleted and I cannot find any evidence of it (if found I'll put it here), but this was also part of the stream that was captured by a kiwi before being deleted (speculated to have occurred on 2009 or 2015, based on the dates, making EvaX ~21 or 27).
Master Post of stolen assets
Unprofessional Interactions Compilation
YanSim's main artist has some allegations against her for tracing art. Not a callout for her, just that it means there are stolen images/ traced art in the game, and I'm not sure if people want to support that.
Spaghetti Code
A very long video that does a good job in covering the code. The video is segmented if you wish to look for a specific subject, and is also in the description.
Loserz Message Board
2006-2007 (~18-19 y/o)
EvaX was part of the Loserz Message Board (Loserz webcomic forum) and has made some questionable posts and comments about women and general incel thoughts. Most of his activity were in 2006-2007 (18-19 y/o), so hold these against him with consideration of his age.
Playing a Porn Game with an Underaged Character
2006 (~18 y/o)
EvaX frequented a forum to guide him on a game called Rapelay, a pornographic game centered around sexually assaulting a mother and her two daughters, one of whom is underaged. While the forum has no pictures, click at your own risk due to the nature of the game.
Alleged Pastebin of EvaX addressing Streaming Abuse
EvaX has/had a private website where he streamed and interacted with people, and this is apparently a response to EvaX abusing mod powers (banning, censorship, etc.)

Volunteer Mistreatment
Many volunteers have stopped working with EvaX after harsh treatment or problematic behavior. Will be updated with more information

2005-2012 (17- 24 y/o; "Life of a Sex Slave" was written in 2009, making him ~21 y/o).
Disturbing Fanfictions
EvaX wrote many stories, some about rape and human trafficking (sex slaves). Read at your own risk. In one of the stories, a character was 10 years old when she first experienced rape (and it goes on until her late teens).
2006 (~18 y/o; site lists as 20 but it's either wrong or EvaX forgot to update copyright)-
Name Origin / Confirmation
EvaXephon's name is a combination of Alex Mahan's favorite animes, NGE ("Eva" coming from Evangelion) and RahXephon (Xephon). EvaX has a fanmade site to compare these two animes and confirms that they are the origin of his username.
Rage tendencies
In a conversation in a forum post, EvaX mentions "rage" tendencies and that he has been forbidden from screaming to relieve stress. He mentions hitting objects and more screaming. There are more incel posts at this time.
2008 (~20 y/o)-
Incel / misogynistic Gaia Posts
EvaX confirms he is NotDepressedAnymore (the UN for most of these posts).
EvaX posts an "incel" post on Gaia where he blames his physical appearance for the lack of attention from girls ("I'm a nice friendly guy and I just want people to give me a chance [...] I guess my face makes me look like a creepy, weird guy, so no one wants to know me or be around me"). Here's a similar post. And another one. Aand another one. Aaaaaaaaand another one.
Branching off of this, EvaX has sexualized women and "creep'd" on them. In one post, he mentions staring at a girl's breasts and wonders if his creepy behavior made her cover up.
2009 (~21 y/o)
Sisefs- soliciting nudes and engaging in online sex with a minor
In a post from the victim herself, she confirms that she was in a relationship with EvaX, with EvaX KNOWING she was 14. He justified this relationship by saying that since he was homeschooled, he missed out on dating in high school. She was in MIDDLE SCHOOL.
He asked her for nudes, sexted over skype, and masturbated to her on webcam.
Here's a chatlog with a different girl; use control-f to find "sex". It's predatory. Sisefs is mentioned in the chatlog, but EvaX lies about his experience with her and her character (most importantly, that she was a minor):
" She did a bunch of bad stuff, like...she lied about her age, and she started a website to give people a place to say bad things about me, and her parents took away her Internet privileges because she was taking nude pictures of herself and sending them out to people. She sent me her nude pictures (and she sent them to like 100 other people too) and somehow, this means "EvaXephon requests child porn from minors". I deleted all of her photos as soon as I discovered that she had been lying about her age the whole time. She was not a good person at all, and I am very glad that I don't know her anymore.""
He also wrote this in context of his experience with Sisefs in 2015 (~27 y/o).
He later makes an tumblr post addressing Sisefs in 2015 (~27 y/o) and general pedophilia/ sisefs situation in 2017 (~29 y/o).
Tumblr user Wunkolo talked to EvaX about this and this was part of his response in an email.

2011-2014 (~23-26 y/o)-
"VideoGameBabes" Twitter
EvaX is confirmed to be the owner of the twitter account "VideoGameBabes". The account is centered around writing about... hot video game "babes", and while that in itself is kinda problematic, he goes beyond that by making a pedophilic comment- "Japan has produced yet another game about fondling underage anime girls. All praise to glorious Japan!"

2014 (~26 y/o)-
Luna Scythe / Skullgirl Programmer Rant
EvaX worked on a hack-and-slash called Lunar Scythe, and he posted it to a skullgirls forum. There has been criticisms from people, as the main character looks like a generic edgy girl (and bears similarity to Ruby?) and has an overly "sexy" vibe. The description of the game literally says
" At the beginning of the game, Luna dies. As Luna’s spirit looks down at her own body, she feels nothing but apathy. She didn’t want to live in a world filled with human filth*, anyway.* "
EvaX showed his game to Mike Z., the lead programmer of Skullgirls. Here's the pastebin transcript of when Eva X and Mike Z had a conversation about the game. He gave EvaX criticism and EvaX blew up in a later post.This is why some people have called Yandere Simulator a "Spite Game" in response to YS fans calling Love Letter the same.
Senpai's Little Sister Controversy
EvaX originally wrote Senpai's sister to be cute and innocent, but wanted to make her "lewd/ jailbaity". This is problematic because Hanako is underage. His defense was that it would make people feel less guilty about killing her.
He later states that Hanako and Senpai are only 3 months apart (same parents) when that is biologically impossible. Also controversial due to incest implications- however, this is a common trope in anime.
Unfortunately, a lot of the posts/ evidence are in yandere_simulator and that is currently in lockdown (and most likely deleted). I'll update if given pictures.

2015 (~27 y/o)-
Addressing suggestions to remove panty shots
I think the post speaks for itself. EvaX thinks people are too sensitive when they tell him to remove a feature in the game that is literally creeping on underage girls, and he wants to implement rape into a game about murdering minors?
Admits he has no formal training
The reason why his code is spaghetti is because he learned while messing around in free programs and from his experience at a company.
Existence of Sex Doll ( "Mai Waifu" character namesake )
CannotGoogleMe is confirmed to be EvaX. Controversial as it is heavily implied that EvaX has bought the doll using Patreon money, as well as naming a class 1-1 (freshman) underage character after his sex doll, placing her at around age 14-15. They have similarities, such as pink hair (which was inspired by a Momoka cosplayer EvaX saw). Forum posts start at 2012, but doll posts begin at 2015.
Click links with caution. First is the "Mai Waifu" and gets close to nudity but has spoiler tags, while the "Samus" one is less risque.

2016 (~28 y/o)-
Censorship on Yandere Simulator Wiki
While EvaX is the "dev", he doesn't have the right to remove posts on a fan-run wikia. He barged into the wiki and started removing posts and comments and got banned, then started a flame war with another user. They told him "you aren't above the rules" and EvaX starts attacking his personality and credibility (ad hominem fallacy).
Ayano in Crush Crush (A Porn Version exists)
Crush Crush is an idle dating sim, and EvaX agreed to let Ayano be made into a dateable character. It is partnered with Nutaku (a well-known adult company) and has a NSFW version (link to twitter, not the game. Safe to click). The 18+ version has a still image of the main character (a white blob) doing it with any of the dateable characters, Ayano included.
Ayano is 18* (Ayano previously was listed to be around 17, but has since been boosted to be 18). There is a classic tactic for people who draw/make/etc. porn to say that all characters depicted are 18+, even if specified otherwise. This seems like a similar case.
Sex License
In a conversation with someone EvaX addresses as "N", he talks about an idea to bypass the age of consent. EvaX did not condone "N" demonizing pedophiles, and defended his idea for a sex license- a test to see if an underage individual is ready for sex (his argument being that people have different maturities regardless of age).
" Intent on forcing me to answer a question that would allow her to brand me as a pedophile, she demanded to know if I would permit a 14-year-old to have sex with a grown man if the 14-year-old had passed the “sex license test” that I had proposed.
Well, obviously, if there’s a test that objectively proves that a person is ready for sex, and a person passes that test, then that person is objectively ready for sex. This is simple logic, but “N” lacked the mental capacity to figure this out for herself."

2016-2017 (~28-29 y/o)-
Nemesis Origin / Stolen concept
Nemesis was based off this art as stated by EvaX himself. To EvaX's credit, he did change Nemesis's hairstyle with the artist's approval, albeit the character design is still very, very similar. (In Mission Mode, it is revealed that Nemesis is Hanako from the Mission Mode alternate timeline, meaning she is underage).

2017 (~29 y/o)-
Stolen Art Used in a Video
EvaX stole multiple fanart from teenagers across some art platforms (Deviantart, tumblr, etc.), blacked them out, and used them to tease new characters. A user has made a very descriptive post about this on the wikia.
Some of these characters are from licensed video games and anime (Elsword and Durarara), so I'm concerned about the legality of using a different company's character to promote your own, even if it's through STOLEN fanart.

2018 (~30 y/o)-
Calls Patreon his Tip Jar
EvaX says the patreon is his tip jar, not the budget for the game. He SOMETIMES compensates volunteers with money from it, however. This is noteworthy as most people assume that the money they're giving him are to support the game, not buy an extra switch or a sex doll (allegedly).

2019 (~31 y/o)-
Announces crossover with Project QT (Porn Game)
Ayano is in the crossover, and EvaX defends this choice by saying "YanSim was never intended for children; my audience is mostly adults". Click the first link at your own risk. This is problematic because Ayano is underaged* (even if EvaX says "ALL CHARACTERS ARE 18 EVEN IF SPECIFIED OTHERWISE HURR DURR").

2020 (~32 y/o)-
Discord Speedrun Ban Arc
EvaX made a post addressing what happened to him in 2020, with the "Discord Speedrun Ban Arc" being the first. He states that this started on Jan 20, 2020, and on the same day he posts a tweet about suicidal ideation. Not so much as a demerit to him, but just a reflection of how he handles stressful situations and his poor state of mind. (Important note: even if you think EvaX is a terrible person, harassment is not okay).
Announces crossover with BITC (Porn Game)
Ayano and Nemesis are in the crossover. EvaX just makes a simple post announcing it. Same underage problem applies (as aforementioned, Nemesis is Hanako from another timeline, making her underaged, while Ayano had her age changed to "18").
Intimidating rival games and threatening suicide to the Dev of Love Letter
To the developer of WMN (telling him to take down the game and lie to the fanbase)
and to the developer of Love Letter (suicide threat)
Puts discord server and subreddit on lockdown; censorship
No description needed.

submitted by throwaway-0410 to Osana [link] [comments]

2020.07.06 14:51 Poetic-Gamer Ace Attorney Dissertation Update!

Last month I posted the outline of my dissertation in this sub. Today, I'm posting about my dissertation was has been classified as a 1st degree worthy essay (82 for those curious) with my head held high and expecting a free dinner with my boyfriend.
First off, I want to thank you everyone for showing so much support and enthusiasm to read my dissertation. I honestly thought no one would be interested in it but I am sincerely glad that I was proved wrong. Whilst being able to write about Ace Attorney, reduced the monotony of process, until unfortunately the stress and anxiety of writing 12,000 words got to me multiple times and many time I considered giving up or half-assing it to get a passing grade since only a few toffs in suits would read it and then never give it a second thought. However, your comments really touched me, almost brought me to tears. I am thankful that my hard work will not go to waste and will be immortalised for everyone to enjoy. Academically, I doubt this dissertation will get any attention. I don’t plan on posting it to any official journal due to all the copyrighted material, but this started as a passion project and I’m okay if it stays that way.
I am posting my dissertation on to a blog I made:, and will be posting the dissertation throughout the day.
So, here’s a formal introduction. My name is Mary if you have any questions. Anyways, this post is meant to act as supplementary material and summaries for chapters for those who don’t/can’t/want to read all 12,000 words. Also, some definitions for non-sociologists in the sub. I don’t think I’m ever going to talk about a game in this much detail ever again (since I’m not comfortable making 1hr long video essays on YouTube e.g. ‘[insert franchise] is GARBAGE’ - 02:30:14). However, as a pseudo-academic who won’t do a masters until its £9 per year instead of £9000, I guess this is my only opportunity to do this and it’s only worth it to share my thoughts with all of you who care about games and don’t just write nonsense of academic clout.
Again, as previously stated in my original post, when I critique the games I hope it came across that I was accusing Takumi, Capcom, or the localisers of being sexist/racist etc. I believe my critiques of the representation of certain characters were fair and while some characters can be seen as offensive stereotypes now (coughJeanArmstorngcough), I do acknowledge that this was mainly the fault of poor knowledge and awareness that these characters COULD cause offence in the 2000s and now in the 2010s/2020s and Capcom have acknowledged this.
But enough pleasantries, let’s get to the notes:
Standard stuff. I do my best to introduce AA and why visual novels grew in popularity. Usually, visual novels have limited animation yet Ace Attorney (however much we mock the 2 frame animations) have loads compared other visual novels, and it’s clear that PW:AA had lots of ambition behind it even on the GBA, RftA in the DS version and Apollo Justice, they upped their animation budget and were really proud of it (so much so that they have flashbacks to them every 10 mins). Most games like Ace Attorney want to be movies or anime so badly, and in AA’s case, it eventually did crossover to those mediums showing they were destined be.
Yet, with realism comes realistic characters, which leads to characters looking and acting like real people we see on the street, or in Ace Attorney’s case, in a soap opera. However, when you make characters realistic, writers are victim to potentially portraying a character stereotypically or borderline offensively and then create controversy such as [insert whatever feminist or violence-based controversy you were probably thinking about]. Video games, now becoming more realistic and story-driven like literature or film is now exempt from the ‘it’s just lowbrow entertainment for babies’ excuse. We all play games whether casually or hardcore, engaging in fandoms (like this one) and, subconsciously or not, it does affect us. We internalise and interpret characters differently the same way we do offline with strangers and gaming is a part of that process now if done regularly. I didn’t say it in the dissertation, but I’d argue Video Games have replaced TV in terms of major influences in my life and for others too. For instance, I wouldn’t be writing this if Ace Attorney did not impact me in some way to think critically about its content and rethink my opinions after finishing my dissertation. Takumi is not a sociologist, but he definitely writes like one.
Chapter 1
I’m not a law student, so I couldn’t comment on the judicial specifics of the AA universe, but its implications I could. I do not know Takumi personally so I cannot psychoanalyse his life and ideologies, but his experiences from his class trial and first-hand exposure to court proceeding are transparent in AA when thinking from sociological perspective. Takumi’s writing really makes you empathise with Phoenix and the juridical system even if you know nothing about law or have a distrust for lawyers and/or the system, especially in Japan where even the best lawyers can show their wins on one hand. I interpreted traces of Althusserian and Weberian ideas (see Louis Althusser and Max Weber, prominent Marxist theorists) about class and institutional biases. Making Phoenix, a Japanese/Japanifornian lawyer the main protagonist is significant. In Japan and in AA, defence lawyers, whilst educated, have lower salaries compared to prosecutors, are less respected and are initially distrusted by police and witnesses. However, Takumi creates a fantasy within the real world, a fantasy where lawyers can win, and innocents avoid conviction. Thus, Phoenix becomes a likable character who wants to reform the system (which he does in AA:AJ) not dismantle it. Outside of law, Phoenix himself is relatable, whether players identity with or as him. I mean considering this sub isn’t about extensively discussing the ethics and laws of the AA world. AA’s main draw is the characters and fan’s investments in the characters as people and their lives. Seriously, go on the subreddit and I guarantee the most popular post will be of Maya looking cute or someone suggest a plot for AA7. Even though I just wrote 50 pages on it, the political/social commentary of AA is irrelevant for the most part. If Takumi genuinely wanted to make a radical commentary on the Japanese judicial system, he should either sold the script to a TV studio or wrote to his local councillor. However, the subtext is present, and it builds the foundation for the series’ characters and motivations.
Chapter 2
Okay. This is the big one. I initially wrote this chapter last before the conclusion, but I realised that the localisation prefaces most of not all the racial/gendereligious interpretations I make in this dissertation, so it was moved up. Sooo… many people like myself in gaming/anime fandoms detest localisations and sometimes for good reasons. Some localisations like the 4kids Pokemon dub with its jelly doughnuts debacle really grind my gears. Do they think we’re blind, stupid, and/or racist/xenophobic? I’ve been playing Yo-Kai Watch recently and they also changed the location from Japan to America and while it is less egregious than Pokémon’s anime localisation, it just baffles me more than anything why they still do this archaic practice like… people know about other places besides America right? It is really necessary to localise a character’s race as if Japanese-American people don’t exist. I know that White Americans probably make up most consumer demographics just by probability and numbers but… do companies really think it’s impossible to identify with a character that’s not the same race as you (the answer the yes, as a black person I do it all the time).
However, my research did widen my perspective a bit. Before the Japan explosion of anime/manga in the 80s and 90, it was difficult for foreign media to break into American culture and therefore, the mainstream. Iwabuchi’s research shows how Japanese products like Walkman’s were made in Japan and popular in the West but consumers could not tell they were distinctly Japanese. He uses the word ‘odour’ to describe the symbolic smell products give off. For example, every drinks Coca-Cola and knows the brand’s American, whereas Mario is Japanese made yet revered as an American/global icon (whilst looking Mexican). Therefore, companies were willing to compromise and allowed American distributers to make edits/cuts to make global expansion viable and not allow consumers to discriminate against their media based on foreign ‘odour’ since well… Japan wasn’t perceived as a favourable nation post-WWII aside from exporting good electronics. Stuff like editing out guns and alcohol is ridiculous to us but do keep in mind that if you want to market to children in certain countries, the tolerance of this stuff varies. I know this is a touchy subject, but if you making a show marketed for a global audience but maintain the cultural standards of the source country, you risk alienating or worse, offending the audience. This can range from cutting episodes due to toilet humousex jokes (e.g. Yo-kai Watch or adult/teen anime marketed towards young children) or more political things e.g. conservative countries censoring LGBT themes in Steven Universe. Whether it’s morally right or wrong to censor these things is up for debate and varies from nation to nation, but the bottom line is if the causal audience can’t connect with it culturally then hype/monetary gain is lost and becomes a niche product, which is not bad. I consider AA to be a niche franchise with mainstream appeal however lots of media will slip through the cracks if it doesn’t conform to audience expectations and trends. This trend isn’t restricted to globalised media from East to West, this happens to products exported from West to East and also local/national media. It’s a shame if a product isn’t a (inter)national phenomenon, then it’s considered a failure.
Ironic considering Japan’s version of the ESRB/PEGI is harsher than ours. It saddens me to think of all the Japanese games/anime etc we would not be exposed to if creators didn’t allow their works to be ‘censored’. Honestly, localisation is unfortunately necessary ‘evil’ and a damned if you do, damned if you don’t. Either you run the risk of alienating foreign audiences and devolving into a Japanese culture class or ruining the cultural integrity of the work and coming off as racist/imperialistic. AA’s localisation is inventive and clever given the constraints to appeal to Western audiences without alienating causal who aren’t exposed to Japanese culture/iconography compared to people within Western gaming/anime/otaku subcultures who can identify the iconography, even if they are ambivalent to Japan itself. Although the ‘Japanese-immigrant village in L.A.’ line is hilarious and similar attempts to act like LA isn’t secretly a Japanese city is silly, I appreciate the effort they went to keep all the Japanese iconography whilst making something original.
Also, Asian representation in Western media is pathetic outside the exposure of K-pop, anime, and (Japanese) video games. AA’s Japanifornia mixes the homogeneity of Japan and the diversity of America to allow players to interpret any racial/ethnicity the characters have. AA’s art style makes the character’s racially ambiguous so if you can headcannon anyone to be any race. Personally, before DGS, I just assumed Phoenix was white. Again, like I mention in the essay, different cultures have their own way of interpreting race and labelling people. I’ll admit that when I see paler characters who do not have realistic designs, I just assume they’re Caucasian (unless stated otherwise) and move on. This more of a personal issue for me since as a Black British person since outside of African-American live-action TV and movies, there is a lack of non-white/pale representation in anime and other media, although I do acknowledge that Japan has a significantly less of an African population compared to other Western countries, so as a black otaku I am aware that this is not due to any ignorance or malice on their part since Japan is very homogenous. The only ‘black’ people who I could even argue for in AA would be Nicole and Rooke from AAI2. However, that’s for another dissertation entirely. The point is that any character in AA, unless coded or presented otherwise (e.g. the Feys, Godot, Juan Corrida, Nicole, Rooke and Lotta), most characters are up for debate on their heritage, so the race of the characters don’t matter unless the player notices and cares. I do not think that all white, western players assume most pale anime characters are white and I hope that is not the message I portrayed. However, on the internet and my cited research found that this is a common opinion, even among non-White/Asian fans too.
Also, I never got to mention DGS since I only saw a playthrough of it during the cutting stages of my essay, but it is interesting how DGS does not use mukokuseki (racially ambiguous) design so it obvious to differentiate the British characters from the Russians and Japanese since the DGS actively revolves around globe-trotting and cultural differences/learning. While, SoJ does use mukokuseki designs but has more darker-skinned characters to display the difference between South Asia and Japan (Southeast Asia). Furthermore, I do not think Khura’inese names are racist or anything if anything they just piss me off since some of the puns are so blatant and lazy. I understand the localisers must make puns that English-speaking audiences would get and not everyone could infer puns from actual South Asian names/culture but still it’s just annoying.
TL;TR: I don’t think AA’s localization is racist, most characters are not racist caricatures and they can be any race you want with enough imagination. Whether you think Phoenix is Japanese or not, it doesn’t matter. AA can be diverse or homogeneous as you want. The series would probably less popular if they didn’t anglicize most the names.
Chapter 3
Great on to another can of worms. I hope I don’t upset the GamersTM. For a law-simulation AA takes a lot of liberties and gender representation is one of them. Women are underrepresented as lawyers, police officers and criminals. Really think about, for every male lawyecop/prosecutowitness/defendant, there’s at least one female counterpart and while that doesn’t sound impressive, compared to other media, AA has a decent gender ratio, so much so that I didn’t notice until I went the AAWiki character section and counted the numbers myself. With 509 characters (counting exclusive manga/theatre characters, the gender ratio is about 70:30 which most games can’t compare. But the numbers aren’t important. Are the characters portrayed equally and avoid sexist tropes? And the answer is… sometimes.
The fact that Mia is a mentor to Phoenix and a significant influence in his lawyer career is subversive since many women aren’t in those roles irl. Dahlia, the cute, dainty girl as a mass murderer. Ema, a geeky girl who wants to study STEM. Athena, being a playable character (that isn’t dead). Although I still have an inkling Athena was created was to say they had more than one female defence attorney (that wasn’t evil) and by 2013 it was like ‘oh crap still we don’t have a playable female lawyer that ain’t dead and we don’t sexualize every 10 minutes’. Granted, other crime shows have female characters in high-profile careers so it’s not special in that respect, but in video games where most women (and men) are royalty or martial artists, it’s a nice grounded difference. Having a multi-gender usually prevents really pervasive stereotypes since if there is more than one of [insert demographic] than it reduces the chance of horrible stereotypes rearing its head, because you can focus on character and not quotas. In AA, some men are tough and aggressive whilst some are effeminate and meek with characters like Phoenix acting as the middleman on the masculinity scale. He’s assertive and sometimes an asshole, but we see him get emotional, get angry and sad (see the beginning of Chapter 5 of Layton vs AA), without even seeing his face sometimes. Being emotional, intelligent, strong, or sexy is not exclusive to any gender in AA, and many characters overlap when describing them based on traditionally feminine and masculine traits. Hell, I think Edgeworth and Franziska are polar opposites on the masculine and femininity spectrum. Idk what the gender divide for the AA fandom is, but I’ll make an educated guess that there’s a 50/50 split, with a slight unbalance depending on the social media platform (I assume more men use Reddit but all the female Redditors may reveal themselves in the comments if I am wrong).
Nevertheless, gender stereotypes and sex jokes do persist in the series, ESPECIALLY in the OG trilogy. Almost as Hsu pointed out in her blog, this is usually due to archaic Japanese norms towards gender and leniency for sex-based humour. Jean Armstrong’s character speaks for itself and Mia’s tits can be considered their own characters considering how often we see them, but elements like Dr Hotti’s EXTRA creepiness was localised out in Western release which I am personally thankful for. Again, I know localisation is controversial, but at the same time, NOT localising taboo dialogue like Hotti’s also runs the risk of controversy as well. While I doubt many soccer mums play AA, I would rather censorship than news outlets finding another way to scapegoat video games. AA is a comedic series and most of the sex jokes are funny such as the 50 shades of Gray, BDSM and milkshakes references in DD and TT respectively. It’s just that to a Western audience where feminist influence is greater here and in Japan, things can be interpreted as sexist (which Takumi jokes about ironically (p.26)) and so a message can be misconstrued from a joke to anti-feminist propaganda depending on the player, but that’s an extreme example.
In terms of family, it’s cool how adoptive parents take centre stage in AA since crime can cause family breakdown and kids in those situations end up in foster care/adoption or stay with other relatives (Kay mentions she stayed with her aunt after her father died). Adoption in AA mostly symbolizes change. Changing parents and relationships is denoted by their animations and design. The most obvious example is Trucy. When we meet her, she wears a pink magician outfit, matching Zak’s but when Phoenix adopts her, she changes to a blue outfit to complement Phoenix. Similarly, Edgeworth gets his motif from Von Karma and Turnabout Memories shows that he copied Von Karma’s animations reflecting Von Karma’s strong influence on him over Gregory, his biological father.
For biological family, however, it’s much more complex. Biological family members fall into 3 categories: they are present but terrible, nice but dead, or not mentioned. Fathers, brothers, sisters, and mothers are equally dickish so there’s no gender gap here. The Fey’s and Khura’in’s bloodlines and powers are matrilineal is interesting, but the implication that many men abandon their wives and kids or use them for power over it is sad. For the Fey’s I imagine the secluded nature of Kurain Village doesn’t help matters and SoJ mentions many women leave too, but I don’t know, it kind of rubbed me the wrong way since, to me, it implied that a society centred on women was more or less oppressive than whatever society everyone else lives in (I would’ve said patriarchal, but that would upset the gamersTM) but either way I understand that the isolation and uneven power structure would force men out figuratively and physically, which again is sad. However, one thing I did notice was that there are significantly less brothers than there are sisters. seriously, the only male relationships that aren’t friendships or fatheson (in the main series) are KlavieKristop, Acro/Bat and Nuyhuta/Apollo. That’s it. I came to the conclusion that since Turnabout Sisters is such as big motif musically and narratively, women generally have sisters to rely on while men have friendships but still I honestly don’t know why this the case otherwise.
Also, no one… uh fornicates in AA. I mean, people have kids but no one we play as secondary characters do. Character express desire, lust, and make innuendos… but no one pairs up. Other than Godot and Mia, I don’t think there’s any canon pairings at all. Yes, characters have gotten married but usually one or both are dead, and do not remarry (except Thalassa). Maya and Phoenix are just friends. Phoenix has feelings for Iris but never formally dated after 3-5. Edgeworth and Phoenix have all the homoerotic tension of a BL doujin but that never goes anywhere. The fans do the pairing for Capcom so what’s the point. It’s funny how in AA all the characters have decent relationships one another that almost all romantic relationships are viable. AA7 could have Phoenix settle down with Maya or Edgeworth and I’d be fine with either pairing. It’s kind of nice that most heterosexual relationships in AA aren’t explicitly romantic and most homosexual pairings are viable whilst still showing sisterly/brotherly/bromance bonds. Any other writer would have had Phoenix confess his love for Maya the second she became legal in JFA, but no Takumi makes everyone social distance inside and outside of the court lol.
TL;TR: AA’s gender representation is better than most games. Men and women are equal, but Capcom is still contractually obligated to at least one tit joke per game (although post-AJ it’s with Athena’s lack thereof). Friendship triumphs over everything even over romance. Most parents are murderers, victims of murder or just horrible people overall. Phoenix may be bisexual who knows. Idc, Capcom please release an official AA dating sim (its only sexist if male opinions aren’t available)
Chapter 4
Religion and science are two majors, contrasting elements in AA. Both utilized for practical purposes by Phoenix. Forensics serves as a method of validating the defence or prosecution’s claims. It can’t be disputed, manipulated yes, but rarely faulty when under perfect conditions. Religion or the spiritual is ironically similar. Spirit channelling as an act and ritual is real. As shown in 2-1, the act can be manipulated. Spiritual power is biologically innate in Fey women and the Khura’inese royal family. The act requires physical and mental training like studying forensics and conducting fieldwork. Both forensics and Khura’inism are validated by their oral and written proof of their existence, and their shortcomings and advantages are explored in various cases. Both have strict rules and guidelines for users to follow or else the technique doesn’t work.
Honestly, the fact the religion/mythology is so openly validated in AA is weird but after some research its not hard to see why. Apparently in Japan, society is secular, but spirituality is still high. Old temples and shrines are still present and festivals which celebrate Japan’s religious past still occur but are mainly ceremonial and done for tradition (but obviously there are still devotees to religions in Japan). People who play Final Fantasy and other Japanese games will find that religious themes and designs are based on Gods in Buddhism and Shinto and other non-Asian-based religions (which have been subject to controversy for obvious reasons). Okami and Yo-Kai Watch are just some games are just devoted to the fictionalisation/validation of Japanese mythology in the context of their respective games. Are Yokai real? I don’t know but according to the games, people have been able to communicate with them for centuries (and some exist in America apparently). By all metrics in AA, Khura’inism is the ‘one true religion’ or at least the only religion with proof of its founders’ existence and hereditary powers. I was actually disappointed Amara or Gar’an didn’t channel the founder at the end. Would have shut all the sceptics up, because I was really annoying how all the American/Japanese characters kept calling Khura’inism stupid yet they’ve all witness proof of its authenticity (Phoenix especially considering he’s seen Mia DEAD more than Misty saw her alive).
TL;TR: Science or religion are equally beneficial to Phoenix. No one method is the best way to solve a crime, so AA teaches players to use anything at your disposal. Mia was already hot but the second she was channelled in Maya/Pearl’s clothing, she had rule 34 written on her tits. Maya’s so cute to a point where she can still be lewded regardless of whether she’s dressed as a nun or not. Amara probably stopped WWIII from happening. If you don’t believe in the Holy Mother you’re an infidel.
Chapter 5
This series is so intriguing. For a visual novel where you can only see one character at time over a background, this series captures so much heart and emotion. Even if you don’t know anything about law you’re able to empathize with the victims and grow to hate the villains yet understand their reasoning for their actions (except 2-3). I don’t plan on going to law school because of AA, but some of you on Reddit said it gave you a spark of interest to study criminology and forensics and go law school. It’s amazing that one game could inspire so many great sequels and spin-offs as well as player’s imaginations. The fan-art, cosplay, Let’s Plays, all to express passion and talent for one series. AA is one of the few series which classify as popular by numbers and in gaming pop culture, AA’s depth and length as a visual novel makes it so only the memes and OBJECTION! are well known as outside the periphery of this fandom. This makes the fandom culture online/offline 100% less toxic compared others and fortunately the enthusiasm of the community is not diminished by lack of recognition. Fan-made localizations (Shout out to Scarlet Study) and translations done by the community are amazing. Quite frankly, AAI2’s fan localization is the most impressive ‘fan work’ of I’ve seen done by an indie team. Keeping the localised puns and added voices clips really set it to a high standard. It’s amazing to see fans so dedicated and productive.
Doing this dissertation and observing the fandom from afar was a great experience. I only wished I’d told the sub about my work earlier so I could get direct quotations from all of you about the topics I’ve discussed, but unfortunately I was (and still am) quite shy and anxious about sharing my work with others, especially online given how SOME gamers can be about any critical analysis of video games, positive or negative. Lots of academic works analysing video games focus on the violent, misogynistic/GamerGate nonsense, and the toxic culture associated with gaming spaces and while some studies and analyses are truthful, it not reflective of every series or fandom. I tried my best to do something different beyond this paradigm that games are just toys that cause people to kill or hate women. AA the series and the fandom really tested my critical thinking and opinions of video games as I wrote this. Gaming means a lot to me and to a lot of you I’m sure it’s gotten you through tough times, frustrated you or encouraged you to do something new, whether it be law or post your fanart to this sub.
In sociology, identity is a personal yet collective concept. We all have one but sometimes have different ones we present to others. AA’s characterizations reflect this. AA’s characters may not be real, but their real-world influences and parallels can be ignored or understated. I don’t know how much individual characters made you reflect on your race, gender and religion in a positive/negative/neutral way but personal for me, it reaffirmed and challenged most of my thoughts on things. Most of this was due to the cultural differences between Japan (Eastern) and Western values/mores. From minor questions like ‘Why is Will Powers seen as unattractive when he looks like a meeker Hugh Jackman?’, to major ones ‘Why was the Fey clan up their own arses when they allowed Misty to banish herself and abandon her kids?’ and ‘Why is Phoenix’s school’s encouraging fascism/public degradation to children. Both questions can be justified by simple cultural differences surrounding gender, family, and punishment (explained in Chapter 1/2). All my personal interpretations of race and sarcastic ‘where are all the black people?’ and ‘Why the f*** is Acro is bright red and dressed like a (stereotypical) Native American when he never mentions his heritage?’ questions mean nothing when Japan is a homogenous society/culture and generally do not always portray other races/ethnicities (positively or negatively) unless creators have an interest in doing so (For example, according to Soul Eater creator, Atsushi Ōkubo created Kilik to improve the representation of black people in manga). The proliferation of women in law or in court wearing skin-tight/low cut clothing that would make your local pervert blush is annoying, but is for all intents and purposes, is meant to be amusing and not demeaning (And I also do find them all attractive so I’m just as horny guilty for enjoying the view).
What we as westerners might deem ignorant and take the moral high ground for is due to living in a melting pot of cultures or personal exposure, is perfectly innocent to the Japanese public. Of course, NOT all Japanese raging are racists/xenophobes (we have enough in the West as it is) and when you actually go beyond amine/weebs talking over actual Japanese people, you may learn that many ‘ist’/’obic’ rhetoric is not condoned there and is increasingly resisted against as many people globally are more socially aware of each other and other cultures. While I doubt there’s a Japanese woman writing her dissertation in parallel to me, and I’ll naively assume that the critiques I spoke about would be similar but who knows. I would be interesting to see how Japanese people would react to this dissertation but unless someone is generous enough to translate 12,000 words for free (or £10 Nintendo eshop voucher) I doubt it, but I will hopeless wait in my pm box if anyone’s willing to.
TL;TR: Ace Attorney’s awesome and I opened my mind about how different cultures perceive identity and culture. You have the ability to enjoy media and still THINK critically about it and what messages it conveys, but at the end of the day, AA among other games, are made for our enjoyment. If AA made you smile, laugh, or cry or go out and get a law degree, then it has fulfilled its purpose.
Special thanks to the AA community not only on Reddit but everywhere on social media. THANK GOD! I’m so glad a franchise I only got into a year ago doesn’t have a toxic fanbase I accidently ran into (late stage Steven Universe fans know what I’m talking) and everyone on the sub talks and acts like NORMAL people who are civil with each other unlike other gaming communities I’ve seen. I feel very comfortable posting here, which is a rare feeling since both offline and online I’m very shy/lonely person, and the volatile examples of social media drivel, fan wars and cancel culture have unfortunately heightened my anxiety x10000. (Seriously, I purposely ignore live chats on official gaming streams for this reason) I have always been hesitant to share my thoughts online or at the very least chat and make meaningful friendships. But everyone on this sub, close friends or not, is very nice and civil, even when making jokes and debating one another. Even though I wished I had asked the sub earlier to contribute first-hand opinions of the series, I am still happy this sub was an important part of my citations. Seriously the mods, do a fantastic job, keep up the great work!
Janet Hsu and the localisation team. Hsu’s blog was instrumental to getting developer’s and localizers’ insights on AA’s development. These people are single-handedly response for all the weird representational oddities in the franchise and I’m in great debt to them. Within the corporate restrictions they made an American-Japanese California hybrid work. I still believe they are a textbook example for who a globalised localisation CAN work with insulting the creator or foreign audience. Regard less of its own silliness at times, Japanifornia makes the AA world much more interesting compared to if it just was Tokyo or California. and Ace Attorney Wiki Contributors. I would be nothing without you. All the images, notes, trivia, translated material and citations in my dissertation, that I did not find on my own, I got from you. Fans make a fandom, but fans who maintain records and articles about a franchise for others to enjoy and learn from maintain a legacy. I’m honestly astounded by some of the info kept on these sites after so long (I wasn’t even in the double digits when people started posting in the CR forums!). Their dedication is something to admire. Thank you.
My Boyfriend. I remember when you suggested we play AA together after finishing the Layton series. We spent the whole summer the series in my small uni room playing snuggled together in the blistering heat. When I was contemplating my dissertation topics, you immediately suggest AA and I sent my outline in. My tutor was impressed. Even if Capcom never releases AA7, the series will always be in my heart since AA combined with Layton, brought him and I closer together as friends, S/Os, gaming partners, and soon roommates. If I never accepted his FB request don’t think I’d give this series a chance let alone write a whole paper about it. I love you honey and I hope AA7 comes out before our 50th wedding anniversary.
If you would like to share my work on other platforms, please ask before doing so, or at least redirect/link people back to this page for credit. Also, if anyone is insane nice enough to translate my work in Japanese or any other language for non-English language fans to read that would be amazing too.
Thank you all for taking interest in my work. Enjoy the dissertation and keep enjoying Ace Attorney!
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2020.06.03 03:59 1Vuzz A 10k Word Filibuster I wrote - You may notice some parts are taken from other sources. Still took me about 4-5 hours to transcribe - Total 9816 words.

Edit - Continued in comments due to character limit. Can still Ctrl-C Ctrl-V the first part, although not as long.
Alright, maybe I’ll do some standup. But also like sometimes I think about increasing my words per minute. Like how long it would take to increase it over time. For example like since June or January of sometimes a couple years ago, maybe 1 year ago, no 2018 so 2 years. But that’s odd I seem to remember it as Grade 9, which is only 1 grade behind what grade im in now, maybe it’s just because I’m at the end of the year that I remember it differently? No, but I think it was 1 year because it was June of 2018, but I guess that would make it 2 years, and not year. Maybe I seem to remember the grade wrong. Maybe it was grade 8 and not 9? No but there was no tech 10 for grade 8’s because of how my school is set up, or was set up at the time. So it must have been grade 9. If then, the only other option is that I am misremembering which year, but then it also said “2 years ago” for last online for my schoolmates on this typing website we used earlier that year. Back round to typing I guess. Anyways since a year or two years ago my words per minute has increased from an average of like 66-69 words per minute to I think 83 or 89. I can’t quite remember. Sometimes I think my memory is getting worse. I wonder if dementia is hereditary, because I think my dad is getting it. Or is it alzheimers? I don’t quite remember. How ironic. Anyways, the fact that my dad seems to be losing his memory is also a little bit worrying, although I’m sure he can tough it out. He seems pretty tough most of the time anyways. We all have moments of weakness I suppose. Anyways, my memory sucks and I forget lots of things a lot of the time. It’s not pure speculation that my dad is getting alzheimers or dementia, I don’t know which. He forgets things that I told him last week a lot of the time. Sometimes its important things, sometimes not. Sometimes just deals in general. I think it started rather recently, but again, I cannot remember. Bad memory.
Anyways, I came back from camping today, or rather yesterday if you count 3am as a different day. To me, the day is not the next day until I’ve slept. I’m sure it feels the same way with the majority of most people. That kinda sounds like bad grammar but I guess I’m not known for good English. Not anymore at least. I used to be a top student in most of my classes…except math. It kinda fell of in grade 6-8. Probably due to bullying, definitely due to mental illnesses. I’m glad they’ve cleared up now, for the most part. One thing I noticed very strongly about my change in mental illness is the severe anxiety I used to suffer from. In fact, I feel that I’ve kind of done a full u turn in that sense. Sometimes I literally just don’t care at all anymore, and in that way its also damaging. Like, I’ve lost a major sense of caring for no reason. Not caring in the sense of emotional or loving care, or maybe it’s the same. Who am I to know anyways? Anyways, camping. Camping was nice enough. Actually really nice I think. Outside of the onslaught of complains from my little brother about almost every little thing it was a nice trip. Some amazing fews of osoyoos too. I felt like I was on a plane I was so high up on the high way. I also learned of some highway things, like runaway lanes. I’d never heard of them before. Apparently they are for when semi trucks lose control of their brakes and need somewhere to stop, so they go up this slope that prevents them from y’know. Falling off a massive cliff and dying in a firey explosion. To be honest, at first I’d thought that they were kind of useless, but knowing that a lot of corporations chiefs tend to be more greedy, I wouldn’t doubt that they wouldn’t entirely care for the safety of their truckers all the same. Cutting corners and such. I also noticed that the runaways lanes seemed to have been used. Maybe by semi trucks or just curious drivers.
Onto a different topic I suppose. I got back from camping and I was greeted to the death of my sisters cat. Pretty sad, he got eaten by coyotes. The damn things live in white rock?? Rich white rock?? Since when?? I was pretty confused when I heard it, but less empathetic than I probably should have been, considering my sisters cat for 10 years just fucking died. And not a good death either. Apparently people saw it happen. I suppose they didn’t care that much considering the whole animal altercation happened at 4:30am and I wasn’t there to see it happen. All the while I heard what happened, I thought to myself: “I’ve been staying up til 4:30am earliest on most nights lately. If I’d not gone on this stupid camping trip I could have saved Neko.” Neko is the name of the cat by the way. It was a fun name as a kid, named after cat in Japanese. Remembering why now is because our neighbors at our old house had a Japanese transfer daughter that they took care of until they could get out of school. Her name was Ruth, if I remember correctly and she taught us how to play this weird wooden ball game when we were little. I have a lot of fond memories of the old house. Simply playing road hockey with my dad, water fights in the drive way, climbing tall trees out back. The whole place seems to be a condo complex now, and we only just moved out a few years ago. I’ve been having a bad time with, well time lately I guess. It was 3 years ago I think. 2016 or 2017. I can’t say for sure. Whatever it was, it was better times back then. Simpler.
Lately I’ve been subscribing to lots of new youtubers, like I just see something I like and I subscribe. I guess its what every good viewer should do right? I mean I like the content right? I guess theres nothing much to talk about there, but it’s just something new I’ve been doing. I found this cool channel from a video I saw on discord. It showed some psychological effect called anemoi, or anemia or something. It’s on the tip of my tongue, but I really can’t recall what it is called now. Whatever it is, I know the vague definition. “An image or place that seems familiar or nostalgic but is not.” Like somewhere you’ve been before. It is really fascinating being entranced by these nostalgic images. It’s the same nostalgic effect as the “Backrooms” photo if you’ve seen it. It uses something general that almost everyone has seen and amplifies the nostalgic effect to the maximum. Gotta say, I’m a big fan of it. Hopefully more stuff like that will be found in the future, just cool psychologic studies and effects that you can play with and mess around with on youtube or whatnot. I found it on DavidCrypt’s channel if I remember the name correctly. Sue me if I’m wrong lol. Some other recent youtubers I’ve found are just from discord. Like sapph invited me to this random persons stream and his top viewed video had like 6.8 million views. Crazy huh? He doesn’t really get higher than 150 views lately though. Just a stroke of recommendation luck from youtube. Algorithms can be useful sometimes after all. Lately youtube’s algorithm for reccomendations have been so odd. I’m not really complaining though, most of the videos are from 3-12 years ago and are really interesting. Shit I would not have seen without the algorithm just recommending it to people. I’m sure there are actual people behind it, no way youtubes “algorithm” selects such interesting videos. Just the other day I got one called “Social Distance Bar Fight” that was made surprisingly 7 years ago. Sometimes the humor of the algorithm is so devious. Still humorous though.
I’m really here to do standup aren’t I? Yeah I guess I got a little side tracked there. I’m here to tell you about that one time I went to the store and I wanted to buy a new cereal brand but there were only four cereal brands. I’m not talking about like types of cereal, like I mean the brands behind the various cereals. There are kellogs and like the Kroger brand. There Is also like the no name brand, if that can even be called a brand. I’m sure that the presidents choice brand probably dabbled in cereal at some point to. Anyways you get my point, several cereal brands, and I’m trying to find a new one. So I got to the store, and I, and I want to buy another brand of cereal but there’s only like 3 or 4 brands of cereal. There’s Kellogs, as you know. The big one with like frosted flakes and other things. There’s uh…oh general mills that’s another big one. And uh other two brands of cereal that like and I’m here to tell you about my experiences there’s thje Kroger brand. And I don’t like the Kroger brand. I know it tastes the same but I feel like they do something to it to make it cheaper, I doubt it’s real food. Um, no don’t leave yet please. Please this is my first gig man please it’s the only one I’ve ever gotten so don’t leave please I’m trying so hard man. Alright. Uh, anyways’s I’m funny. They call me funny man because I tell jokes, they call mr funny man, uhh I have a discord account and a reddit account, you should friends and follow those because I’m funny. And I tell jokes on those accoutns um I make, I’m like they call the, they call me the funny guy, uhh you can call the best of 2020 video the best of josh because look at me. They call me man of the hour because I’m man of the hour and however many minutes long this filibuster is. Basically uh, I am not being paid at my job as an intern at the Kroger and Italian restaurant because threy don’t like me. And I need the money to pay for my daughter to go to college. She’s, she hasn’t been born yet as I don’t have a- have a mate. But you know, it’s j-just just called uh just called uh preparing for the future. Which is what I’m doing now on, by talking to you on discord. I’m looking for a mate, preferably of female gender within the age range of 14-17 years old and uhh I’m looking for a soulmate. I’m looking for any woman’s love or affection, nothing nothing nothing brings me joy anymore. And I believe the cure-all to the-the warm embrace of a woman. Please. I’m so desperate. Hm, okay I dunno about that.
Anyways, Christmas. I know it’s quite a bit of ways to go, but like, what else man? Who cares. Christmas. So walking out from our house Christmas eve, you may say there’s no such thing as santaaa, but as for me and grandpa, we believe in santa because of the ghost of santa we saw when we were, when we were on Christmas day together. So basically he and I were sitting by the fire and we were watching a film, called “Grandma got run over by a reindeer.” I think that’s what it was called anyways. Do you know spankenheimer? Jake spankenheimer? Or grandpa spakenheimer? Or doofus or whatever the reindeer is called? Anyway, lets get back to business, I’m looking for a bride to be a statue, a statue like a foundation like a statue. Like statues are usually made of metal and such right? So like concrete and metal and foundation to be my foundation. Not literally of course, because that would be uncomfortable. Pretty hard to hug a metal object and you know, get like, like get and sort of love from it. Unless its like a year or two or like no actually a couple hundred years ahead or not. Just until like human like AI is made, so love can be made from like robots. Like in the creepy fnaf fanfics. Anyways. I just need the love, I just need the love of a woman, and I’m such a sad, unbelievable sad person and I need love in my life uh, particularly that of a female umm who has umm amiable featues, umm well put together structure, umm and a whole of a heart. The whole as in like wholeseome not like an empty heart. And a affinity for video games. I just want a gamer, a gamer bride. P-preferabley one that’s partnered on twitch, and is verified on twitter, so like you know like you get like the full package. I want her to wear nothing but swimsuits. Um men’s like like 1930’s men swimsuits where there’s like black and white stripes all the way up and wdown. And I want her to marry me the day I meet her in Las vegas, California. And we’re going to go to the place and Elvis is going to be the person, the guy who gives me my wedding license. My my my my bride will be beautiful in her 1930’s men’s swimsuit she’s going to be and also there’s going to be one of those 1930’s changing tents that are also on the beach and there’s goiung to be one of those swimsuit cops as well to makes rue her swimsuit is the appropriate length as to not draw eyes of any um unwanted parties. Especially the Elvis Presley that’s going to be getting us hitched. Ummm I’m just looking to find a woman in my age range that is caring and wear’s 1930’s swimsuits and like until the end of summer or I will just I will just not be able to make it through 2021. So that-that yeah that’s my ultimatum. If I don’t get that within the allotted time of 3 months, uhh I’m uhhh going to uhh stop. Everything. Until I get what I so desire. Please please please please any women out there who fit the description I have so graciously provided, message me on my accounts. I’ll be sure to respond if you are nice, if you are not niceummm uh. I’m sorry I don’t know what to tell you. You-you’ll know, you’ll know if you’re not. Anyways that’s me,. I’m looking fro a woman of a- with a strong foundation of concrete and rebar and like like a like alike a stone, I need a rock. I need a breadwinner. Buti it needs- I need a lady, who will- who will carry me up the stairs and tuck me into bed and is between the ages of 14-18 I mean 14-7, no 14-17 years old, and is to my personal nice of like what I like. I just want- I just want a high five and from my beautiful bride-to-be and then I will- she can have all the money and all the cars and all the house- I’m just looking for the love of my life. I will put out several ads, I will put out an ad on craigslist to find the love of my life. The ad’s going to read: “looking for a structurally super nice epic and great babe who will be the foundation of my future” and and THE STOCK MARKET HAS CRASHED THE WORLD IS COMING TO AN END which is really bad so I think when that happens I’m just going to watch some old films I like, like I like star wars so um in case you didn’t know the star wars films are actually basred off of the time period of the 194’s uhhh late 1930’s mid to mid 1940’s and the star wars films have’s like cause the stormtroopers are like the economy going boom in 1930’s or the great depression they are, actually come to think of it I don’t think my source was really credible on that account. Yeah, I don’t actually thing it was based off of that at all. It doesn’t really make any- anyways so uh another thing she needs to love is the national treasure saga. Like the one with Nicolas cage as the main character who’s name I can’t remember is it- I think it was Benjamin and he goes into some ice at one point in the first or second film, or like. I remember he almost burns the declaration of independence. Anyways, it’s not like something she needs to know because of a relation that we can talk about, but like something I can be taught about, because I know nothing about those films. Because in my own life, I’m self destroying I need t a woman to hold me I’m so desperate, I’m so desperate so I watch these films like national treasure, uhh it was very comprehensively directed by, well I don’t know but I’ve not seen the second national treasure, or maybe I have and I’ve mixed it with the first or another, I think there is only 2, but maybe 3, most films or big film makers like to make them in trios. Anyways, talking about big films, I’ve noticed the dark nature of the harry potter films after the first two, but the point is I- she can’t be into harry potter films, she has to like the national treasure film saga, because I just really like the national treasure saga and I hate harry potter with every inch of my body. Like I just want to kick his head into a wall until he just stops feeling good. She can like- of course she can have whatever other movies she like sother than harry potter and thius one other one I can’t remember, or no, I worded that wrong, I don’t really care that much , but it’s, I’ve not seen the film in quite some time, so uhh I’m not a fan of the vacuum cleaner character. There’s this cartoon kitchen film thing from like the 80’s? I want to say the 80’s but it feels more like 60’s esque. Anyways, uh the brave little toasdter is not, that great of uhhhh plot device? Uhh but what can you say? The-but the vaccum cleaner is scary, like a cat running away but like its just creepy. By the way why the hell are cats scared of cucumbers??? What did the vegetable do? Certainly it resembles something. Or some other animal or something maybe? I don’t know cat behavior, well actually I know it quite well afte having owned a cat for quite some time. Like since I turned 10 so about 5 years. Or like 35 cat years. I think that’s the math right? X7 for animals. Something or other, Lovely cat. I love her. Anyways, there’s the lamp character, there’s a blanket character, I think the blanket character was supposed to be like an electric blanket umm cause it have like a like a dial on it. I like the blanket character the blanket character is really wholeseome because it warms everyone up, like a nice twitch streamer or a nice cup of coco. And then again the- there’s the toaster character, which again I thought was a very cool plot device when I was little but now that I am at trhe white bald ageo f 15 I gotta say, it’s not a very good plot device. And I don’t know if I can really critique the film, I mean its an old film I gotta say, it’s yeah I think late 80’s kitchen appliance film but really what I want in a woman is someone who can critique the brave little toaster, a 1987 film about kitchen appliances with me, that’s all I want in a woman. Ack! Uh
some other things that would be great or rather I guess some geographical preferences, like too into the imma- the like- too into the dutch is bad, I don’t like the Belgians, they did ah man the bel- or the whole beneolux region in general is kinda weak. Umm none of them have a-0 like their own culture or anything like it’s kind a like discount Germany. A ride across the channel from the uk, I guess that’s pretty cool. But the, but the- but so Belgium is like half French and half dutch, I don’t even understand what like, why? They don’t even like have any good place to eat, like burger king, and I mean I guess it’s kind of the same everywhere. Really thinking about it. I mean they barely have any in british Columbia, if were gonna be honest. The burger king franchise, it’s not like- you think there’d be more of them. I-I’ve seen like maybe one and it was attached to a Walmart? I dunno where you even find them. I dunno it’s like a mid-west or east-coast franchise or something, I guess no one here would really know, unless of course you are from those regions, which is probably more or less likely. But anyways, it’s very important that she is like from 14-17 years old. That is probably the nu- one of the number one features that is required but she also ahs to be very well-off financially, so that way if twitch collapses in on itself I don’t have to go back to work, at least not for a little while. But you know I wouldn’t need- I mean I wouldn’t want to depend on her 100% so I might end up getting a job anyways, justy out of pity. Or something. It’s hard to find someone that wouldn’t critique you for that, I guess, but I’d work like- maybe I’ll just summon like- to do, I’m not quite sure. But, you know, there’s gotta be some way to to summon such a like an eatheral being that is uhh simple for the every man to do. Cause obviously many people have done it, I’ve seen a lot of people with girlfriends, well yeah I mean just walking outside. And I I just don’t know. I don’t know how they do it. I don’t understand. But anyway my ad is out there, you can hit me up- well it will be out I still need to like- but like hit me up on the uhhh ad.
Uh yeah anyways, I’m not a big fan of the rocky series, I’m sure I would be if I watched the films, but I myself just haven’t got around to watchsisng any of them. They are probably, or most of them are critically acclaimed, like popular, so I’ll watch them soon I guess. But like, I also know that some people don’t like everything you know? Like- mick was no longer in the rocky franchise. Um, I think it was after rocky 2, but um, I cant be too certain, like he could’ve been in rocky- I haven’t seen rocky 3. He could be- I know mr t’s in rocky 3 but that’s really it. I know that rocky is like “ooh I’m hot shit” and he uhh gets his act- his ass kicked by mr T, whos in the the the- not in gi joe he;s in the A team, which is another media franchise I’ve never seen, and I’m I’m not sure if it’s good? I’ve never- I don’t really know anything about it. I don’t know- I don’t know a lot of about 80’s media, I know that ghostbusters was- like it was a big film around that time era.
So uh, yeah. Oh! Have you heard of like- malls, no like same time I unsubscribed from all the political channels, cause like I um, I used to watch the uhh the uh, what’s his what’s his name? the doug walker, uhh what’s his name? The nostalgia critic. When I was when I was in probably the the first year of highschool, like last year. So in one episode of the nostalgia critic, he- wh-which one was I talking about? The uh sorry, dash roamed?, Dash unmuted and made me lose my train of thought for a minute. I can’t remember which episode of the nostalgia critic I was talking about. But um, kay, so there’s a lot of episodes. There’s one- oh it’s called the channel of awesome by the way. Probably left that out or something, doesn’t matter. Anyways, so in one episode of the nostalgia critic they talk about critters or something or other. Aot of their content is just about its just about like batman or superheroes, but in this particular episode he spoke about “Critters”. Now in all honesty, I couldn’t be bothered to even watch the video, the thumbnail alone gave me shivers and nightmares. It depicted like a black monster with a large toothy grin from ear to ear, whatever. Just remembering it now gives me the creeps. You know, I’m not so sure I wanna talk about this channel anymore. How about uhhh Minecraft!
I remember I played it first on PC, the uh version is kind’ve fuzzy. I seem to remember it as 1.6 or something, but- uh like somewhere in 1.6 I mean, like 1.6.4 or such, but I did some math or just research not math I guess to find out for sure, and apparently I started in 1.7.2…or maybe 1.7.4. Which is odd because I was almost certain I started in 1.6.4, and y’know thinking about it now I’m pretty sure that is because I played it first at a friends house and not actually on my own account. His name was brock I think, yeah brock. I went to his house twice in elementary school and he had Minecraft on his laptop, or PC, it’s a fuzzy memory that I can only really capture one frame of now. Just-er rather I clip in my mind. Just like him mining down and talking about mining down in this tunnel. He was in creative I think and was talking about how gold was the best ore, which is obviously false if you’ve ever played through Minecraft. Anyways, uhm so uh…. When I got home, or I guess a few months later until the 1.7. something or other update came around, I asked my parents to play the game, which actually I think sprung my video game addiction. I remember they started me on this actual Christian Minecraft server called “” and if you said any cusses or swears they would mute you in that place. So I remember playing on that for hours on end, in kit pvp. It was the only server that actually had people in it, of course I mean uh actually minigame not server. There was only one skrafty server. Anyways, I played kitpvp and I remember sucking so badly at pvp, like I was so bad. I just it was a lot of though. Those were probably the golden ages of my life if I’m being honest. Not a care in the world, no worries just Minecraft. It was nice. Anyways, I also remember on skrafty, and because it was an educational server I remember actually doing these Minecraft classes. But not like in a class or video chat like with the whole corona thing, like it was a- so they told you what to do in like, so I remember this one time, I had to build a monkey, and I was so proud of this stupid ape. I wish I had the old laptop I played on so that I could share these creations, but it was so long ago, like 2014 or something. But yes I built monkeys and played kitpvp on a Christian Minecraft server which eventually sprouted my Minecraft – or rather just my video game addiction. Which I actually- y’know I don’t actually like video games that much anymore. Like I used to play them so much, but its a lot easier with friends, and I don’t get many of those, no one does I guess. But like so yeah. I prefer just talking on discord and watching youtube. Maybe I play GTA occasionally now yeah. But not so much . I playted through the story mode twice and- in like a week too. So I yeah. But uhmm, when I did play video games, I did get my first phone eventually and its funny, because like the different pocket editions of Minecraft were like they were very different. I do remember a tutorial to get to the nether before it was actually made, and also thinking that herobrine was real. Like I would buuld shrines and shit for this fake herobrine character, but it would never really work. I had reasonable reason for that though. For some reason my world corrupted, or I guess someone, yeah someone definitely went onto my first Minecraft world and just trolled on it. Probably my sister, or maybe my friend Tucker. But anyways whoever did it did a good job. There was a sign that said “this house belongs to null” in front of my house, and that scared me enough, but also all my iron gear was stolen, and my redstone path that I’d built to- that led from my mine to my cave was destroyed and looted. Real riot moment right? Anyways, outside of that, I was- oh and also the torches around my house had been turned into redstone torches. Anyways, one thing that I was really confused about, that herobrine or rather “null” I guess would steal my cauldron. I was pretty sad that day, and also confused, because why would herobrine want to steal my cauldron? What possible use could he use with it. Thinking about it now, I know it was most definitely my old friend tucker, who yeah he definitely did that, no one else in my family or like my siblings are cruel enough, or just knew enough about Minecraft lore and conspiracy theories to do that. Anyways, so uh yeah. I remember playing Minecraft on my little LG dishwasher phone was probably, that was a pretty bad phone. It wasn’t even like it wasn’t fresh bought. There was, it was the phone was very old and it was a hand me down from my sister. Anyways, I was still ecstatic when I got the phone, I mean it was my first phone regardless if it was a hunk of junk. So I was excited and for some reason, either I thought I wasn’t allowed to download my own games, or just my mom or dad told me not to. I was pretty young, but I can’t recall what age. Probably around 8 or 9. But I remember the one app- or rather game I did have on it was talking tom. And I guess that’s all I really needed because I played talking tom so much, I pretty much mastered the game. I had all the accessories for this fucker. I had all the money, he was in full gold, he was talking tom pimp. He had talking tom hoes. Some real cat sluts. I tell ya, talking tom was living it up because of me. And also because of the games, the minigames that came with the whole the whole talking tom package. So in the minigames I would play so much, there was one that was very similar to flappy bird called “Flappy Tom” if I remember correctly. But anyways, this by far was my favorite game and I remember my high score very vividly because I was so incredibly proud of it. I- my highest score on flappy bird- or rather flappy tom was 47. So that’s you know 47 pipes I managed to get through before smacking into one and just, dying a horrible terrible death. I mean, you know this tom cat, he’s travelling at incredible speeds in this glider. He is just, like nasa spacex rocket speed. So power driving his fucking head into a titanium pipe would just, oh I can imagine what a scene that would be. It wouldn’t be pretty to say the least. Although to be honest I kind of want to watch talking toms stupid head get cracked in. He is kinda annoying. Or at least I remember that he was when I was playing the game. Anyways, so even though those times were annoying with talking tom its better than stress now. Where did I- what was I talking about? Oh, Minecraft. So yeah I remember when we were going to get Minecraft, my mom didn’t want to buy it, and I was just a little kid, so I was poor. No money, I mean, what kid has 20 bucks yeah? My lazy ass isn’t going to work for like an hour to get peanuts. Anyhow, the demo I played, I was so excited to play it, I remember just finding a ravine and getting some iron gear before it turned off, because in the demo it only allows gameplay for 90 minutes, or an hour and a half. I mean, if you want to play for longer, It’s it’s just a demo ok. I remember being bewildered by everything and pretending I knew everything about the game around my siblings because I watched my old friend play it for 5 minutes 6 months previous. I saw a skeleton, and I said – “See those things are called skellies” which sounded retarded as hell, but I was a stupid like 8 or 9 year old so whatever. But later! I found out in a dantdm video that I watched about Minecraft that he called them skellies like I had, and I felt very cool that I predicted the name. Later I found out, NO I am just retarded because almost no one calls them fucking skellies. But yeah, know it all me thought that was just amazing.
uhhh, and then there was this one time I got in trouble cause my parents walked in and then they had me sit down and watch an episode of the like the annoying or the yes the annoying orange, and I don’t really know why, they didn’t like the show I guess. I remember watching it while hidden because my parents didn’t want me watching it because it showed bleeding fruit, and my mom thought it was too violent for me. So I’d hide in the garage underneath a chair or some weird living room wooden fold up table and watched the annoying orange videos. My mom was always kind of protective of what I watched when I was a kid. Didn’t help much now cause I watch hentai – NO CAP. Anyways, onto like okay. So the annoying orange, they wanted to show me it because they wanted to exemplify what it was or something? I don’t even know. So anyways it was probably one of the worst experiences of my entire life. And uh, I remember some shitty times, like one time I was roller blading in alberta and I swung around a stop sign, or some other bus stop sign, a street sign of some kind and I face planted, or like knee planted into the concrete. I had a big ol’ scar up and down my leg after that. It sucked, it pounded sand, it kicked rocks. It was worse then when I shot myself in the foot with a gun. It fucking sucked. Because it was, and I uh uh I regret it every day. And I remember it so vividly uh it’s like a mental scar. And I was I was only around 9 years old at the time. I was um, I was in the third grade, and I like-that’s like a repressed memory, that was like a really bad time. But yea I really like the annoying orange, or I did, and I thought I’d revisit him, so I was like I watched some annoying orange videos recently, and I was just, like “why the fuck did I enjoy this actual heap of fucking garbage. This is worse than burning feces. This is a disgrace to the internet, no humanity.”
So yeah, fuck the annoying orange, stupid cunt. Anyways, lately I’ve been thinking about like, stuff I learned in socials class, I was like doing good in that class, or so I thought. I got like 98/100 on the final essay, so that’s kind of nice, but my ending mark was still somehow like 87 or something, which is still good, but I think I worked hardest in that class so it sucks for me. But uh anyways, so economy, uh so what happened, that happened with the social darwinisim in the 1800’s was you had the big uh corporations like the standard oil company, which would uh see themselves as like the pinnacle of uh that specific which they which they occupied. U so they would see themselves as the superior, the superior forcei nthe market and they would they’d see that as their reason for swallowing up smaller businesses. So like, for example, what john d Rockefeller would od, john d Rockefeller would offer to buy a an like an independent oil refinery for a a , you know, not a great amount of money. Or or a good amount of money, depending on who it was, but that person might not wanna cave, so people are like: “oh well” and he;s like “well okay” and he just lowers the price of oil to where everyone’s taking it at a loss, but the thing about the standard oil company, was because it ownerd about 90$ of the oil refining industry, umm he was able to take that loss, for the amount of time that he was doing it, just long enough for the uh the business he was trying to take for lets say a couple million to like, fail completely and flop. Um and so then he’d buy that business for maybe a few thousand dollars, which I mean I can’t remember if that is inflated to modern money or not. Uhh so that’s how john d Rockefeller di that. But uh, so I was talking about social Darwinism I was talking about the uh the the rant era of no the annoying orange. But like I was talking about people and youtubers who come out on top. Leafy was like one of those like, one of those businesses, you know, that got bought out by the standard oil company, you know, that would be h3h3 in this specific situation. Which is very strange considering uh h3’s political philosophy , and is supporting someone like Andrew yang. Now let’s talk about Andrew Yang.
So Andrew yang he was, or like he is an American democrat who, well he’s a politician, and you know what, I don’t really want to get political. So uh how about like other games. Like uh so you know steam, well I prefer to buy steams or I mean steam games during the summer because they are much cheaper, you know because of summer sales, and I guess summer is coming up so I can start on that. Like yea so theres a few games I want to buy on steam, mostly star wars related, or just popular games. Like pubg maybe. I mean I could do a devious thing to get money, specifically steam money. You see recently my little brother rolled a knife in csgo. And I don’t remember the exact chances for that, but I kind of remember. I think it is like I think its 0.0025 % chance so like 25 thousandths of one or something, but I just know its very unlikely. So I looked up, or he looked up how much the knife is worth, and it’s worth like 340 dollars in steam. I mean like what the fuck? I have opened like 20 cases and got nothing over a dollar, and then this little mofo opens 2 cases and gets a 300 dollar knife? I swear man, he got gambling skills or just yeah. So anyways, he gave me the knife so that I could sell it for paypal money, which I do know how to do. It doesn’t exchange for 100% of the money though, it’s like 40-60% of what its worth. So I told him I’d do it for him, and then he could have his money you know? But like there were come trading cooldowns, so we had to wait like 2 weeks to sell it, and now this little cunt is not sure if he wants to sell it. Like wtf! 2 dead ass weeks and now he’s not sure. Okay anyways, the devious thing I said I could do is like just keep the money, or some of it. I mean, he’d probably get mad and I’d get in trouble if I took it all, so maybe a few dollars for my poor ass. I mean I don’t have a job rn because of covid shit and whatnot. Anyways, I’m not going to do it, because I mean its his thing and I don’t want to be a dick. But yeah it’s still like it’sd a possibility but its not. You know? Like I COULD do it, but I won’t. But like there’s a lot you could buy with 300 or something dollars. I mean, like a shitty car or something? Or a bike. I mean probably a bike, but like the car is- car’s are much nicer. This one car in particular, I can’t remember the model, but it was like a, it was a nice black old car. For some reason I just like older car models you know? Like shittier cars. I mean obviously I wouldn’t turn down a Lamborghini, but like I would take it and sell it and buy a bunch of shittier cars, probably. But like, I can’t even afford shitty cars, like I want this car so bad but the bike is so much cheaper, which one are you gonna take? Are you gonna take the bike are the car? You’re gonna take the uh, you’re gonna take the bike. So that’s what I’m saying, like youp during thje steam sales you always buy worst products, not because um. Simply because they’re cheaper, they’re the cheaper option. You you’d you could buy the lambo but the Lamborghini is not on sale because guess who put that on the store. It was like, the the guys who don’t like 2020, or the nhl 2020, not the 2k, who doesn’t do anything during the steam sales. You got- soo you buy like like a game like bye bye wacky planet, which is a game in my steam wishlist, which basically is a game where you are an alien in a side scroller 2d cartoon game where you are an alien completing a side scroller, much like Mario, the old Mario games or like uh uh yeah. Oh cuphead that’s the other one I was trying to remember. Why the fuck is cuphead so fucking difficult by the way? Like damn, I quit after like the first kind of area because I just couldn’t deal with the slime boxer thing that has a bazillion lives. It’s so annoying I tell ya, like you need so many hours in that game to get good. I prefer like chiller games anyways, like you know that uhm, Minecraft and games like that, or animal crossing. I really want to get a switch and get animal, the new animal crossing horizons game. It’s like I don’t- I just don’t have any money for that sort of thing. So I guess I’ll have to stick to shitty games, like you know I hate sims so much. Sim- I have sim city 4 deluxe in my steam library, I’ve opened it one time ever in my entire life, back in uh back in the days of uhh, I think 20…13? And it crashed for half an hour. And this- that is my- that is how much playtime I have in that game. Um, I refuse to install it or play it ever again, cause like city sim games are just complete trash. Almost as bad as the annoying orange. They’re terrible, no one wants to play them, and if you do, there’s like, something is wrong with you. You gotta have like a like a like a some like kinda masochist kinda thing going. Cause like that’s seriously like the same thing as inflicting bodily harm upon yourself. As like a joke. You play that game to prank yourself. Anyway, date me.
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Announcing the RWBY Grimm Art Contest
ROOSTER TEETH - Night Raker Print
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*RT EXTRAS - Gang Beats with RT Core*
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ROOSTER TEETH STREAMS - Gus & Chirs Play With Airplanes - Sim Airport!
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FACE JAM - Wienerschnitzel World of Wieners
ACHIEVEMENT HUNTER - Time Alone With Dante Basco - Keeping The Lights On #07
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AH ANIMATED - That Time Raft Got Weird
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RWBY - Remix Weiss & Arma Giga Zip Up Hoodie
RWBY - Remix Ruby & Jinn T-Shirt
RWBY - Remix Ren & Nora T-Shirt
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2020.05.12 15:48 UsernameIsTaken17 125 anime with "romance"

I see a lot of requests for romance anime. The anime on this list have some form of romance in them and were good enough for me to complete. Lately I spend more time looking for new shows than actually watching them so maybe this helps you guys out.


{Noragami} action comedy about a girl's experience with an unknown god.
{Yoru wa Mijikashi Arukeyo Otome} Interesting movie which is basically a night out drinking gone weird.
{Video Girl AI} comedic drama OVA where MC gets a video tape for lonely guys and a girl comes out and starts living with him.
{Bakuman.} Shounen comedy drama about making manga.
{NHK ni Youkoso!} dark comedy where a girl tries to get a Hikikomori back into society.
{Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai: Tensai-tachi no Renai Zunousen} Comedy where two characters are trying to get the other to make the first move/confess.
{Itazura na Kiss} romantic comedy where a girl gets rejected but ends up moving in with the guy after her house gets destroyed.
{Toradora!} slice of life romantic comedy, probably the most recommended romantic comedy on this sub.
{Kami nomi zo Shiru Sekai} Comedu Harem where a Dating sim master needs to win the hears of "real" girls.
{Denpa Onna to Seishun Otoko} slice of life comedy where guy moves in with his aunt and weird niece who thinks she is an alien.
{Sakura-sou no Pet na Kanojo} slice of life comedy drama about a guy taking care of a talented girl who can't do any basic tasks herself.
{Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun} romantic comedy about a cold girl and a violent delinquent.
{Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!} Comedy about a guy that used to have Chuunibyou syndrome trying to handle a girl that still has it.
{Hataraku Maou-sama!} reverse isekai comedy where a demon lord transports to the human world and starts to work at a MgRonalds.
{Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun} comedy about a girl and one of the most dence guys in anime.
{Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Mojo} comedy where weird things happen when the MC kisses someone.
{Tsurezure Children} comedy about different type relationships and how they get started.
{Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san} slice of life comedy about a boy trying to get back at a girl that keeps teasing and outsmarting him.
{Skip Beat!} girl gets into showbiz to get back at her crush for using her.
{To LOVE-RU} Yuki Rito and his falling superpower (read the manga over the anime).
{5-toubun no Hanayome} MC gets a job tutoring quintuplets that are academically challenged.
{Araburu Kisetsu no Otome-domo yo.} Group of girls learning about sex.
{Midori no Hibi} a guys right hand turns into a girl
{Nisekoi} son of a yakuza boss has to fake a relationship with a rival gang to keep maintain peace.
{Kaichou wa Maid-sama!} Student council president works part time as a maid and gets caught.
{Working!!} MC who likes small things gets invited to work in a diner full of quirky people.
{Mayo Chiki!} Harem about a guy that is scared of women.
{Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai} Harem about a club for making friends.
{Saenai Heroine no Sodakata} Harem where an otaku needs 3 girls to help him make his own visual novel.
{Ookami Shoujo to Kuro Ouji} Girl lies about having a boyfriend and ends up having to fake a relationship with a sadist.
{Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka} MC is trying to become the greatest adventurer with the help of a lonely goddes.
{Okusama ga Seitokaichou!} wholesome ecchi show where a student council president and vice president find out their parents arranged their marriage and they start living together.
{Kono Bijutsubu ni wa Mondai ga Aru!} comedy about a schools art club.
{Demi-chan wa Kataritai} biology teacher getting to know the demi-human students.
{Kareshi Kanojo no Jijou} female class representative can't stand the male representative because he is more perfect than him. All she want is the attention and praise.
{Netoge no Yome wa Onnanoko ja Nai to Omotta?} MC proposes to a female in an online game that turns out to be a guy. Later a girl falls in love with him who happens to go to the same school. She can't tell real life and the online fantasy world apart though.
{Zero no Tsukaima} isekai with a pink haired tsundere.
{Nogazaka Haruka no Himitsu} the secret of most popular and perfect girl a an elite school gets found out by the MC. (The first season is good, after that it gets bad).
{Sankarea} MC wants an undead girlfriend and resurrects a dead girl.
{Haiyore! Nyaruko-san} MC gets saved by a girl who claims to be a shape shifting demon and starts living with him.
{Ore na Kanojo to Osananajimi ga Shuraba Sugiru} MC fakes a relationship with the most desired girl at school.
{HenNeko.} MC goes to a stone cat to pray for a certain trait to dissappear, but ends up wanting them back (Full name prevents me from linking it)
{Mikakunin de Shinkoukei} girl finds out that she has a fiancé that comes to live with them.
{Bokura wa Minna Kawai-sou} comedy about the MC living in a boarding house with quirky tenants.
{Masamune-kun no Revenge} fat kid gets slim to take revenge on a pretty and rich girl who rejected him.
{Gamers!} A.k.a. "misunderstandings the animation".
{Net-juu no Susume} guy playing a girl character and girl playing a guy character fall in love in an online game.
{Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou} harem with non human species.
{B-gata H-kei} girl who knows nothing about sex wants to hook up with 100 guys, finding the first turns out to be a problem.


{Spice and Wolf} adventure/travel romance with great chemistry between the two characters.
{Cross Game} sports romance with drama and comedy.
{Anohana} feels.
{Shigatsu wa Kimi no Uso} feels + classical music.
{Plastic Memories} feels where a guy teams up with an android girl to retrieve other androids.
{Nagi no Asu kara} romantic drama and the relationship between the people of the sea and land.
{Koe no Katachi} a romantic drama movie/manga that I can't recommend more.
{Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Comedy wa Machigatteiru} romance drama/comedy with an antisocial MC.
{Rec} romantic comedy drama where a saleryman let's a voice actress live with him
{Nana} romantic drama comedy about 2 girls named Nana who start living together but are completely different
{Bokura ga Ita} slice of life romantic drama with an artstyle and voice acting that has not aged well but the story is good.
{Kimi ni Todoke} shoujo romance drama about a girl named Sawako that looks like Sadako from "the ring".
{Sakamichi no Appollon} music drama romance where two characters bond over jazz music.
{Sukitte Ii na yo.} romantic drama between an unpopular girl and popular guy and her insecurities about it.
{Ao Haru Ride} Romantic comedy drama where a girl reunites with the boy she used to like but it turns out he's changed.
Kokoro ga Sakebitagatterunda.} Girl makes a promise with an egg in which she loses her voice.
{Charlotte} drama about an MC that gets enrolled to a school for students with supernatural abilities.
{Chobits} romantic comedy drama form where the MC finds a female "persocom"/android and takes her home.
{Tsuki ga Kirei} the most realistic middle school romance.
{Beastars} drama about a wolf trying to cope with his carnivore instinct.
{Aishiteruze Baby} comedy drama high school kid takes care of an abandoned little girl
{Paradise Kiss} drama about a girl getting involved in the fashion world.
{Koi Kaze} guy and his sister....
{Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai} Loser brother and his popular sister....
{Koi to Uso} to battle the low birth rate the government arranges your partner. The MC however has fallen in love before getting his government notice.
{Golden Time} comedy drama where the MC starts hanging out with his friends stalker.
{Kiznaiver} group of students get artificially connected with each other.
{Kimi no Suizou wo Tabetai} movie where a guy accidentally reads a girls diary that says she is going to die.
{True Tears} Drama where MC finds out living together with his crush is not as great as he thought.
{Hourou Musuko} Drama about a boy and a girl that are uncomfotable with their gender identity.
{Mashiro-iro Symphony: The Color of Lovers} Harem where a all girl school turns co-ed.
{Kotoura-san} Drama about a girl that can read other peoples minds.
{Akagami no Shirayuki-hime} Girl meets a prince and becomes the court herbalist which causes problems (Not a great description but it's a good watch).
{Boku dake ga Inai Machi} When something bad happens the MC gets sent minutes before it happens so he can prevent it.
{Orange} girl receives a letter from herself from the future filled with regrets.
{Kuzu no Honkai} Drama about a couple that is only together because they are both in love with people they can't be with.
{Uchiage Hanabi, Shita kara Miru ka? Yoko kara Miru ka?} girl wants MC to run away with her.
{Tate no Yuusha no Nariagari} Isekai where 4 "heroes" get summoned to a different world to save them.
{Peach Girl} romantic drama about a girl who gets judged as a slut for her tanned skin that she's got because she's part of the swimming club.
{Suzuka} sports anime where the MC finds out a hot girl from school lives next to him.
{Umi ga Kikoeru} lesser known romance drama movie with ghibli name attached to it.
{KimiKiss Pure Rouge} romance drama, that I enjoyed but don't remember much about.
{Daitoshokan no Hitsujikai} Harem where the MC starts of saving a girl from a train after getting a message about it happening.
{3D Kanojo: Real Girl} otako starts dating a "real" girl and doesn't know how to handle it.


{Bakemonogatari} supernatural mystery with great dialogue (In case you don't know where to start).
{Kokoro Connect} supernatural drama where strange events happen to the members of the cultural society club.
{Inari, Konkon, Koi Iroha.} girl gets the power to transform from a god and has to live with it (very enjoyable).
{Kimi no Na wa.} Great visuals and interesting story (perfect gateway anime)
{Sakurada Reset} supernatural mystery, don't see many people talking about it but really enjoyed it.
{Seishun Buta Yarou wa Bunny Girl Senpai no Yume wo Minai} good characters and interesting story where the MC helps different girls get trough their supernatural problems.
{Kyoukai no Kanata} girl who can use her blood as a weapon hunts down creatures that manifest negative emotions.

-Slice of Life----------

{Hanasaku Iroha} great slice of life/coming of age
{Hyouka} mystery slice of life, one of my favorites.
{Tamako Love Story} slice of life romance movie, good as stand alone but better if you watched {Tamako Market} first.
{Ore Monogatari} romantic comedy about a big dude and a tiny girl.
{Sennen Joyuu} movie with action and adventure about 2 guys making a documentary about the life of a famous actress visualized trough movies she starred in.
{Koi wa Ameagari no You ni} girl in love with her way older boss
{Mimi wo Sumaseba} ghibli slice of life romance
{Kobato.} wholesome romantic slice of life drama with lots of Hanazawa Kana.
{Chihayafuru} slice of life sports anime with some romantic elements but mostly about a girl obsessed with Karuta (It's good though).
{Ookami Kodomo no Ame to Yuki} slice of life where a girl falls in love with a werewolf and have children.
{Isshuukan Friends.} Slice of Life comedy where a guy hangs out with a girl who forgets him every week.
{Hiyokoi} tiny shy girl comes back to school after recovering from an accident.
{Honobono Log} tiny shorts about couples.
{Asagao to Kase-san.} Yuri where a girl falls in love with a tomboy.
{Yagate Kimi ni Naru} Girl is incapable of feeling love.
{Nodame Cantabile} Music Comedy about a guy and a girl that both play piano but have completely different personalities.
{Papa no Iukoto wo Kikinasai!} University student taking care of 3 young girls.
{Baby Steps} Sports shounen where guy starts playing tennis without having any experience.
{Momokuri} Comedy where a stalkerish girl finally gets together with her crush.
{ReLIFE} comedy where MC gets the chance to relive highschool.
{Wotaku ni Koi wa Muzukashii} comedy about otaku at work.
{Kannagi} Part of a sacred tree turns into a girl and starts living with the MC (sounds weird but is enjoyable).
{Amagami SS} every girl gets her moment to be best girl.
{Ano Natsu de Matteru} Drama about a group trying to make a movie in the summer.
{Nagareboshi Lens} Shoujo romance ova.
{Kotonoha no Niwa} Guy meets a girl and offers to make her shoes.
{Suki ni Naru Sono Shunkan wo.: Kohuhaku Jikkou Iinkai} High school romance drama about multiple couples.
{Nijiiro Days} show that follows 4 high school boys and their experience with relationships.
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2020.05.03 08:41 Turtlesatwork 30/27[FM4R] #Omaha/Online - Looking separately or together

I’m “Book”. I’m a pansexual big beautiful lady. My preference is to find a third partner to eventually form a thruple with or a couple to form a quad with but I’m open and flexible. But more importantly I want to get to know people in the community and form new relationships of any shape. I have always dreamed of having a big poly family, though. I’m submissive and would love to find a top, as well.
Some of my interests include: video games (slice of life, strategy and action/adventure and sim), board games (I have a huge collection), tabletop gaming, arts and crafts, cooking, travel, movies (mostly Disney but also horror and action), listening to podcasts, true crime, and 420. I love trying new things and experimenting, my list of hobbies is ever-growing and changing. I’m an extrovert and used to open communication. I talk about everything I’m feeling and want the same from any partners, I can’t fix things I don’t know about!
Potential deal breakers: I’m an atheist, I don’t want kids.
This is me- and
Message me if you wanna talk.
Is it my turn? Ok, here goes! To clarify, we're not two people searching for an exclusive third to be with both of us. We are separately looking for a poly situation that's safe and comfortable, and it doesn't have to involve both of us. We've already done our research on unicorn hunting and understand we're not "expanding" our relationship, we're making our own separate bonds and if it turns into something with all of us that's cool too. Don't care if you have 100 partners or 0, far be it for me to judge. I have no expectations or demands of you. There's no veto or couple privilege here.
With that out of the way, I'm "Alex", I'm 27. Bisexual/pansexual. I love camping, exploring, adventuring, larping, tabletop, anime, manga, cartoons, all varieties of games on every platform. I watch a bunch of Netflix, and I'm a low maintenance introvert (just change the oil every 3000 miles.) I'm looking for some genuine connections. I've had one poly experience so far and enjoyed it, and I love meeting new people and love the development of feelings and the growth of a relationship. I'm looking for someone around my age. Your sexuality, weight, height, and gender doesn't factor in for me. I've been in the LGBT community as long as I've been alive and I'm not closeted at all, totally fine if you are.
Some important details: I'd like to be friends first and get to know you in that capacity before moving onto anything else, but it's a preference and not a demand. I'm caring for family in my state and I can't relocate if that's a consideration for you. Kids are a dealbreaker, sorry. My method of communication in times of trouble is to be extremely honest and sincere and talk about everything that's upsetting me. I've had many long-term relationships both online and in person, most averaging around 3-4 years with the longest being my current (7 years.)
This me:
I usually have longer hair past my shoulders, and often wear it in a brushed back low ponytail. I've got very pretty blue eyes, though you can't see it here.
This also me:
Message me if you have any questions or want to trade discords or anything! Ciao!
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2020.04.16 23:00 wanderlosttravel The Annapurna Circuit: Trip report and guide (Intro and Part I)

Based on my July 2018 experience
This was not technically an ultralight backpacking trip. However, my experience on this trip was a catalyst to me switching over. I remember the clear difference between two fellow trekkers I met. One carrying 25kg of gear, the other only 7. The former I passed one day struggling up the trail despite him having several hours head start. He looked miserable. The latter never seemed as tired as I was and rarely stopped for breaks. My load was between the two but I wished it was much lighter.
This is also not a backpacking trip in the traditional sense. No tents or sleeping pads. Beds every night. You don’t cook your own food either. However, you could do those things on this trip as several other backpackers that I met attested. Regardless, it is an adventure that I think the ultralight community will appreciate as we all long to be back in the wilderness. Also worth noting: I am not sponsored by anyone. Any recommendation is simply based on my experience. No free gear was received in exchange for mentioning it. All of the links are for general information and are not affiliates of mine.
This is just part one of a two part series since I can't only post so much in one Reddit post. Look for part two to come out soon.
I've included several links to spreadsheets and photos:
1). Gear List. Includes gear I brought and its weight as well as what I’d bring now for comparison.
2). Cost breakdown. This is an itemized report of prices on the trek for housing, water, food, beer, transportation, and sunscreen.
3). Elevation and Distance. The third spreadsheet shares the rough distances between villages and communities along the trek along with elevation change.
4). Photos. Finally I’ve included a link to my website which has some of my favorite photos from the trip.
Please ask any questions you have. I’ll do my best to answer them. Hopefully by this fall some of you will be headed to Nepal for your own adventure!

This is a complete guide to trekking the Annapurna Circuit in the Himalayan mountains of Nepal. I did this with my partner in July of 2018 during one of two off-seasons. Summer (May-September) is the rainy season and the trek doesn’t see much traffic during this time. Winter (December-February) is the other off-season for obvious reasons.
I’ve divided this trip report into two main sections (it's two long to post in one post on Reddit). The first part talks about the general logistics such as how to get to the circuit and what you should bring. I will try to include as much exact information about what I actually brought as I can and then provide some commentary on what I’d change when I go back.
The second part will focus on a timeline of the trek. What towns did we stay in and what were they like? What were some of the things we saw along the way and what were the trail conditions? This part will basically be a long blog post about our trek divided by the villages we stayed at or passed through along the way.

Why the Annapurna Circuit and why July (arguably the worst time of year to go). I am not a mountaineer, rock climber, athlete, or otherwise elite outdoorsman. In fact, the Annapurna Circuit was really my first backpacking trip and still my longest one to date. I did, however, grow up camping and loving the outdoors and am an experienced day hiker. Travel is also something I have some experience in, having been through much of North America and over 30 other countries.
Over the past few years I’ve grown a love for photography and a desire to capture natural landscapes as I see and feel them. Combined with my passion for the outdoors and a mild case of wanderlust, I began creating an unofficial list of places I definitely want to visit in my lifetime. This list includes Patagonia, New Zealand’s Southern Alps, the Andes Mountains in Northern Peru, and the Himalayas.
In May of 2018, my partner and I quit our jobs and bought one way tickets to Singapore to start our first visit to the continent of Asia. I had researched the Himalayas enough to know that Nepal’s Annapurna Circuit, Annapurna Base Camp, and Everest Base Camp were probably the best options for first time trekkers with epic mountain scenery. However, we made no specific plans on when we would arrive in Nepal if at all on this trip.
Fast forward through our first month in the hot and humid SouthEast part of Asia, and I soon realized that the climate differences for a resident of dry temperate Northern California were more than I anticipated. Added to that were the vast cultural differences between western countries where most of my previous travel had been and that of many SouthEast Asian countries. I found myself longing for the cool familiarity of the mountains and Nepal seemed the right choice.
So one day we bought a ticket from Malaysia to Kathmandu, knowing we would arrive during the rainy season but figuring we should give it a shot. We landed on a hot July day in the rain and were soon greeted by the chaos of Kathmandu. Here we opted to spend five days exploring the city, eating good food, researching all the ins and outs of the treks, buying supplies, and determining the best trek for this time of year. We talked to local guides and foreign adventurers alike trying to gage whether we should attempt trekking at all this time of year.
Eventually, after receiving some mixed accounts, we decided to risk it and head out the next morning for the Annapurna Circuit. We heard from both ends of the spectrum including some vehement statements that we shouldn’t trek this time of year and other trekkers who had just finished and had a wonderful time. We knew that we could always turn around and come back if it felt too dangerous.

July is the middle of the monsoon season in Nepal. It’s also summer which means the lowlands are a steaming jungle and the mountains are often hidden in clouds. Due to the steep terrain, the land is prone to mudslides which can block roads and send vehicles down ravines. Leeches are also a problem at lower elevation which we soon found to be especially true when walking through dense foliage.
However, there are several benefits to trekking this time of year. Being the off -season there are far fewer tourists both in Kathmandu and on the trails. This means lower prices, easier to obtain rooms, and less crowding on the streets and trails. Along with the rain comes greenery. The flowers are in bloom and the trees are their greenest. The alpine hillsides are green as well, turning brown later in the year when trekking peaks. The nights don’t get as cold even at high altitude where guest houses are without heat, so fewer warm layers are required.
Of course, the dangers are real. Nepali people die every year in monsoon related road accidents and it's not uncommon for a few tourists to die as well. Delays are inevitable due to poor road conditions made worse by the rain. On the trail, many of the guest houses are not operating during the off season or may be more hesitant to welcome guests or have many food options. While crowds can create hassle, some comradery on the trail is welcome but much harder to find during the off-season.
NEXT TIME: Based on our experience, I wouldn’t change what we did. However, I would probably not go during this season again or necessarily recommend others to go during July. Instead I would opt for the end of the rainy season right before peak season (late September) or the end of the second trekking season right before the rainy season (late May).

Almost everything you need for your trek can be bought in Kathmandu. Prices are cheaper than in the west but the quality is lower and most stores sell knock-offs of the brands they claim to sell. The neighborhood of Thamel is the primary trekkers hub in Nepal’s capital city. Here you will find more shops than you can count offering new and used gear, from real name-brand stuff to cheap knock offs. If you are coming to Nepal as part of a longer trip that includes travel to much warmer countries (as we did), you might consider buying some of your gear in Kathmandu.
We bought two synthetic sleeping bags (rated -10C but probably only good down to freezing) for $25/each. We were offered supposedly 100% down rated -20C “waterproof” sleeping bags for $50/each but were glad we didn’t get them. I purchased a decent quality “North Face” jacket with synthetic down filling for $15 and “waterproof” shell for $15. Diamox (a medication for altitude sickness) and many other meds (Decadron, a steroid, and various antibiotics) can be purchased for about $1 for a week's supply and without a prescription. The quality and purity of these drugs is unknown. I would definitely bring my own backpack as you will want something better quality than what I saw available. Same with shoes (or boots, it doesn’t matter really but trail runners are more comfortable and do the job perfectly) as you want them broken in. Everything else could be bought in Kathmandu but you won’t find anything ultralight or top quality.
NEXT TIME: Since trekking I’ve learned a lot about the value of a light backpack and minimal (but sufficient) gear. If trekking in Nepal was the only aspect of my trip from the US, I would bring nearly all my own gear. Everything would be quality and as light as possible for the task. An ultralight down quilt, wool underclothes, a down puffy, a waterproof rain shell, and a quality lightweight backpack 50 liters or less. I think a sub 10 pound base weight is reasonable even with a heavy camera.

You are required to have a TIMS card and the Annapurna Conservation Area Permit to trek. There are plenty of good blogs online describing these so I won’t go into great detail. They can both be purchased at the Nepal Tourism Board about a 20 minute walk from Thamel. Each costs about 2000 rupee ($17) and during the off season there was very little wait. I was told that you can get them in Pokhara and Besi Sahar as well but can't confirm. Bring passport photos (they wanted 4 each from us) and your passport as well as travel insurance information (required, we used World Nomads). Keep your permits handy as there are frequent checkpoints on the trek.

Everything is cash in Nepal. Many places that have MasterCard and Visa plastered all over their storefront window or list online that they take credit cards. This is almost always inaccurate. I’m not sure why. Mobile data and wifi are generally available and it would be helpful for tourists even if it meant slightly higher prices. Also there is a feeling of dishonesty when a business clearly advertises one thing but practices another.
For the trek you should bring all the cash you need with you. There are no ATM’s from Besisahar to Jomsom. The ATM’s in Thamel, Kathmandu usually only allow 15-30k rupees per transaction (many banks have limitations as well). You will also likely pay a fee every time you withdraw money and probably not always get the best exchange rates. I estimate that I lost about 10% on every withdrawal between fees and bad exchange rates.
How much money you need on the trek depends a lot on how much time you plan to take and what “luxuries” you want. I read blogs before my own experience suggesting $25-35/day per person. By watching our budget and going in the off-season we spent closer to $15/person and could have been quite comfortable on $20. Beer ($2-5), hot showers ($2 when available), and western food (always more expensive than Nepali food) can quickly double that. Most snacks are cheaper in Kathmandu (with the exception of Manang) but then you have to carry them all that way. If you purify your own water you save a lot.
NEXT TIME: I would probably plan to spend a little bit more to make the journey more enjoyable. An occasional beer or more variety in food choices can really improve your day. Hot showers are definitely worth it if they are gas powered but probably not if solar (they don’t actually get hot). I would also take more time on the trek, thus increasing the amount of cash I needed. That being said: the 50,000 rupee I brought on this trek would still probably suffice. If you are going without a guide or a porter the trek is automatically going to be significantly cheaper than those with planned tours.

There are numerous options to do a guided trek including booking months in advance through large North American companies like G-Adventures or REI. For a more hassle free experience, this could be a good option. However, you definitely do not need a guide for the Annapurna Circuit. And I’ve read many stories of the guides being more trouble than they are worth.
The trek is super easy to follow with a map. Often because of the rain, we just followed the rough gravel and dirt road that nearly makes the entire circuit. During peak seasons, the trail looks very well marked and easy to follow. There are quite a few side trails, but these are easily avoided by referring to your map.
Porters are also unnecessary for nearly all trekkers, even those with guides. You need such minimal gear compared to backpacking in the wilderness or mountaineering, that your pack shouldn’t be an issue. I couldn’t believe how much stuff some people brought with them. My pack weight was over 30 pounds and 55 liters and I definitely saw a large number of much bulkier packs on the trail. Some people had a porter carrying a huge load for them on top of the oversized day pack on their own back.
Cost-wise hiring guides and porters would at least double your cost. Sure it helps provide jobs, but also may keep you from staying in that little unique guest house on the edge of town or spending an extra day somewhere that intrigues you. Guides will often direct you to stay at a specific guest house for which they get a commission even though there may be better options available. Some friends did Everest Base camp with a tour company later in 2018 and spend nearly 7 times what we did on our trek (there are no luxury hotel options on the trek and flights are not included in most tours). Having the independence to travel at your own pace and stay where you want, when you want is all something that money can’t buy.
NEXT TIME: I would definitely do this trek (also Annapurna and Everest Base Camps) on my own again. While there are some incredible guides with much knowledge and enjoyable personalities, the Annapurna Circuit is just too straight forward for me to justify needing one.

There are several options for trails maps. Maps are easily available in Kathmandu for about 400 rupee. These are fairly accurate and up to date. Look for one made the same year (or at least previous) as your trek date. If you buy a map in the US before traveling, it may be slightly less up to date. For example, we ended up with the September 2017 edition of Nepa Maps NA504 Around Annapurna. Now, over a year later, the latest edition I can find online is the 2014 edition.
A road that parallels the Circuit is rapidly being constructed and the trail is constantly being rerouted when its path is more desirable for the course of the road.
Free offline apps such as Maps.Me offer downloadable trail routes for the Annapurna Circuit. Other options such as Gaia can assist with terrain but I never used it. Another invaluable source that I used for information about stops along the way, distances between villages, and what to expect, was the Wikitravel Document on the Annapurna Circuit.
The main trail is marked with red and white trail markers that are fairly visible. Some of the trail simply follows the road which isn’t a bad walk during the off season. However, in high season the dust and frequent jeep traffic would make this option uninviting. Luckily, most of the way up the path there are alternative trail options which are often on the opposite side of the valley as the road. Since leeches love foliage, we opted for the foliage free road most of the way up but outside of the rainy season this shouldn’t be a problem.

CHARGERS: I would recommend bringing one universal adapter, preferably with multiple usb outlets in it. Outlets are hard to find and while some are universal, not all are. Some places charge you to use an outlet so being able to plug multiple devices into a single outlet saves you money. With my adapter I could charge my back up battery, phone, and camera all at once from one outlet.
PHOTO AND VIDEO: If you are a casual photographer just looking for some nice photos to show friends and family, I would recommend investing in a flagship smartphone or a Gopro rather than carrying the weight of even a small interchangeable lens camera. You just don't need all that extra weight unless you want significant zoom or professional quality large prints. The Go-pro is super light, takes decent 4k video, has image stabilization built in (much better video quality), is waterproof, and is tiny. Bring multiple batteries if you plan on a lot of videos. Also bring one SD card per day to reduce the risk of losing data.
I consider myself an advanced hobbyist when it comes to photography. Currently I use a Sony a7r II. I only brought one lens, the versatile Sony 24-240mm FE f3.5-6.5. If you are really serious I'd recommend a wide angle as well (16-35mm f2.8). This would especially be nice during drier weather when you can actually see the night sky for stargazing. The mountains are so vast and towering that a wide angle is really the only way to properly capture them without doing a panorama. I chose not to bring a tripod. If you are carrying your own gear it's a lot of extra weight to carry.
NEXT TIME: I’d bring the same camera set up and add a wide angle lens and an ultralight fold-up tripod. I would bring four batteries and probably an SD card for every other day. It’s a lot of weight but the photos are so worth it.
BACKUP POWER: I used a generic large backup battery charger with two usb ports. It was rated for 20k mAh but I don’t think that was accurate. My 10k mAh Anker is lighter and holds a similar charge . Whenever there wasn't charging available, I'd plug into this and when there was charging available I'd make sure it stayed charged. Even so I bought 4 batteries for my camera. One alternative, if going when the sun's out, is to rely on solar energy for charging.
MEMORY CARDS: I brought 8 memory cards including 4 micro SD and 4 regular. If I had to do it over I’d bring more. I had one scare where the camera said it wasn't writing the files correctly and when I went to flip back through them, I got error messages. I switched cards at that time and more frequently afterward. Turns out nothing was wrong but if you are a serious photographer you want to minimize risk of loss.
DRONES: This is a subject that has not been addressed in any other blogs I've read at all. Before going I watched numerous videos of people flying drones in the Himalayas. YouTube has several vloggers who have droned their treks and filmmakers who have made beautiful drone documentaries of these great mountains.
Unfortunately none of them address one serious problem, the Annapurna Conservatory at least (and possibly all of Nepal) has banned the use of drones without a permit (some say it's easy to get one, some say it's not). In some instances police have simply confiscated people's drones on the spot. In a country where one can hardly breathe in major cities due to dust and pollution, you'd think there would be greater issues than a couple of drones flying around. After consulting with some locals who saw my drone, I concluded that there is a significant risk that the police will take your device if they catch you. Many will find this a risk well worth taking and in some places there is limited police presence. The Annapurna Circuit has a surprisingly strong police presence in several towns (Chame for example) but not everywhere.
A drone is a lot of weight to carry if you don't feel comfortable using it for risk of having it taken. If you do plan to use it, either get a permit or exercise extreme caution and don't use it around villages or locals who might feel led to alert authorities. If you are a professional, just get the permit since your gear is likely worth a lot. If you are an amateur and want to risk it, bring a small, light drone that you can hide well if need be. I don't have specific information about getting permits, but it seems like the process isn't easy or quick.
OTHER: I brought a headlamp but never used it. For outhouse runs and power outages my phone served just fine though the headlamp would be much more convenient for longer periods of darkness. I would still recommend one.

If you want to pack super light, aren't serious about photography or filming, but want some nice shots to bring home, I'd bring a high-end Samsung Galaxy, iPhone or similar. Since I had camera gear, I ended up using a cheap Samsung J2 pro (picked up brand new in Malaysia for $125). It takes relatively bad photos and video but was really just used to post updates to my Instagram story during those rare WiFi moments.
It is easy to get a SIM card for your global compatible phone in Kathmandu and even at some locations on the trek. There are two main providers Nepal Telecom and NCELL. We went with the private company Ncell because we heard that they were faster. Unfortunately, we soon found they didn’t currently offer much coverage on the circuit. However, judging by the number of locals using their cell-phones I’m guessing Nepal Telecom offers better service up there. Data is inexpensive and definitely worth it for navigating Kathmandu.
NEXT TIME: I would go with Telecom as having some coverage is better than none at all. I would also bring a better phone with a better battery life. One less thing to worry about charging all the time if the battery lasts longer.

Drinking water can be purchased at quite regular intervals along the trail in 1 liter bottles of filtered safe water for 30-150 rupee/liter. However, this adds up quickly (2-4 liters/day) and is quite bad for the environment. Safe water filling stations are available in many towns during trekking season for 30-60 rupee/liter. These were all closed except Thorung Phedi when I trekked this July. Bringing a 1 liter bottle to refill should be plenty when the clean filling stations are all open.
Another method is to fill up from the numerous running water stations in towns and villages along the way. Some of these are running constantly and are quite clean (coming from the mountains upstream from the village). However a village further up the mountain, animal waste, or other contaminants could still get you sick. I met trekkers who drank this water without problems but I would not risk it. While it usually didn’t appear to need filtering, I would absolutely purify it first.
I brought chlorine tablets (over iodine because chlorine also kills a virus that is a common cause of water related stomach illnesses) and a Steripen. The Steripen uses ultraviolet rays to kill pathogens. It required a wide mouthed water bottle to use (won’t work with a Smart water bottle). Also any curves or hidden areas where the light might not reach the water can leave it unclean. Mine required two ca123 batteries (not common) and can only do about 50 liters/two batteries. I carried several extra batteries.
Some sort of water purification tablets were available in many stores along the way. With a method to purify water, you save money and plastic and can even get your water from a stream if needed. We found the chlorine tablets did make the water taste somewhat undesirable so you may want to bring some sort of water flavoring. Another option is the two step water treatment drops that take more time but are arguably the most effective against the most possible illnesses with the least negative effect on the flavor.
NEXT TIME: I would bring my Sawyer Mini and add chlorine tabs if the water seemed exceptionally sketchy which is rarely if ever did. The Sawyer Mini works with any lightweight water bottle or 1 liter filter bags which are light and easy to store.

You don’t need to bring any food from your home country (and probably shouldn’t). Snacks are available at steadily increasing prices and regular intervals as you head up the trail. Snickers, potato chips, sodas, cookies, nuts and granola bars were easy to find even in the off season. If you are on a strict budget you may want to find an inexpensive supply of snacks in Kathmandu before heading up. If you want fresh produce, you will likely have to purchase from Kathmandu or along the way as there is very little on the trek.
A helpful tip: snack prices in Manang oddly aren't much more than Kathmandu (Snickers only increased from 85 to 100 rupee despite bringing more than 150 rupees in earlier towns).
Healthy options are harder to come by. Certain times of the year you can get apples but not during the summer. Most meals included cooked vegetables grown fresh in the village. Every open lodge had food available. We generally avoided the meat due to limited safe storage options. We only had minor trouble with the food. Dal Bat is the traditional meal on the trek. Garlic soup is another popular one. We really enjoyed the Tibetan Bread with Honey for breakfast. If you are trying to eat low carb, good luck. Every meal is very high in carbs. Eating vegetarian is fairly easy to do.
NEXT TIME: We tried to eat a lot of Dal Bat as it was the least expensive way to get a lot of food. Often when you are very hungry, it just makes sense as they keep refilling your plate. However, I think it's worth spending a little more to eat more variety and change things up. With so many long days of trekking, it's a good way to keep up your morale.

We did not book a single place on the trek in advance. I had heard that during peak season places fill up and guest houses end up packing extra people in the common areas. This was not a problem during such a slow time of year. We had more of a problem finding that places were closed due to the lack of traffic. I would not recommend booking anything in advance. If you go during peak season just try to arrive early enough to find a good spot before they are all taken.
As numerous other blogs describe, the lodges are typically referred to as tea houses although to me this implies more of a small home stay. A few of the locations we stayed in were someone’s home with extra rooms for guests. Others were more like mini hotels in which a room or two was saved for the employees. They all had kitchens and dining rooms which appeared like great places to gather if we had had other guests to gather with. Most had wood burning stoves in the middle which would have been wonderful as we increased in altitude. However, it was not cold enough for them to justify burning precious wood for just a couple of trekkers.
In every village, we first walked through the entire village (most take 10 minutes to walk through) to see where we felt the most welcome. In some places like Chame, it was easy. A kind lady called out to us upon passing by and after seeing her rooms we realized they would be perfect. Other places, like Manang were larger and had more options to choose from. Here we actually looked at a couple of rooms that we just didn’t love before settling on one. A few villages had vastly differing prices (ranging from free to 700 rupees) so if you are on a budget it pays to shop around. During peak season you may not have this luxury and may just have to take what's available.
NEXT TIME: I would still not book anything ahead. I would look for places that were clean and comfortable. A shower isn’t necessary every night. And sometimes the best places are away from the main lodges. I would also try to stay in a few of the smaller villages that aren’t necessarily on the main trek. Most likely I would do this trek slower (and in better weather) so as to experience more of the culture and hopefully meet more trekkers to swap stories with along the way.

We went to BG Mall (400 rupee taxi ride north of Thamel) to get our bus directly to Besisahar where the trek begins. The taxi actually dropped us off at the Gongabu New Bus Station. However, upon asking around we were directed to the BG Mall around the corner.
There are mini buses (think minivans with way too many seats packed in them) going to Besisahar directly. While popular with tourists, these appeared cramped and uncomfortable to me. They also tie all the luggage outside on the top of the van so it ends up covered in exhaust and dust. One benefit is that these minibuses go direct and don't stop to pick up more passengers along the way. I've heard they run about 700 rupee.
We chose what we were told was a tourist bus. In reality it ran more like a local bus to Besisahar from BG Mall. We didn't buy tickets ahead but simply paid the driver 450 rupees each. We had our backpacks stored underneath, had our own seats, and the bus was never full. However, I think during peak season it would have been much more crowded. Even though we stopped to pick up passengers whenever we saw them, most of the delays were the terrible traffic jam coming out of Kathmandu (3-4 hour traffic jam. Even so, we made it to Besisahar by about 3pm (9 hours) without switching buses. There are supposedly non-stop “luxury” tourist buses available for a bit more. However, you won’t find anything that approaches the quality of buses available in South America or Europe.
As with all transportation in Nepal, be prepared for longer than expected journeys and over packed vehicles that wouldn’t be up to safety standards in the US. There probably won’t be air conditioning in the summer either. And the passengers tend to be quite loud the entire trip.
NEXT TIME: I would probably still risk buying a last minute ticket. That way I can assess the condition of the bus before purchasing. The mini-buses, while perhaps slightly faster, look way less enjoyable unless perhaps you have a large enough group to book the entire bus.

You don’t need as much gear as a normal backpacking trip. While some people do choose to wild camp, most stay at the tea houses. Even if you do camp, food is so readily available, there is no need to carry large amounts with you. Bringing a tent would allow you to wake up in some truly wild, remote locations without any other humans around. It would also require you bring a sleeping pad and a warmer sleeping bag.
All the tea houses had blankets. Extras were available if we were cold though this is not the case during peak season. I would at least bring a liner if not your own bag for cleanliness and extra warmth. I think a light 30 degree quilt would be fine unless you went in the winter. There’s no heat in the rooms, but I imagine they keep more warmth in than a tent would. The coldest mornings during the summer were below freezing, but not by much in our experience. Peak season is in the fall so it will be colder for sure.
I’d probably go with my SWD long haul 50 out of my current gear. Although it would be bigger than needed, it carries really well and rolls down when not filled. You probably don’t need a backpack with a frame. Honestly, a Zimmerbuilt style QuickStep or similar would probably do just fine if you are not camping or bringing a lot of camera gear.
Any cooking supplies are superfluous unless you really want to eat freeze-dried meals or have a cup of hot tea on a random remote hilltop. There are actually small huts which serve hot tea at some of the more popular day hikes along the trek. These are only open during peak season.
I primarily hiked in shorts but if it had been much colder leggings or pants would have been nice. There’s a lot of exposure and sun during peak season (even in the summer the clouds cleared enough to get us burnt), so long sleeve shirts and maybe a hat would be nice.
Camp shoes and night clothes aren’t necessary but sure were nice to have. A change or two of underwear and socks would suffice. I brought some running shorts that double as swim trunks. There are several hot springs on the trek which are near town and close to the river. These were mostly flooded over with river water due to the monsoon.
We brought way too many toiletries and a large first aid kit. If I recall correctly some places had toilet paper in their bathrooms and it was also available at some of the shops.

We arrived in Kathmandu near the end of June to pouring rain. The airport is a mess of chaos. One had to take a bus from the plane to get to the terminal. Visas are available on arrival for US citizens and those of many other countries. We chose a 30 day visa for about $50 but there are longer options available. We took a taxi from the airport to Thamel for about $5 and settled into a hostel for the night.
Our first few nights in the hostel were nice (community atmosphere and cheap price) but we soon realized we wanted to be in a hotel and moved locations for our next three nights before the trek. You can walk Thamel in a day or less. There are plenty of decent restaurants and lots of trekkers and tourists. A few of the streets don’t allow cars which is refreshing as the dirt, dust, and exhaust they produce is overwhelming. The shops in Thamel offer everything you could imagine related to trekking but not all of it is quality. You are under constant pressure to buy something or some service you don’t want nearly everywhere you go in Thamel.
Five days in Kathmandu was too long. I’d recommend three to get accustomed to the place, buy any last minutes good for the trek, and get some cash. We left everything we had with us at the hotel including extra camera gear and a laptop. We locked it in a bag and they put it in a second floor storage room. The agreement is that you will stay with them when you return but since they didn’t have rooms we weren’t held to that. Nothing was lost, stolen, or damaged in our experience.
Alobar 1000 Hostel. We stayed two nights here. It was a friendly enough place with cheap water refills available and an inexpensive rooftop bar. There were all sorts of friendly travelers here from yogis and hippies to trekkers and climbers. Our private room was ok but the bathroom was shared and not always so clean. Price was approximately $10-15 per night.
Hotel Family Home. We stayed three nights here and stored our luggage here during our trek. Cost was approximately $20 per night. The rooms were ok. Not quite up to western standards. There was a free breakfast you could pick from (pancakes, smoothies, toast and eggs). The bathroom had an open window instead of a fan and was filled with bugs.
Trekkers Home: We stayed one night here after returning from our trek. It was a great price and the owners were friendly but the air conditioning didn’t work. With the pollution and the summer heat and humidity, having air conditioning is nearly essential in July. Cost was only $12 per night but didn’t include breakfast.
OYO 120 Hotel Tayoma. We stayed here three nights after the trek. It has a Pho restaurant with good food below it. The rooms are large and clean with cold air conditioning. This was probably our favorite spot in Thamel. Price included breakfast for about $20 per night.
Himalayan Java Coffee - Thamel Chowk. This is a popular spot with trekkers and expats alike. Great coffee for the area and many baked goods as well as specialty drinks.
Western Tandoori & Naan House. We probably ate here half a dozen times. Excellent prices and amazing authentic Indian food better than anywhere I’ve had in North America and rivaling London. Local spot with nothing fancy that can get quite hot during the day. Looks a little dirty but we never got sick and enjoyed every meal here.
Northfield Cafe. Nice outdoor cafe with baked goods and a decent breakfast.
Weizen Bakery. Probably our favorite bakery in Thamel. Great chocolate cake and pastries. Half off after 8 pm!
The Cafe With No Name. Great little bar serving local micro-brewed beer and donating proceeds to charity. We went here several times and always loved the food. Definitely geared toward tourists.
Pharmacies. There are numerous pharmacies in Thamel which don’t require a prescription to get things like Diamox, antibiotics, pain relief, or decadron. Quality is unknown of course so use with care.
CIWEC Hospital Pvt. Ltd. This is a private hospital especially for tourists that’s right outside Thamel. Due to an accident which required suturing we actually used this location and got excellent professional service. Our doctor spoke perfect English. She and her nurses all used sterile technique, practiced hand washing, and were very skilled and thorough in their care. I don’t think we would have received better care anywhere in the US. Cost was $330 USD which is a lot for Nepal but was completely covered by our travel insurance.
Walking. This is the best way to get about Thamel and really much of Kathmandu. It's fun just to wander. There are hidden shops, alleyways, and restaurants everywhere. End to end, Thamel is only about a 15 minute walk one way.
Taxis. I don’t think we paid more than $5 for a taxi anywhere including going to the famous stupa or the airport. We paid about $4 for our taxi to the bus station which would have been a 45 minute walk. We usually negotiated the price down a dollar or two from their initial offer.
Buses. We did not ride any city buses. The main bus station for travel around the country is the Gongabu New Bus Station. The bus to Besi Sahar actually picked up about a five minute walk from here at the BG Mall which we found out on the fly the morning of our trip after our taxi dropped us off at the bus station.

This was PART I of a two part series on the Annapurna Circuit. Stay tune for the second part where I go into detail on the day-by-day journey itself.
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2020.04.15 08:28 Sonics_Art Welcome to Main Street!

Welcome to Main Street!

Hi everyone, I'm Sonic - the Lead Artist & Project Consultant for Main Street, and I wanted to introduce you all to our game!

Main Street is a tycoon game where you can build and run a store with friends in a fictional town. Your friends and other players in the game can work for you, build with you, or even open competing stores. At this time we plan for the game to be free for everyone with optional paid DLC.

Our passion for Main Street started back in 2016-2017. My game development partner and high school best friend, River Forge, was beginning his formal studies in programming and I was making my first venture into pixel art. We created a skeleton of the game's basic concept built for Windows and spent hundreds of hours playing the adorable market simulation game privately with close friends.

As we both got busy in with our studies and with life in general, we took a break from making Main Street. River studied programming and I practiced art while getting my degrees. After gaining experience working in the programming industry, River approached me again in late 2019 and asked me a question I'd been hoping he'd ask for years: "Are you open to working on Main Street again?"

We started from the ground up. I redid all of the old pixel art while River ported Main Street to the Vylocity game engine so we could share it on his website for others to play across multiple platforms without having to download an application. All of the UI has also been completely changed and we have added tons of new tiles, store shelves, and decorations.

Even though we are only two individuals, our goal is to develop Main Street to its fullest potential. River and I love laid back tycoon games and management sims, and we want to share that passion with our players. We also know that playing games with friends can be much more rewarding and exciting; what we want to do with Main Street is captivate that tycoon feeling but make it something you can share more easily. Drawing inspiration from personal favorites you'll recognize like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, and hidden gems like Omega Mall, we want to cultivate a laid back but refreshingly new style of community where every Main Street server feels like a small and friendly little town.

We look forward to meeting, chatting, and playing with all of you and can't wait to receive your feedback on the game as we move forward!

Links to support us below!

TLDR: Main Street is an online multiplayer tycoon game that is free to play for everyone and a passion project made by River Forge and I. We hope you'll join our community and support us as we make a game we love and hope you will also love!
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2020.04.12 04:17 imjustdesi I was saving up to but the AC Switch bundle, but it's now sold out. Should I just get a Switch Lite or go for the full Switch? Or none at all?

Edit: saving up to buy*
Hello, this is my first post here. To start, I'm not much of a gamer; I'll go on a Sims 4 binge every now and then, or try out some of my fiance's games, but that's about it. At one point, I had a 3DS and several games, but I rarely played it over 2 years, so I sold it. Currently I have a restored Gameboy Advance SP that my partner gifted me, but I still don't play that often.
With that in mind, I'm conflicted on the whole Switch thing. Many people around me and online have gotten into the new Animal Crossing, and it looks so fun. While I would like to join in, I worry about running into the same issue of not using my new system enough, especially as these aren't cheap. What would you all recommend?
Edit 2: the only people in my household are my fiance and I, though we will be moving closer to his family next year, so there is a very real possibility of his little brothers using the Switch if I buy it. I don't mind sharing
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2020.03.11 16:14 _Electronic_Benefit_ ONLINE GAMING

Electronic game worlds have generated billions of dollars, with millions of players around the world fighting, buying, crafting, and selling in a variety of online environments. One of the most populous was Activision Blizzard’s World of Warcraft. The massively multiplayer online game (MMOG) drew millions of subscribers, who brought the company an estimated $1 billion per year in retail sales and subscription fees from 2007 to 2010. MMOGs differ from traditional computer games in a number of important ways. First, Internet connectivity is a prerequisite for all MMOGs, as the games can be played only after logging in to the server that hosts the game world (popular MMOGs require dozens of such servers to accommodate their larger player bases). Second, the social networking aspect of interacting with thousands of players worldwide frequently overshadows the game content itself. A 2006 study found that almost one-third of female players and nearly 10 percent of male players had dated someone they met in a game. Third, most MMOGs operate on a subscription basis, charging a monthly fee in addition to the initial purchase price of the game software. Some companies offer frequent downloadable “patches” of new game content to make these monthly fees more palatable to players, while others offer their games free of charge to players who are willing to tolerate a stream of in-game advertisements.
From MUDs To MMOGs
Though World of Warcraft and other MMOGs utilize the advanced graphics and high-end processing power typical of the current generation of personal computers (PCs), online gaming had its roots in some of the earliest computing technologies. By the late 1970s many universities in the United States were linked by ARPANET (see DARPA), a precursor to the Internet. The structure of ARPANET allowed users to connect their computers or terminals to a central mainframe computer and interact in what was close to real time. In 1980 ARPANET was linked to the University of Essex, Colchester, England, where two undergraduate students had written a text-based fantasy adventure game that they called MUD, or “multiuser dungeon.” When the first outside users connected to MUD through ARPANET, online gaming was born. Soon other programmers expanded on the original MUD design, adding graphic flourishes, chat functions, and player groups (or guilds). These basic features, as well as the fantasy setting, carried over into the next generation of online games, which were the first true MMOGs.
Another issue that game publishers have had to face is the rise of secondary economies outside their game worlds. Ultima Online designers were the first to observe this phenomenon at work when a castle in their game world sold for several thousand dollars on the online auction site eBay. This was the beginning of a market valued at more than $1 billion by 2006. Players spend hours earning in-game wealth, hunting for rare weapons, and gaining power and prestige for their characters so that the fruits of their virtual labours can be exchanged for real cash. The buyer and seller agree on a purchase price, the funds can be transferred electronically, and the two can then meet in the game world to complete the transaction. Some Chinese companies have turned this into serious business, employing hundreds of “gold farmers,” who play games in an effort to hoard resources that can be sold to players in South Korea or the United States. Most MMOG companies sought to control this behaviour by banning the accounts of suspected gold farmers (e.g., Activision Blizzard has closed tens of thousands of such accounts since World of Warcraft went online), and eBay began enforcing a ban on the sale of virtual items in 2007. Sony co-opted the secondary market when it launched Station Exchange, a service designed to facilitate the buying and selling of virtual goods in its EverQuest games. Linden Lab was the first company, however, to design a game around a virtual economy. That game was Second Life.
Social Gaming
With the explosive growth of social media in the early 21st century, developers sought to capitalize on the opportunities presented by Web sites such as Facebook and Myspace. They utilized animation programs such as Flash to create a Web-based gaming experience that was comparable to older home consoles. With their simplified game play and cartoonlike graphics, these games had wide appeal, and many of them offered incentives for players to recruit additional players into the game. The most successful “Facebook games”—notably Zynga’s Mafia Wars (2008) and Farmville (2009) and EA’s The Sims Social (2011)—maximized revenue by rewarding players for interacting with advertising partners and selling in-game currency.
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2020.02.05 18:59 BattleBugPlays What I've Learned after 6 months and 800 followers

I saw Boxx's advice post and it reminded me that I meant to make a post when I had hit the 6 month mark which I did recently. I wanted to kind of outline what I have learned and what has been working for me in the hopes it might help some people.

So I have been streaming for about 6.5 months now. And I am at 828 follows. It has been one heck of a ride. So here is what I have learned.

Take all advice with a grain of salt (including mine!). This was the first thing I learned. Everyone has an opinion and everyone thinks they are an expert. Looking back on things is interesting because people who had strong opinions on how I should be doing things differently aren't improving themselves which just goes to show that not everyone's advice is right for you. Advice can be good but do your own research and go with your gut.

Growing organically is slower but so much better than F4F. People who started at the same time as me but did f4f have about twice as many followers as I do. But those same people are struggling to get partnered. Growing organically is slower but so much more satisfying. Mixer does look into these things when considering partner applications. Your chat will be more active, and your community will be closer and more involved if you grow organically. I'm so glad I decided to stay away from the f4f trap. Instead of a large follow count but an empty chat, I have an active chat with regulars who tune in to almost every stream.

Stream endurance is real. I see a lot of advice online about streaming for 6-8 hours DAILY. None of the partners I follow do that. Maybe that worked in the early days of streaming and its old advice, idk. But streaming for 10 hours to 0 viewers is pointless. Stream endurance is real. I struggled to stream for 3 hours when I first started. now an 8 hour stream is easy. I did a 14 hour stream the other day! It was a blast but it WORE ME THE HECK OUT. Work up to longer streams. And if you don't have viewers, consider spending some time off-stream networking and improving your setup rather than streaming to no one for hours on end. Since the beginning I have always aimed for 3 hour streams at a minimum and worked up from there.

Analytics are amazing. I prefer but whatever you use, look over your numbers. You can learn so much. For example I learned that the streams with the best CCV were games I would have never expected. Had I not reviewed my analytics I might not have known to devote more time to those games on stream.

Hiding my viewer count while live was a great idea. Its kind of funny because I love analytics but I don't want to know them while I'm live. Maybe some people enjoy that but I call it torture. Hiding my viewer count has been great. It stopped me from focusing on that number and it keeps me from getting disappointed when the number dips. I do check that number periodically to make sure everything is ok, but in general i judge the success of a stream by my chats activity. If I feel like I have a lot of viewers I WILL go look at the games category to see where I am sitting. I do this because mixer says on their site if you are consistently in the top row of a category to let them know as it can effect partnership. So I grab a screenshot when I'm in the top row (also I'm a dork and I jsut get excited when I see I'm in the top row)

Fortnite helped me grow but I don't play it on stream anymore. I always kind of hated on Fortnite for no reason but then my co streamer talked me into trying it and I was amazed how many new follows I got. I also got a ton of new trolls so keep that in mind. While it was good for growth I've stopped streaming it because it's CCV requirement for partnership is a number I don't think I can reasonably reach based on my analytics. And it just isn't my favorite game. Compared to other games I play it is not one of MY top 10 games as far as viewership goes so I don't want to risk partnership to play it.

Re-watching streams is super useful. I re-watch every stream. Do I watch the whole thing? heck no. But I skip through it and watch snippets. I have made so many improvements by doing this. I have caught myself forgetting to talk to chat and improved it, I've caught mic issues and bot issues this way. I've noticed all kinds of things to improve on and its made me a much better streamer IMO.

Youtube was a flop for me in 2019. Editing videos just takes so dang long. Maybe once I have my PC it will be easier (I currently edit clips on my ipad). I had big plans for my youtube but only ended up posting one video. So I kind of failed on that front but it's ok. Ill probably try again in the future but for now Im focusing on improving other aspects of my content.

I network with streamers but I also try to network with non streamers. I saw someone on this subreddit say that mixer is a platform of streamers watching other streamers. That feels so true. I spend a lot of time networking with other streamers (and I have a whole post on networking in this subreddit already you can look in my profile to find it) but I also try to network with non streamers. Doing this is hard. I use facebook and twitter to interact with gaming communities. On FB I do it in game related FB groups as my FB Page. I try not to self promo with links ,instead I interact with the community. Since I'm interacting as my page, people who are interested in my content based on clips, and convos we have in the groups can click my page and find me. Same goes for twitter. I do post on twitter when I am going live but I try to keep those kinds of posts to less than 20% of my twitter content. my twitter is mostly silly videos, clips, and conversations.

Twitter is a game changer. I was so reluctant to use twitter but it is seriously a game changer. It has taken my networking to the next level. Most partners have a twitter for a reason! Being able to @ people and use hashtags to interact with other streamers and communities is amazing. When another user comments or likes something you post your post is shown to that persons following. I don't have a ton of followers on twitter but that isn't really the point. The point is engaging with the community. And since mixer doesn't have direct messaging it is also incredibly useful for planning things like co-streams.

I don't have a schedule and I don't feel bad about it. Ok I lied, some times I feel bad about it. But the fact is my life and my health don't allow me to have a schedule and that's OKAY. Would I grow faster with a schedule? Yah probably. But it just means I need to work harder in other ways to grow. My community is used to my chaotic schedule (or lack of schedule) and they work with it. It wont keep you from being successful, in fact I follow two partners who don't have schedules themselves.

My discord is kinda quiet but I'm working on it. So discord for me is the next hurdle. I feel the same way about discord as I did about twitter in the beginning. Lets face it. Social media is hard sometimes and there is only so much time in the day. But recently I've been making more of an effort to interact on discord and it IS paying off. it really is a great platform and I'm excited to use it more.

A partner I look up to followed me on tiktok! yes...tiktok. Believe it or not, there is a streamer community on tiktok and its kinda small, which is good news for small streamers because it means your content is more likely to be seen. Case and point, the partner I look up to following me. Tiktok is surprisingly fun and it exposes you to a new audience.
Co-streams are so much fun! Finding a group of people I can rely on to stream with has been so helpful. I have anxiety and depression and its amazing how much that can impact my streaming. But my squad reaches out when I disappear and they help get me back online. We co-stream weekly and we have SO MUCH FUN. Our viewers like it because they get to interact with multiple streamers in one stream. And we like it because it takes some of the pressure off. There is 3 off us responding to chat and when chat is slow we have conversations together so our stream is never dull. I also like co streaming with other streamers outside of my main squad. Co-streams expose you to a new audience and that's good for growth! I even co-streamed with a partner which was amazing!

The community is so generous. I never expected to get donations at this level but I do! So do my costreamers! it brought me to tears one night on stream. it was crazy! One of my amazing viewers even bought me a pizza last week (and he's the third person to buy me food lol!) ! A total stranger came in and dropped 60 dollars worth of embers once. So...MAKE SURE YOU MONETIZE your stream and set up a donation link! As awkward as it is it’s ok to talk about your donation goals. You just have to do it in the right way. For example my controller was breaking. So when it would mess with my gaming I would mention that it's broken and that I’m saving up for a new one and any donations to the stream are going towards a new one. Guess what? My new controller shipped yesterday, it will be here later this week! There are people out there who want to help you stream. Help them help you. Have a !dono chat command with your dono link, put your dono info in your bio. Having a donation goal isn't greedy, every partner I follow has one. its ok for you to have one too!

I always raid after a stream. I try to never just end a stream. I always try to find someone to raid. Even if I only have one active chatter I am going to raid. Raids are great because they support other streamers and they are a form of networking. I try to raid someone who is either playing the same game as me or someone who has a similar vibe as me. When I raid I want my viewers to stay so If I'm playing Siege I'm not going to raid someone who is playing Stardew valley because my viewers probably want to keep watching Siege. I usually raid someone who is a similar size streamer to me and who has a similar "brand" as me. But I also occasionally raid people who I see at the bottom of the category with no viewers who I think deserves some love (or people I am following who are having a slow day). And very occasionally I will raid a partner I follow.

My setup is super wonky but I can't let that hinder me. I have an entire post about my set up. I am streaming straight through my xbox and using a 2012 mac to run lightstream. Its a struggle sometimes but it has to work because it's all I've got. Its forced me to find work arounds and different ways of doing things. For example getting animations on my lightstream scenes required some creative thinking but I got it to work. I'm upgrading to a PC this year which is so exciting. But if you don't have a PC or a "good" set up don't let that stop you. In fact, I'm glad I waited until now to get a PC because now I have a better understanding of what I need.

Exploring mixer communities is important. For example did you know there is a mixer challenge for sims 4 called #mixerupper that is organized by a streamer? Yeah neither did I! If you stream Sims 4 participating in that challenge is a great way to meet other cool sims streamers and viewers. Did you know the Siege community is really awesome and supportive? ( I low key didn't expect that from a game with a reputation for toxicity but I guess thats the magic of mixer!). Interacting with game communities on mixer is really good networking. Twitter is super helpful for this. So is raiding. I met some really awesome siege streamers when I raided one randomly after a stream. It connected me with the community and now we frequent each others streams.

Trying things outside of your comfort zone is worth it. I've always wanted to try ASMR but thought no one would watch......guess what. My ASMR stream did really well! I was shocked! And I connected with a partner (via twitter!) who does ASMR and she has been so sweet and supportive. It just goes to show that trying new things can be really good. Am I switching to ASMR as my main category? No! I like games too much and whispering for hours is surprisingly hard but its something fun I can do when I want a break from games!
There is probably more I should add but I can't think of anything else. If I do think of anything else I'll edit it in. I'll post some info from my analytics below for anyone interested. I hope this was helpful or at least somewhat interesting.

Total Followers: 828
Total $ donated to stream (embers & paypal): $294 (Some of this was donated by people who specified what it was for (Skins, battlepass, pizza) the rest I used to get my new controller and to help pay for my new mic)
Peak viewers in a stream 46
Total streams: 65
Total games played 21
Highest Average views in one stream: 18
Top streams by peak viewers: Smite, Siege, IRL, Overwatch, Fortnite, Sims 4, Atlas
Top streams by Avg. Views: Smite, Siege, Overcooked 2, IRL, Fortnite, Sea of Thieves, Atlas
I have consistently been in the top row or second row for the games I streamed in the last month and a half which has been really awesome.
As you can see my CCV and peak views aren't super high. But they are increasing with regularity which makes me really happy. In August my highest peak viewership was 10 and my highest average was 5. Now my peak is 46 and my highest avg. is 18. I feel like that is pretty decent growth and I'm excited to see what my numbers will be like in the next 6 months.
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2020.01.25 21:00 DangerDylan [Saturday, 25. January]

World News

A Senator Wants To “Unilaterally” Release Information On Jamal Khashoggi’s Killing If The Trump Administration Won’t
Comments Link
Doctor dies in Wuhan as coronavirus death toll rises to 41
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Hospital staff in Wuhan are wearing adult diapers because they don't have time to pee while caring for an overwhelming number of coronavirus patients
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All news, US and international.

Pompeo berated, cursed at NPR reporter over Ukraine questions, she says
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New Jersey cops told to halt all use of controversial facial-recognition technology
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France declares first two confirmed cases of coronavirus
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Reddit Science

Tiny organs grown from snake gland stem cells produce real venom. This discovery means it will be much easier to study complex venom and venom glands without handling live, dangerous snakes.
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Posting selfies online is associated with grandiose narcissism, which describes an overinflated ego and sense of importance, according to a survey of 730 individuals. The researchers also found that the norms of a cultural or geographic community can impact selfie-posting behavior on social media.
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UW research expands bilingual language program for babies. Knowledge of multiple languages has long been shown to have lifelong benefits, from enhancing communication skills to boosting professional opportunities to staving off the cognitive effects of aging.
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Cashless businesses are now banned in NYC
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Mars Rover Is Frozen in Place Following Software Error
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New Jersey Bars Police From Using Clearview Facial Recognition App
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Sadly, this is not the Onion.

US Space Force logo looks like one from Star Trek
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Sydney bookstore tells dating agencies to stop practising pickup lines on customers
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Nationwide Chinese criminal organization uncovered by Utah Walmart employees
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Ask Reddit...

God is retiring, and asks you to permanently replace him. What is the first thing you do as the new God?
What movie things are generally accepted as normal, but are totally unrealistic in real life?
What is the worst investment a person can make and why?


We are "unruly denizens"
Network PDU? Tripp-lite, APC, roll your own?
Response from ConnectWise CEO

Microsoft SQL Server

Question regarding MS SQL certifications
Trouble getting multiple values summed upo togheter
How to install SQL Server 2016 on Windows 7?


Pop up a SimCity-style PowerShell loading screen
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Thinking about your Powershell execution policy
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different results with ISE vs PS command line

Functional 3D Printing

My shopping list holder for shopping cart coin slot
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Custom Holder for Oral-B Toothbrushes Causes Wife to Legitimize 3D Printing.
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Mom was annoyed at the lack of quarters in the car when she went to Aldi
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Data Is Beautiful

[OC] The Golden Age of Hip Hop in the Era of Spotify
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Largest beef Producing Countries in the World 2019 [OC]
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Where do TV stations broadcast? [OC]
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Today I Learned (TIL)

TIL over 80,000 dams in the United States produce no hydroelectric energy. 54,000 of them have the potential to add 12+GW of total hydropower capacity, powering 4 million households.
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TIL that grasshoppers are the same insect as locusts. When forced into overcrowded areas with little food, they transform, becoming stronger, more aggressive, and swarm to eat anything in sight
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TIL In 1994 Microsoft's Bill Gates, whose fortune is estimated at nearly $7 billion, bought out all the available rooms at the 250-room hotel to keep media from staying there and reportedly hired all the helicopters on Maui to keep photographers from flying over the wedding.
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So many books, so little time

"The only thing that you absolutely have to know is the location of the library." ~ Albert Einstein
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The Stand might be the best Stephen King book I've read so far
The Road by Cormac McCarthy is soul crushing.

OldSchoolCool: History's cool kids, looking fantastic

This kitten smiling bigger than the little girl for a photo, 1955
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My grandma and I, she always kept me well dressed! Taken around 1994.
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My wife, 70's, Fire Island NY
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Found on interestingasfuck
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777X Stream be Like
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Nice shot of an F35
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How clear the water in this lake is.
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the kids made me a puzzle of me doing a puzzle with my dog, which I then did -with my dog
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Banff Alberta, Canada
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.gifs - funny, animated gifs for your viewing pleasure

No one cared who I was... until I put on the mask
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Shakira's hips telling the truth.
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Best. Flight. Ever.
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A subreddit for cute and cuddly pictures

Passed out in the window
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The president of Ireland ALWAYS has his dong around him
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This is gonna be the best flight ever...
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2020.01.23 11:27 phoenixwarsong VTM (VAMPIRE THE MASQUERADE) Challenge

I found this ( challenge for the sims 3 and would like some advice on mods/cc I could use to carry it out in the Sims 4. Thanks
If you are familiar with White Wolf, I based some of the challenge around that universe (very loosely) as well as other vampire lore and my own twisted imagination! I have written this challenge to be very open ended in the sense that much is left up to you and how you’d like to play. You can learn a great deal more about Vampire the Masquerade (the D&D style game that was made into a video game) online. I absolutely give them all of the credit for any ideas taken from their game.

Both Supernatural and University Life are needed to complete this challenge. While I’m not saying it is impossible, without the social networking skill specifically, this will be a lot more difficult. As always, there are workarounds.

--TERMINOLOGY The first time I use a term from the White Wolf universe, I’ll include a definition in brackets below the paragraph containing it. For example, kindred {def: vampire]. Don’t worry; I’m not going to slam you with an entire vocabulary. It’s mostly for storyline and there is only a handful or so of terms. No big deal if you forget them.

What is the Camarilla? It is nothing to the masses, but everything to the elite among the kindred. Society has come to learn far too much of our kind. The masquerade, once a tightly enforced standard that kept our secrets carefully guarded, has been shattered. Now is a dangerous time for the kindred. What once protected us and kept our pray blissfully ignorant of their predator is no more. That is where we come to you. You have risen quickly in our organization. We, the inner circle of the Camarilla, hereby grant you the title and privilege of Prince of your own city. There you will rule the kindred and unite them under the Camarilla. Before we can hope restore the masquerade and return the sheep to darkness, the kindred must take control of the supernatural population there. Here is your chance. Seize it and return to us with victory or we will replace you with someone who will. Now go…

--[Def: Camarilla - An ancient organization of elite vampires who enforce the masquerade]

--[Def: Masquerade - A vampire code enforced by the Camarilla to keep existence of vampires hidden from the mortal world. Think of it as an intricate, tightly managed, masquerade ball where the prey (pretty much anyone other than vampires) are kept ignorant and manipulated while their predators stab each other in the back for power and position in the Camarilla]

--[Def: Prince – Title given regardless of gender) to the appointed ruler of a domain/city by the Camarilla. Princes have a great deal of control (even determining who lives and dies) and are highly respected in polite kindred society. It’s the ones that aren’t so polite you have to worry about]


MONEY: At the start, add as much money as you need to build or buy a mansion. Afterward, set family funds to 100,000 with the following cheat: familyfunds name 100000 (substitute name with your family’s last name). More details on how you will earn money in the masquerade section.

SEASONS: If you have the expansion, set the seasons as you like.

PETS: Optional.


--Aging: Disable! In this challenge, vampires are immortal and do not age beyond young adult (unless killed through other methods…most likely by your command). You can age up children as you see fit.

To declare this challenge won, you must:

  1. Restore the masquerade by following all of the instructions outlined under MASQUERADE section below. Essentially, you want to dispel the existence of vampires back down to folklore and old wives tales. Why? Why doesn’t the wolf want the sheep to know he’s there? It just makes life a lot easier for everyone (and easier to conceal shady dealings in the night).

  1. Rule the city successfully as prince without being demoted by the Camarilla. This is outlined under ITS GOOD TO BE PRINCE below.

STEP ONE: You will need to create a household including the Prince, family, and staff using the following guidelines:

[-The Prince-]
Appearance: The Prince must be excellently dressed, professional, and have devilish good looks (or ravishing beauty for the ladies like myself).

Required Traits: Your Prince must be Ambitious, Charismatic, Snob, Genius, and Workaholic/Evil. I would not truly consider using Good as an alternative. You’re either an evil SOB…or maybe not so much, but you aren’t the poster boy for the Catholic Church. You’re a blood sucking predator of the night ruling your own city with the Camarilla’s iron fist for goodness sake! If you’re not going the Evil route, Workaholic is a good substitution.

Lifetime Wish: Do not choose turn the town. You won’t be doing that in this challenge.

Celebrity Star Level: You must have a star level of 5. Even the humans in this city know you to be a person of influence. You’ll need to be in the VIP rooms at the swankest night spots in town. You can use "testingcheatsenabled" to set your rating at game start.

Skill Requirements: Charisma (10), Logic (10), Social Networking (10) (You are the only kindred in your city who may use the social networking skill to manipulate relationships), and Athletics (5) (or better). You were promoted by the Camarilla because you already possess these skills so they should be there at challenge start. I took my Prince to University, earned his degree in Business, and maxed the needed skills there before starting the challenge officially.


Your Spouse: Optional. If you choose to have one, they must be socially perfect, attractive, and well dressed. They may accompany you to social appearances if you wish. It goes without saying that the prince cannot marry outside of the kindred and the spouse must have excellent traits (proper, snob, etc.). Plan a lavish and expensive wedding with honeymoon at a luxury resort if you like!

Children: Optional. Children must be pure of blood (kindred). They must also be well behaved, well dressed, etc. The rest is up to you. Declaring a thin-blood child as yours is scandalous and will get you removed as Prince. Not saying you can’t have them in secret, but bring them into your home and you are done for.

--[Def: Thin-Blood: An individual born (not turned) and only one of the two parents is a vampire. They are heavily looked down upon and sometimes hunted/killed and tagged as abominations.

Butler: Not an “official” member of your house but still valuable (mostly for cleaning). Keep in mind they will still prepare food (which is nice for human visitors, useless for you). You may substitute with a human sim to be your maid and emergency blood bank if you make your Assistant a vampire.

Personal Assistant:
Restrictions: This should be a human (for feeding purposes) but you may use whoever you like

Traits: Proper, Ambitious, Supernatural Fan (if human), Charismatic, Snob

Responsibilities: His/her sole mission in life is taking care of #1….you. She summons the Primogen to meet with you; she checks the paper (and the weather) to make sure you are scheduled at the appropriate social events throughout the week and has an umbrella waiting just in case. Your PA also plays a roll in the “Masquerade” section below.

Required Skills: Charisma (5), Logic (5), Writing (5), Social Networking (4) (to get the Sim Finder).

Restrictions: These are the strong, silent types. They should have their own uniform (designed by you). Something with sunglasses might work well. They are your guards and your eyes and ears in the city. You may have as many as you like and they must be vampires. Create two to start the challenge (you can add more later if you like).

Traits: Athletic, Brave, Disciplined (whatever else looks good to you).

Responsibilities: These guys carry out your will. If someone breaks Camarilla law, the enforcers must be sent to fight and subdue them (more on this later). If you declare “final death” on a kindred, your enforcer will carry out the execution.

Required Skills: Athletics (10), Logic (5)

STEP TWO: Regardless of what city you choose, they must have several very nice clubs, venues, etc. for you to meet your weekly social event quota (described below). My choice for this was Bridgeport. I added a few venues and moved everyone that was in the wealthy part of town to the other side of the bridge leaving 8 vacant homes there. I placed my Prince in the most expensive and used the reset to set up my vampire houses (per the MASQUERADE section). It is wise to turn story progression OFF to avoid people moving out of the houses you placed them in.

STEP THREE: Build or place a mansion that will accommodate the Prince and his family/staff. Included should be some sort of grand office for the Prince to conduct business and the home must be decorated with at least four portraits and four sculptures of the Prince. Painting/sculpting


YOUR AUTHORITY: Being Prince of your own city is the kindred’s version of royalty (at least according to the Camarilla). For this reason, I am going to leave a LOT of this challenge up to your discretion. You may even set up some of your own laws for the city (if they are consistent with the challenge) and play as a tyrant or tolerant. Specific laws that you must enforce (handed down by the Camarilla) will be discussed in the MASQUERADE section. “Virtue of Tradition” grants you full authority of the following:

[-Allotting hunting grounds-] It is your right, as Prince, to determine where vampires can and cannot hunt for humans. If you wish to declare a particular club as “no hunting here” then you must be prepared to enforce that law. Many kindred don’t appreciate the Camarilla coming in telling them what to do. If you want to declare, for example, the Ice Lounge as Camarilla hunting only and a vampire is there who isn’t Camarilla, you’re going to have to deal with them. Guidelines for judging kindred who break laws will be discussed shortly but deciding on appropriate punishments is your call.

[-Protecting the Masquerade-] It is your responsibility to enforce the masquerade. You ill either receive a message that someone is woohooing with an occult (meaning a kindred is having a romantic relationship with a human) or is suspected of being occult (they took a bite out of someone in public). The woohooing punishment is up to you, but being caught by the press (accused of being an occult) is a required death sentence.

[-Judging the Kindred-] Whenever a kindred violates the rules that bind (your rules), it will be to your discretion how they are to be punished (whether warnings, imprisonment, death, etc.). First; however, the kindred must be caught and subdued:

Step One - Calling a Blood Hunt: Traditionally this would be like putting a price on someone’s head. For the Sims, it means using social networking (relationship editor) to make someone hate your guts. Use this on your enforcers (and anyone else if you want to be particularly mean) so that they can immediately fight the offending sim on sight.

Step Two – Locate the Offender: This one can be tricky if they are rarely at home. You may try using sim finder twice per day to see if you can haul them in (assuming you know enough about their traits, etc.). If not, you’re going to have to send enforcers out looking for them.

Step Three – Confrontation: Confront them in a private place; doing this publicly would be violating the Masquerade. If this gets into the press, you will have to pull out all the stops to bury it. One of your enforcers must fight the individual and win to “subdue” them. If one fails, send in another. If all of your enforcers fail, then you can engage them or let them go free.

Step Four: Judgment - If they are beaten, you may either add them to your family (temporarily) to bring them into custody (recommended) or kill them there if their crime demands it. If you choose to have your enforcers do the deed there and there is a witness, the Camarilla will be furious with you and will remove you as prince.

[-Council of the Primogen-] Primogens are the elders of the great houses you bring under the Camarilla (more on this later). You are required to meet with them (as a group or individually). I had my assistant summon each to my home for personal meetings throughout the week and chatted with them for an hour.

[-Social Obligations-]

Appearances (2 hour minimum): You are the Prince and you are expected to make the appropriate appearances out on the town. That means showing up at hot spots, the best clubs, etc. You must (unless urgent Camarilla business intrudes) make appearances at three weekly events. These include hot spots at the ritziest clubs, art museum, performances at nice venues, etc. You can even have yourself scheduled to stay weekend at a five star resort (nothing less will do). Be creative and have fun with it! These appearances are a necessary evil to building your reputation as a public figure.

Other: Occasionally have your assistant schedule in some fun stuff like a massage or makeover. These aren’t considered required like the appearances above, but add a nice element to the gameplay.

Special Note - You do not slum it, ever. You should be driving a nice car (or in your limo) and living in a lovely mansion. This is all part of the “masquerade”. If you fail in social graces, you are not worthy to be Prince. If you show up at a club that’s dead or decide to pop in at “The Grind” for a beer, hang it up now. The Camarilla may overlook one or two little “oops” moments but that’s about it. If your assistant is doing his/her job, you should only be at the trendiest spot rubbing elbows with the rich and influencial.

[-Your Entourage-] When you leave, it should never be alone. At bare minimum, at least one enforcer should be with you at all times. There are those out there who would love the opportunity to get to you. If you choose to leave home unattended and come across any kindred who are not Camarilla, you will have to fight them. If you lose, you will be disgraced. If the Prince loses 3 fights the challenge is failed as you will have lost the respect of the city. No one will attack you if you have protection.

[-Plasma-] Tradition dictates that the Prince consumes plasma from sims only (no juice/fruit). The other kindred in your house are up to you. Always do this in private. If the paparazzi catch you on film taking a nip from someone, you’re in trouble (see further guidance under the Masquerade section). Furthermore, your price is from the first house (below) Ventrue, they have a discerning palate. That means they do not feed on the poor or homeless. Anyone that looks like a bum is not an acceptable meal.

The Masquerade is a carefully woven illusion that has been broken. The Camarilla wants to restore it (after all, they make a tidy profit on enforcing vampire law). A plan has been executed to do just that and you are tasked with carrying it out. Above all, hide the existence of vampires. Acts committed by the kindred of the Camarilla to reveal us to public eyes is punishable by death.

GAINING INFLUENCE: When the challenge begins you are provided with 100,000 simoleons by the Camarilla. You must take this money and invest it (become a partner) in local business to gain a foot hold and build your reputation in the human world. You should invest wisely as you will not be able to hold a job for this challenge (being Prince IS your job) and you will have to survive off of the revenue from your investments. How much you spend of the initial money is totally up to you.

SEVEN GREAT HOUSES: You are tasked with establishing seven strong houses/clans in your city for the Camarilla. Each house must contain a minimum of 3 kindred. They may include already existing kindred who owe fealty to the Camarilla and/or those you have turned and placed. At the end, only these 7 houses may contain kindred. Kindred outside of these houses who refuse to yield to the Camarilla must be eradicated. Here’s how it’s done:

  1. At the beginning of the challenge, activate testing cheats, shift click on your mail box, and choose the option that lets you know everyone in town. This is essentially your intelligence report on everyone in your city.

  1. Locate a vampire on your contacts and summon them to a meeting.

  1. Use social networking (if you like) to raise their relationship with you to friend (or get to know them the old fashioned way).

  1. Once they are your friend, ask them to move in (you’re essentially asking them to join the Camarilla).

  1. If they decline, then they must be taken care of by your enforcers (no vampire can exist in your city who is not Camarilla).

  1. If they accept, then you may go into edit town and assign them to one of the seven houses based on the list below.

  1. Note that you can turn humans and place them in a House; however, if they say no to being turned then you’ve revealed yourself to them and they must be taken care of quietly by your enforcers.

  1. Do not turn too large a quantity of humans. You’ll need them for part of the masquerade section.

New kindred you have recruited must be assigned to a house based on their personality with the end result being a minimum of 3 like-minded individuals in the same House. The first person you recruit should be identified as the elder (leader) of that house. If a sim seems to be a fit for than one House, place them where you believe they belong. They do not have to have every trait listed to go to a house, just appear to be a good fit.

House #1--Ventrue: Ambitious, intelligent, business and politically minded individuals who seek wealth a power.

House #2--Toreador: artistic and beautiful (you can modify their looks in CAS if you like). They can also be flirty and real heart breakers. They are often in entertainment fields (music, actor, etc.)

House #3--Gengrel: Loners, animal lovers, or anyone else that can't be paced in the other houses

House #4--Malkavian: The insane, neurotic, and generally mentally unstable (yes, we have a special place for them)

House #5--Nosforatu: The thugs of your city including thieves, can be mean spirited, would steal candy from a baby sort. They are unattractive (edit them in CAS).
House #6--Tremere: Your great minds that are wizards of science (doctors, scientists, and lovers of technology).

House #7--Brjah: The athletic, brave, or service oriented in your city (police, fire fighters, military)

OTHER SUPERNATURALS: These are left within your control. Werewolves are our enemies and you may wish to deal with them. You may want to make a law that as long as other supernaturals are not involved in any allegations (woohooing with an occult, etc.) you will grant them residence. Or you could simply declare them all vile and have all of them quietly taken care of. MAINTAIN

APPEARANCES: You will be a figurehead to all of your city’s citizen’s (not just the vampires). Present yourself regularly for public events. Above all else, the mortals I your city must believe you are human. You will be well known and the local paparazzi will be following you. Your enforcers must keep them contained and you must not be caught performing any acts that would arouse public suspicions.

  1. If Paparazzi appear at your home (and they will) you need to get them off your property by whatever means you feel are necessary before they see something you want kept hidden.

  1. If the media accuses you in a public scandal for reasons other than occult, you must discredit them (sue them in court) or pay them off for $3,000. If this occurs more than 3 times (not including false accusations) than your reputation in the human community is smeared and the challenge is over (no one will believe anything you have to say).

  1. If the media obtains proof that you are a vampire then the challenge is over You will get a message publicly accusing you of being occult. This primarily happens when you take a bite out of someone in front of the camera.

THE RICH AND FAMOUS: It is very important that you become not only a leader among kindred but known by mortals to be an “upstanding member” of their society. AFTER you have secured your 7 great houses, begin locating the wealthy and influential humans in your city. Arrange opportunities to meet with them. Become their friend. The Camarilla will present a suitable cover for you as a powerful business figure in their city. Your task is to become friends with at least one person from each human home that is wealthy or has a celebrity star level of one or more. You only need one person per home. If 5 celebrities are in one home, pick one. You must find ways of maintaining your friendship with them at the “friend” level or higher. How it’s done is up to you.

WIN THE HEARTS: Human and other kine (non-kindred) are weak and easily manipulated as we have proven through the generations before the shatter of the Masquerade. Start by winning the hearts of your city. Have your staff create a blog for the Camarilla. Post to it at least three times per day und obtain 2,000 followers or more. Here is the subject matter (your posts can be super brief).

Up to 1000 followers – Post about the prince. Positive press only. Make him or her look good.

1000-20000 followers – Begin disputing vampirism.

CHANGE THE MINDS: Cannot be initiated until at least 30 days have passed (the people must have time to know the Prince through blogs, public appearances, and positive press) and all other phases of the Masquerade (listed above) are complete.

  1. Have a party/press conference at a nice venue and invite those you befriended in “THE RICH AND FAMOUS” above. If you have too many for one party, hold additional ones until you’ve done this in front of each.

  1. Prepare the venue ahead of time with a stage, podium, and white board (if you have them) for the Prince to do a presentation. The venue should be set up “dinner party” style with multiple buffet tables and several small dining tables with chairs.

  1. Have the Prince conduct a full presentation at the podium and the white board. If you don’t have these things, it will be a little harder but just stand on stage. He is presenting results of an investigation that the vampires reported were just wired up occultists or whatever you’d like. Everyone there must hear the entire presentation or be invited back. 4. It’s fine if paparazzi are there. Let them hear you (helps get out the word). Just don’t give them anything else to take pictures of.

SUCCESS! - [Completed all masquerade tasks] Congratulations! You have not only brought the entire kindred population of your city under your control, you’ve fooled the humans into believing you their friend and they believed every lie that came out of your mouth. It will take some time for the word the get out the general populace but your continued efforts to control the kindred and enforce the laws of the masquerade will ensure it."
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2020.01.16 12:54 OwenQuillion A Somewhat Belated 'Games I Played in 2019' Post

Like many others here, I too played video games in 2019, though I'm perhaps late in posting my reminiscences regarding them. At the start of the year, I had resolved to play 12 games in 12 months; there was a particular bit of trauma that occurred in February that threw my life out of kilter for a bit, but wound up realigning my free time to make this easier.
As such, I actually managed to succeed in this goal and beyond. That said, this list is comprised of games I played in 2019, whether I completed them or not. I’ve given each enough time to be able to recollect, recommend, and/or review each, and there are a lot of them, so apologies for all the text.
Without further ado, here are The Games I Played, More or Less in 2019, in Arbitrary Groupings.
At some point I was going to try and do a monthly review of whatever random (patient) game I happened to play. Here are some links to the detailed reviews on this very subreddit, along with a short summary.
Phantom Doctrine A cold-war XCOM-a-like with an excellent strategy layer and too much focus on stealth. Good for a first playthrough, not quite as much replayability as you might expect from an XCOM-esque title.
The Order: 1886 Short, bog-standard cover shooter with an interesting setting and a couple of fun weapons. Not highly recommended, but easy to find for cheap; the kind of game that’d make a great weekend rental.
Bullet Storm: Full Clip Edition A sophomoric romp carried by its more classic shooter gameplay. It has some arcadey elements and fun tropey-ness to its characters and plot.
Tabletop Simulator (PC) - I’ve played this quite a bit in the past few months, spread across quick, simple games like Coup to longer games like Lords of Waterdeep or the D&D branded version of Betrayal at the House on the Hill whose name escapes me. It’s highly recommended if you have a group or are willing to network to find people to play online boardgames with.
Black Desert Online (PC) - MMOs don’t usually cater to patient gaming, and BDO isn’t a particularly stellar game in a lot of ways. The plot is poorly translated mucked up garbage, and the end game is nonexistent to atypical. But the action combat is flashy and satisfying even by non-MMO standards, and where the game truly shines is in its idle-game like Worker and Life Skills systems. I enjoy it as a game I can mostly leave running to accrue in-game wealth and mess around on the markets, while also having a competent anime-esque action brawler when the mood hits me.
Monster Hunter World (PC) - I wasn’t patient on this one, as I bought it on PC release (for like $45 thanks to GreenManGaming, granted). I was still playing at the start of 2019, though. I highly recommend it, even in singleplayer, as a boss-oriented action game with a satisfying upgrade system based on the collection of said boss’s parts. For multiplayer, I’m not super enthusiastic about its play me now for stuff elements, but the core gameplay loop is fun enough, especially in co-op, that I’m willing to put up with it.
I’ve been streaming regularly on Twitch for a while – 6 to 8 hours on “weekends”, which has jumped around as different commitments cropped up. I don’t have a large audience – I stream in part to stay connected with a particular friend, and in part use it as a reason to keep playing games my interest would otherwise be at risk of straying from due to their length.
Persona 5 (PS3) - My previous project was the ‘modern’ Persona games. I finished 3 and 4 in 2018, and 5 bled into 2019. I believe 5 is the best overall package, and is a solid choice for anybody interested in JRPGs. The story is solid, the characters are fun, and the whole stylistic package is great. It nails the time-management aspect with the Confidants, combat is quick without being too easy, and my only real complaint is the dungeons themselves are hit-and-miss.
Final Fantasy V (GBA) – There’s an annual challenge run called Final Fantasy Four Job Fiesta that I participated in and beat for the first time this year. FFV was the first game to introduce the modern(ish) job system, and it’s a fun classic RPG experience that’s relatively quick. I highly recommend both the game and the Fiesta in general. For those familiar, my party was RangeMonk/Blue Mage/Black Mage (I did a Random run, which is secret easy mode apparently). It was fun being relatively OP with the mage combo while also struggling whenever I needed healing because White Wind comes relatively late with this setup. I did manage to beat Shinryuu and Omega thanks to sheer damage output though.
Kingdom Hearts series - Here at the end of 2019, I have just begin Kingdom Hearts III. From the end of Persona sometime in the summer (I think), I’ve been streaming every Kingdom Hearts game except Re:coded. Here are my brief thoughts on each. These were played on the PS4 HD collections unless noted otherwise.
In general, I consider the Kingdom Hearts series to be solid action RPGs worthy of your time (clocking in around 30 hours each with a few shorter or longer entries). The story ranges between trippy and nonsense and moment-to-moment relies a lot on Disney theme-parking, but the gameplay ranges between solid and fun-experiment, with production values rising all around as the series goes on.
Kingdom Hearts (PS4) - The only one I had played prior to starting this stream project. Thought it was kind of janky and dated then, and agree now. Probably tolerable on Easy, annoying on Proud. Worlds involve a lot of wandering around with no direction looking to trigger plot flags.
Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (PS4) - The card based combat was a fun experiment, but honestly this is a fairly skippable game as it either rehashes KH1 or introduces KH2 concepts you can as easily pick up in the next game.
Kingdom Hearts II (PS4) - The sequel was better than the original, with similar but better-feeling combat, worlds that involved less stumbling around hoping you headed to the right area, and just generally more polished.
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days (DS) - I played this on an emulator. The basic action gameplay is terrible because it’s a DS game with a whopping 13 or 14 playable characters, including multiplayer apparently. The game is unbelievably ambitious in this regard, and it’s a shame the Tetris-esque upgrade system hasn’t been examined since and the solid, character-based storyline was snipped into a movie to cover the major concepts and plot points introduced. I like the character moments, but the narrative is simple (having been drug out over hours of tedious gameplay) and doesn't seem impactful to the rest of the series.
Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep (PS4) - Narratively it’s a prequel with three separate campaigns. The characters are simple and trope-y, but the presentation is solid enough I enjoyed it, especially the voice actor of the main villain. Gameplay changes from mashing X and managing MP to cycling through your equipped Triangle commands and managing cooldowns (while still mashing X). This is apparently controversial, but I liked the customization.
Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance (PS4) – Uses the BBS style gameplay. The FlowMotion movement system adds ridiculous maneuverability to the game. RPG-wise, you power yourself up by creating party members who grant you abilities as they grow stronger. I wasn’t enamored with this system, but the game was also fairly easy so I didn’t need to interact with it much. It’s relatively story-light and trippy even for Kingdom Hearts, but the individual scenarios were neat.
Kingdom Hearts 0.2: A Fragmentary Passage (PS4) – This is a bit of a character piece for a BBS character that hamfistedly inserts her into KH1. Gameplay wise it functions as a bit of a long gameplay demo for KH3.
This set is games I commonly see recommended here on patientgamers.
Kingdom Come: Deliverance (PC) - I appreciate the come-from-nothing, realistic-ish medieval depictions of the setting and the relatively low-stakes compared to your average fantasy RPG. I don’t think gameplay – neither the combat nor the open-world roaming – was the game’s strong suit, but the quests I played were good. That said, I wound up putting it down about halfway through due to a loss of interest in the core loop.
Prey (2017) (PC) – This is a solid immersive sim. The ‘crafting’ system, which is mostly picking up junk to melt down into useful equipment is one of the few times I’ve seen this done right, and your arsenal gradually opens up a lot of options for exploration and poking around. Overall I recommend it, though I have yet to complete it because I’m just terrible at following through.
Hollow Knight (Switch) – I don’t have quite the level of glowing praise for this many do, but I appreciate the art direction and atmosphere a lot. The exploration is solid and the world is fun to backtrack through. I do feel that there are a few too many segments that rely on precision in combat or platforming for relatively casual playthroughs, but I completed the game and ‘true’ final boss with a high percentage.
Stardew Valley (Switch, PC) – I’ve played the game exclusively in co-op with two groups, hence the fact I played it on two platforms. I don’t have a lot to say about it except it’s an excellent Harvest Moon-esque game with co-op. You probably already know if you’ll like it or not.
Divinity: Original Sin (PC) – This was a co-op playthrough I completed early in the year, but started last year. The original, uh, Original Sin is interesting for how loosely it’s put together, allowing you to complete quests in unexpected ways and offering a lot of options in combat as well. It’s a bit jankier than the sequel, but I also really appreciated the dual-primary-protag gimmick, especially when my partner and I disagreed.
These are all games I replayed this year, in large part thanks to the Nintendo Switch Online classics.
Super Metroid - A Super Metroid cart was my white whale during my childhood. I was reduced to playing the game on an emulator previously, and this was my first chance to play it in an ‘official’ format. The gameplay still holds up, slightly janky controls and all. I recommend it for anyone who wants to see where the Metroidvania genre really came into its own.
The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - I’ve always been partial to 2D Zeldas, and while I didn’t complete this run, it also holds up. There’s not really a lot to say here; if you want more Zelda, here it is, I guess.
Startropics - This is an NES game that plays kinda like a top-down Zelda game. It has completely tile-based movement though, which makes the frequent ‘platforming’ kind of mediocre and the combat kinda janky. It is an amusing take on a ‘modern’ setting with a few RPG elements like an overworld map and frequent interaction with NPCs. I wouldn’t strongly recommend this game, but it is a fun little retro title if you enjoy that sort of thing.
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind (PC) – Modded to the gills, of course. Morrowind has a lot of shortcomings – repetitive dialogue, confusing directions, and a system not all that forthcoming about its dice rolls. The upside is a beautifully realized setting with alien atmosphere, an interesting political situation, an intriguing plot, and several sidequests that reasonably flesh out the situation on Vvardenfell. It’s an open-world game without the series of checkboxes and whatnot. The modding community has also enjoyed a resurgence in the past couple of years. Worth considering if you don’t mind some archaic design and are intrigued by the upsides.
Resident Evil 4 (PC) – This was my original introduction to Resident Evil, and I still think it balances the overall B-movieness the best of all of them. The action remains tense thanks to the laser-sight aiming systems and overall control-setup, and the plot takes itself just seriously enough without overstaying its welcome. I forgot exactly where the game ended and was, funnily enough, left wanting for more. I recommend this to almost anyone, either on controller for the original experience or with a mouse (or on the Wii) for an easier experience that’s more like shooting fish in a barrel.
Resident Evil 2 (2019) (PS4) – I never played the original Playstation Resident Evils, only getting into the series with 4 and the original REmake. This particular game really nails the tense item management and exploration components and manages to have satisfying shooting without compromising that atmosphere. It’s an absolutely excellent game; I beat Leon’s route but stalled out on Claire’s.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (PC) - I wasn’t patient (though I did get a good ~20% off deal through GreenManGaming, I believe), but it’s just past the 6 month mark. Honestly, this is a fairly run-of-the-mill Metroidvania with a couple of major flaws in its critical path and some systems that are a little too complicated for their own good. Apparently there’s a Hard mode that actually significantly remixes the game, so I’ll likely give it another shot, but I genuinely feel this game is worse than the general acclaim given to it. There are better Metroidvanias, but if you’ve exhausted those – well, here it is.
Guacamelee (PC) – This is another game I replayed, actually. This first entry is excellent, with solid brawler combat mixed with challenging movement puzzles and just a hint of the Metroidvania exploration formula, all brought together with a simple story. I highly recommend it.
Guacamelee 2 (PC) – Guacamelee 2, however, goes into full meme territory, storywise, and has generally less interesting level design. I was quite disappointed overall as it seemed like there were fewer truly interesting puzzles. Guacamelee's story isn't something I would have praised highly, but it served as a tight wrapping for the events of that game whereas this one just feels like a string of poorly realized challenges.
Timespinner (Gamepass on PC) – This is probably my favorite Metroidvania on the list, and I don’t see it mentioned often. The SNES artwork is gorgeous. Gameplaywise it takes more cues from Symphony of the Night than Metroid, with a small number of interesting combat options. The world is slightly linear, which I was alright with because the primary gimmick is you’re moving through the same map in two different time periods. The setting is an interesting one, but the story begins to fall apart around the 2/3 mark. It was still a fun game to complete, and I may wind up buying it in the future assuming I don’t keep my Gamepass membership.
Bloodstained: Circle of the Moon (PC) – This is the superior bloodstained game in my opinion, based more on the classic Castlevania formula than the Symphony of the Night type. It takes a lot of cues from the NES Castlevanias, but is much more playable thanks to forgiving enemy placement, a wider screen, and your subweapons persisting across deaths. Plus the fact that each ‘life’ gives you four chances, one for each character (whom you swap between with L and R). Overall, I highly recommend it if you enjoy retro style games.
Battle Brothers (PC) – This is a game where you manage a band of mercenaries, whose genre I would peg as ‘uh, classic X-COM, I guess?’. You move around the overworld seeking missions that you then fulfill in hex-based tactical combat with a variety of options for equipment. Units have a lot of stats rather than specific classes, so customization is fairly involved. I recommend it as a strong game of this dual-layer strategy/tactics type.
Wargroove (PC) – Wasn’t patient on this one thanks to my friends. An Advance Wars-esque game that is a fairly worthy successor. I beat the campaign and did a few skirmishes with friends. I didn’t find it to be overly remarkable – though the asynchronous multiplayer on Steam was a must – and haven’t gotten back around to it since some of the post-release support.
This is already a massive post, with 33(ish) games, of which I completed 21 this year, 3 I began in 2018 and completed in 2019, and 2 of which are multiplayer with no defined end. I unknowingly hit my 12 in 12 goal, and that doesn’t even account for the fact I also acquired a Playstation VR headset on Black Friday of 2018.
I actually posted a similar thread on /psvr detailing the additional 16(ish) games I completed on that system, though at least a couple of those were actually in 2018. Funnily enough, the majority of these are also patient games as well.
If you got this far, thanks for reading!
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